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"Mayor Spinnato is sounding desperate for an answer. 'Someone wrote to me saying the solution was to sacrifice a black goat and collect its blood,' he said, 'At some point, that's going to start looking like a good idea.'"
End quote

So in looking for a scapegoat people turn to the very black-magic-blood magic which was practiced by Alistair Crowley in Klingsor country with the torturing and killing of living beings. The appropriate attitude towards animals is loving kindness the exemplar and template of which was St Francis. Only so may the black magic sign of the goat be reversed. The answer and the solution surely lies a lot nearer home, in the human being him/herself; perhaps in our passion sullied human blood. Rudolf Steiner gave the means for purifying the blood in the Rose Cross Meditation. Bradford has written of the burning Roses of George MacDonald's Curdie. If the Roses do not burn on the Hearth of the Cross, elemental and magical fires may well burn elsewhere and find energy in the electro magnetic field fast forming around the earth. Salamanders have a special relationship to the animal kingdom, arising out of that kingdom and working with especial power for good where love arises between man and animal. When the human 'I' works into the blood through such a meditation, burning, cleansing and purifying it takes hold of the soul and transforms it through the power of the Holy Spirit. So that new faculties arose in Curdie when he plunged his hands into the fire - an ability to discern true human or fallen animal qualities in those he met. When the human 'I' selfishly turns back, circling on itself it becomes the Ring of fallen power, used for evil ends. It may be that our spiritual faculties are not developed enough to be certain of the exact cause of such mysterious fires, but we can make a few informed guesses in the light of Anthroposophy and our own experiences. Can we, as humanity at large really expect to go rampaging across the face of the Earth, the Body of Christ, without the least reverence or sensitivity, killing, exploiting and torturing human, animal, plant and mineral in our unmitigated greed, sold for a few pieces of silver, selling it to Ahriman to do with as he will without a backlash from the elemental kingdom who must be working desperately to balance what they can and heal what they may without the human being as helpmeet, and where this is not possible, externalize what otherwise would burn, consume and scar us on a soul level? Rudolf Steiner once remarked upon our 'rudeness' to the elemental and spiritual beings who surround and live alongside and indeed within us, and whom we pass by and ignore as if they were not there. Our rudeness they may forgive, as these beings, living in the etheric world anointed and enlivened by Christ are mostly by nature forgiving and ever ready to work and co-operate with us where possible, even longing for our recognition and good will, which would greatly magnify the effectiveness off their activity for good. Our despoiling of their environment, not only the physical but more importantly the astral and etheric atmosphere which we pollute with our desires, passions and lies has consequences that go far beyond their powers of kind forgiveness. Elementals, pushed down into the sub-ethers, denied their passage to the hierarchies through the portal of human consciousness, can turn very nasty. They can be made into Orcs, to use what is now a popular terminology.

Quote from 'Secret Fire - the Spiritual Vision of J R R Tolkien' by Stratford Caldecott.

"Tolkien wrote a letter to his son Christopher in 1944. Referring to the news of his son's first solo flight with the RAF, so different from the silent skimming of the birds that men dreamed of attaining when they sought to fly, he remarks: "There is the tragedy and despair of all machinery laid bare." "

Caldecott continues -

"Within the Lord of the Rings, Isengard under the wizard Saruman illustrates the 'tragedy and despair' of reliance on technology. In the modern world, we have seen the devastating and dehumanizing effects of a purely pragmatic approach to nature. The Romantic movement, from Blake and Coleridge to Barfield and Tolkien, believed there must be an alternative. Goethe even tried to lay the foundations for it: he called it a 'science of qualities'. At the end of his wonderful essay 'The Abolition of Man', CS Lewis writes of a 'regenerative science' of the future that 'would not even do to minerals and vegetables what modern science threatens to do to man himself. When it explained, it would not explain away. When it spoke of the parts it would remember the whole.......' Lewis here echoes Tolkien's concern with technology. He compares Francis Bacon with Marlowe's Faustus. For modern science and black magic alike the goal was power..... The magician's bargain tells us the price of such power over the forces of nature: our own souls. For says Lewis 'If man chooses to treat himself as raw material, raw material he will be: not raw material to be manipulated, as he fondly imagined, by himself, but by mere appetite, that is, mere Nature, in the person of his de-humanized Conditioners.' The conquest of nature turns out to be our conquest by nature, that is to say by our own desires or those of others; and the master becomes, in the end, a puppet. In letter 131 Tolkien contrasts the 'magic' (technology) of the Elves with that of the Enemy: the goal of the former is Art, whereas the aim of the latter is 'domination and tyrannous re-forming of Creation'. The devices of the elves are benign. They work with the grain of nature, not against it. Tolkien is not opposed to technology per se, but to the kind that issues from a certain mentality out of control. The desire for power, he writes, leads to the machine (or Magic) the use of our talents or devices to bulldoze other wills."

End quote from "Secret Fire" the spiritual vision of JRR Tolkien by Stratford Caldecott published by Darton Longman and Todd.

The author, Caldecott, is a deeply committed Catholic, and writes for various Catholic publications, and so has a certain stance or angle, (Interestingly he leaves out a passing mention of Dr Steiner in the above quote from Lewis) and in my view claims too much of Tolkien for Catholicism, but the book does contain much that is of interest when brought into relation with an Anthroposophical world view. Lewis could not bring reincarnation into relation with Christianity, and rejected Anthroposophy and so missed much, although he also saw and knew much out of his own inner being. Tolkien, with his repeated childhood dreams of the deluging of Atlantis, which he ascribed to a 'racial memory' drew deeply on those very past lives in the same way in which he admitted drawing on the early years of his present life.

Quote from Tolkien

"One writes such a story (Lord of the Rings) not out of the leaves of trees still to be observed, nor by means of botany and soil-science; but it grows like a seed in the dark out of the leaf-mould of the mind: out of all that has been seen or thought or read, that has long been forgotten, descending into the deeps. No doubt there is much selection, as with a gardener: what one throws on one's personal compost heap; and my mould is evidently made largely of linguistic matter"

end quote

It was also made largely of a deep love of Nature and especially of trees, and it is typical of the man that he uses such a wonderful example as the Cosmic Compost Heap, with all its alchemical and starry processes and its absolutely down to earth richness and necessity. As students of anthroposophy, we know that the Earth shall be mechanized and die, that the fallen Life Ether will be employed in a dark technology that is still in its earliest stages. "Evil," said Rudolf Steiner "Is in its infancy" and so is its technology. However an etheric 'elvish' technology must also arise so that the Earth may reach its goal and harvest what will be transformed into Jupiter. Rudolf Steiner always brings us the means of countering, of balancing, of compensating rather than fighting, and so we need not fear. Our power as individuals and more especially as associations of free individuals is very great.

Rudolf Steiner -

"Are human beings able to help these elemental beings in some way or other? That is the great question that was put by the Holy Rishis. Are we able to release them? Yes, we can. For the deeds of man on earth are nothing but the external expression of spiritual processes. Everything we do here is also of importance for the spiritual world. Let us consider the following. A man stands in front of a crystal, a lump of gold or the like. He looks at it. What happens if a person simply stares, simply Looks at some object by means of his physical senses? A continual interplay arises between man and the bewitched elemental being. That which is bewitched in matter and man are in some way related to one another. Let us assume, however, that he merely stares at the object so that he only takes in what is impressed upon his eye. Something is continually passing from these elementals into man, and it goes on from morning until night. As we look out into the world, hosts of elementals, who were, or who are continually being bewitched into the processes of densification, are continually entering into us from our surroundings. Now let us assume that such a person, as he stares at an object, has not the slightest inclination to reflect about what he sees, or to let the spirit of things live in his soul. He takes the easy road; he goes through the world but does not digest his experiences spiritually by means of thoughts and feelings. He remains a mere spectator of the physical, material world. In that case, the elemental beings enter into him and remain there.They have gained nothing in the world process and have merely transferred their seat from the outer world into that of man. But now let us take a man who digests his impressions spiritually by thinking about them, and forming concepts about the underlying spiritual foundation of the world. That is, a man who does not merely stare, but ponders over its nayture, a man who feels the beauty of things and ennobles his impressions. What does such a man do? As a result of his spiritual activity he redeems the elemental being that streams towards him from the outer world, thus raising it to its previous state. He releases the elemental being from its enchantment. So through our spiritual activity, we can release beings who are bewitched and lead them back to their former condition, or we can imprison them again in our inner being without any transformation having taken place in them. Throughout the whole of man's life on earth, elemental beings stream into him. It depends on him whether they remain unchanged or whether he releases them. What happens to elemental beings who have been released by man's activity? To begin with, they too, inhabit man. Even those who have been released dwell in man until he dies. When a person goes through the gate of death, there is a distinction between those elemental beings who merely entered into him and have not been led back to the higher elements, and those who, through man's activity, have been guided back to their former condition. Those who have not been transformed have gained nothing by wandering from the outer world into man; others are able to return to their former condition after man's death. During life on earth man builds a cross roads for elementals......What happens when a man looks at a material object and fathoms its true nature so that the elemental being is thereby released? Spiritually the reverse course is taken from what occurred formerly. Whereas originally smoke arose out of the fire, man now creates fire out of smoke spiritually. The fire, however, is only released at his death. We can now understand the profound spiritual meaning of ancient rituals of sacrifice when considered in the light of the primeval, divine spiritual science. Imagine the priest kindling the flame, and the rising smoke, the object of the sacrifice, as it is accompanied upwards by prayers. What really happened in such sacrifices? The priest stood at the altar where the smoke was produced. There, where the solid emerged out of the warmth, a spirit was bewitched, but as a man accompanied the process with prayers, the spirit went over into him and was released into the supersensible world after his death."

end quote from The Spiritual Hierarchies and their Reflection in the Physical World - lecture 1 12/4/1909

Working with the various etheric technologies which we have previously discussed is more than ever essential, as is the moral healing and lifting of the soul which can be effected through the study of Spiritual Science, gifted to us for this time of need by the Christian Initiate from the realm of the Divine Sophia.

Go gently, Jan


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