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From: holderlin66
Date: Sun Apr 25, 2004 3:02 pm
Subject: EcoChristology and Ecofascism

Ecofascism and Ecobrotherhood

These two concepts are the foundational antipodes in two specific diametrically different and opposed points of reference.

Ecofascism was applied with brutal intensity, during the "Final Solution" technique of the Nazi's. If we try to black flag, exterminate with massive doses of pesticide, some infecting insect, beetle, mite there is a reality of ecofascism that matches the Nazi attempt to exterminate all those within the contest of the "Final Solution". Ecofascism presents a dominating abstract moral paradigm projected into the Life Body of Nature and humanity.

When the Mongol Hordes set out to exterminate, raze, annihilate everything in its path it was again the same sort of application to the moral sphere of humanity as corporate systems have applied to bugs, mites, beetles and vermin. This Corporate ideology also means extermination under the military heading of "Collateral Damage". There is no difference in EcoFascism and infecting the Life ethers when you place infected Depleted Uranium into the soil, and atmosphere of a country. Trees, soil, water, dates, figs all bear a new shelf life poison to an entire eco-region. This amounts to nothing less than EcoFascism.

Ecofascism is when we the use of nuclear threat incinerates a city. It is important to shape in our minds eye what is true ecofascism and what is the true nature of Spiritual Science and Ecobrothehood.

Ecobrotherhood was literally observed in some of the esoteric aspects of the Native Americans. There, unlike Wild Bill Hickok who exterminated the Buffalo in mass slaughter, the Native Americans saw brother deer, buffalo, eagle, salmon, winds, dog, as part of a vast interconnected ecosystem they lived in. Borrowing or withdrawing meat from the account of nature was placed on the balance sheet of human moral integrity.

If Ecofascism becomes part of the law of the military, the accidental confrontations with etherically greenhoused primitive immune systems, Mayans, Polynesians etc.. can turn around to become conscious biological warfare techniques that could investigate and enhance various diseases and target various racial groups. This has already become the law of the land. This is the reason why critics cannot tell the difference now between Ecofascism and Ecobrotherhood.

Already the Fascism, the Ecofascism involved with military research that target racial and genetic systems in various peoples are well advanced. This is Ecofacism as a weapon of immoral and targeted destruction. On one hand accidental smallpox and disease weaknesses impacted greenhouse primitive cultures; on the other hand, conscious biotechniques to enhance new disease and epidemic features into designer diseases, is well under way to undermine humanity with weapons of conscious ecofascism. Inability to discern the difference between these two realities amounts to RETARDATION of thought.

If strengthening the etheric body through the wisdom of education, understanding epidemiology from the standpoint of astral, etheric and I AM forces and building on the new Christ Brotherhood potential in the new Etheric forces of humanity, means that there is nothing more advanced than the Ecobrotherhood presented by Spiritual Science. It is here where plant pests are studied with specific attention to how weaknesses in the etheric earth, the soil, the air, or seeds give rise to how illness is attacted to weaknesses in the etheric structure and the plants themselves reflect infestations that reveal real etheric weaknesses in the plant and elemental community. Ecobrotherhood boasts of a science of healing and assisting plants and the elemental community to lend us their forces to improve the etheric health of plants.

These weaknesses in plants and the etheric world are countered by consciously using right Spiritual Science techniques to constantly find balance and health for plants, animal and human existence. If it be Waldorf Education that gives the future and growing I AM new forces of thinking and brotherhood; If it be new healing aspects of the Arts of medicine, curative Eurythmy, painting, that work with rejuvenating the astral body with new techniques in color work and theme, these are Ecobrotherhood realities that counteract the direction of Ecofascism that has arisen and runs through military, corporate and political ideologies. The difference is striking.

Contrasting Ecofascism with Ecobrotherhood and healing concepts that arise that serve humanity against and instead of extermination paradigms, such as GM, or genetically manipulated etheric structures of various plants, reveal thought manipulations of ecofascism. If we change and mix goats and sheeps together we carry a sharp attack into the group soul of the animals. This Genetically Manipulated attack into the group soul of animals is an attribute of EcoFascism.

To study what the various species have and what they contribute to the ecological system has only begun to be explored. Rachel Carson began the study of the interconnectedness of the eco system and the interdependency of various species, wet lands, mountains, pollution, atmosphere, lakes, ponds and run off of pesticide pollutants. Ecobrotherhood has grown and now extends into the dangerous manipulation of etheric forces in GM or Genetically Manufactured and manipulated life forms. Rather than understand Earth's initmate relationships, Ecofascism, like Fascism in general, overrides and imposes a new nature over a nature science is too frustrated to understand. That includes human nature, the sea the health of the sea, the air, the plants and the animals spread out in nature. It includes regions where the Earth breathes, vents, cools, heats up, sheds, migrations of the astral navigation of animals..all meddled and imposed upon, because we don't want to understand the larger picture.

EcoFascism that over rides and imposes a corporate profit paradigm on the foundational understanding of plant products, animal products, nutrition or reincarnation by aiming attacks on genetically manipulating human forms by transgressions into the etheric nature of variious attributes in races, chill with tyrannical conceptual corporate attacks into the very body of Humanity and nature. This is Ecofascism and cannot be applied to Spiritual Science.

EcoBrotherhood radiates out of every aspect of research that Spiritual Science offers. Spiritual Science offers the scaffolding of the I AM and the sweep of the biography of the human being as connected with the highest mysteries of immortaltity. Plants and the etheric health of the earth, as a science are studied with stunning intensity. Art and Medicine as well as thought and Christology lead the human soul into sharpened forces of the astral body and clarity and devlopment of soul organs are encourged to take up esoteric development and strengthen the structures of compassion, insight and love. These methods of approach are the new healing regions of Christology and EcoChristology.

Now it would be amazingly biased and corrupt to reverse the concepts of Ecofacism and place Spiritual Science as an encourager of EcoFascism and Dialectical Materialism as an encourager of Ecobrotherhood and EcoChristology. Yet, it appears that certain spin, reverse information in the form of disinformation, people wish to billboard EcoFascism as something connected to Spiritual Science. Nothing could be even remotely true, but spinning thoughts in this direction reveals fully failed thinking.

Moral reality that runs from the floor of the universe to the top of the universe, as indicated in Lecture 12 of "Man as Symphony" reveals how moral forces and freedom are woven into the entire ecosystem of the I AM and nature. Fascism is a tyranical theory of imposed moral insight. Such moral insight has been charged as fascism to the body of Spiritual Science. How such reversed spun theories arise when it comes to the idea of ECOBrotherhood and EcoFascism leads us to the most warped thinking and cannot help but be subject to critical fire strokes from those who recognize the workings of deception and spin in their authors.

Maintaining a mature grasp of Ecological health from the moral in man to the moral forces applied consciously to the health of nature allows humanity to see the relationship between Goodness, Health and Truth in the human being and wisdom, insight and health in the world of nature. MAD or Mutually Assured Desturction is a wonderful term for the type of Fascism that is applied in small pockets of science, corporate and military specialization. EXtermination of humanity from the planet is not a solution, yet ECOfacism supports such solutions. That humanity is the mission of the Earth is the message of Spiritual Science and EcoChristology.

It matters very little that small fragments of Ecofacism come to life in pesticides, in military concepts like collateral damage or MAD for the Life Ether of the planet. ECoFAcism at it's core is the targeted ellimination and severing the moral in man from the moral in nature and the universe. On this ground, solid, clear and higher ground, there can be no truth to Spiritual Science having anything faintly to do with ECOfascism.

Spiritual Science and EcoChristology is based on the recovery of the Life Ethers for the future use of humanity and the earth. Life ethers are not even grasped by corporate fascism, product driven profit margins and creating a brood of consumer animals world wide. The inention, the ignorance is malicious and laced with lies such as those that tie Ecofascism and Spiritual Science is some sort of dance of death. Spiritual Science is involved with the Dance of life and the Life Ethers. Spiritual Science is searcher for the clues of the Risen Ethers brought forth through the Christ impulse. Therefore if any definition can be applied to Spiritual Science, it cannot be Fascism.

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