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From: Deborah
Date: Wed Apr 28, 2004 6:23 pm
Subject: interesting article

Article (contrarian) is about AIDS in Africa. Are millions of people dying from AIDS? Do they desperately need antivirals? Or is there something else going on...



From: holderlin66
Date: Thu Apr 29, 2004 11:40 am
Subject: Re: interesting article

Deborah wrote:


Dear Deborah;

I follow with interest when researchers present something valid to look at AIDS and HIV certainly surround immune system and etheric body issues. I sometimes wonder about the interest, curiosity and general popcorn nature of those who participate on lists. Even and especially if they are Anthro Lists. People have trite, and very superficial habits of attention for the most part. For some, well researched indications that reveal great and interesting offshoots to themes being presented, are wastes of their, their friggin precious time.

I think it is a matter of discernment and looking up the book and history of a knot of thinkers riding together, like a knot of writers not unlike the Inklings with Barfield, Lewis, Tolkien and Harwood and Williams and for that matter Algernon Blackwood. If we who claim to be interested in each other as vast global sparks of light, had real interest, and didn't treat this electronic medium as some merely fast food spin, we could, as the reality seems, that this modern method of sharing is the record of thought, global inner development and shared Spiritual Idealism, linking our higher development to the Beings of the Spiritual World.

Only here, unlike the INklings, this published work has a steady pulse to it from all over the world and like the INklings, others in the years to come can study where we went and what we presented as directions in thought. Time and the Internet limits some of these locations and site locations that disappear and change like overnight mushrooms.. Not like a book we could go to and ever see in front of us on the shelf. So comforting. Rather the ephemeral library of mankind is moving like a swift river for those who use it to think and those who use it to be infantile. However either there is a new form of living history we are particpating in, or we are stuck in the idea that what we think doesn't matter for no one is listening or paying attention anyways. Well I am paying attention.

So, the AIDS and HIV issue and the general WHO, and I don't mean Spocks citizens of WHOVILLE, I mean THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION and the CDC have turned a page in biological warfare and scareing the citzens of WHOVILLE with plagues and terrors and sexual horror stories. Ebola and the world Smallpox vaccinations inflamed a rise in HIV and this of course refers to the Etheric forces of the Earth under attack as HUman Immune system epidemics are raised to the level of global HYPE as the article you presented indicates.

Methods used as sheer scare tactics, or that designer diseases and enhanced and targetted epidemics, using enhanced, military lab based, specific markers in the etheric and gene make-up of populations, target today, with lab enhanced illnesses, our unsuspecting immune systems is reprehensible. That which you do to the least of these in the etheric you do to me. Etheric trespass and Immune system terrorism as well as EcoTerrorism have advanced and changed right before our eyes, since I have been on the Earth. It is a truth not unlike the Internet and the George Bush world of New Orwell that has crept up on us and we have not kept pace with it.

China, scaring tourist trade away from Canada and the Sars epidemic was just enough to show what damage can be done if you cross sword points with the United States. The black bag fringe can deliver lethal outbreaks and in fact do and it is time to stop being naive and simple minded about this stuff. This is no longer the thing of fiction and of course Anthros generally have the same attention span as gnats because they fail to see that real people, real souls are side by side with them on the physical plane opening up the universe and the Michael School, for living participation and not just hee-hawing.

Yes like SARS, lethal illnesses, the factor that our overused vaccinations, because of over indulgence and misuse, have allowed viral Beings to adapt to the vaccines and constant running to the doctor to get new vaccines for each years flu, has generally weakened our immune systems and strengthened the resistance of the viral Beings behind the scenes of the Etheric world.

Now these viral beings have been built out of vast pockets of what Steiner indicated in his 12th lecture of Man as Symphony of the Creative Word. These Viral Beings are built from hatreds, child murders, executed killers, hate filled shells of the dead that linger like active radium with untransformed hatreds around the astral earth.. these feed viral beings, who are approaching and surrounding the floundering immune system of humanity. And frankly I don't give a shit if it scares Anthros. It would scare you if you just looked at the facts without running and hiding away without attempts to think it through. The Jim Jones massacre was a cyanide case in point, but we had better understand reality than run and hide with phony nicely lovey empthy words.

Politically, military targetted diseases and WHO propaganda can impact whole cultures and countries with subtle new techniques of extortion and blackmail. (With Hiroshima Eyes: Atomic War, Nuclear Extortion, and Moral Imagination by Joseph Gerson)

Not only can the citizens of America, Canada, China and Africa become guinea pigs in biological enhanced global extortion and blackmail but the fact that ANTHRAX was sprinkled around to enflame the country and the U.S. has already active lab activity growing like Stephen King's "The Stand" that really reveal the type of kidnapping, blackmail and extortion that can shake whole economies. Certainly the SARS illness shook Canada. But Canada either as an accident or as an example did not agree with U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Another is Mad Cow..massive hype and scare is not unlike the FEAR described in the article you offered here Deborah. The FEAR is the key to how the astral becomes infected with an uncertain terror and this was the same effect used by the Mongol Hordes/inspired by TAOTL to terrorize the astral body which led to receptivity to the plague and even inviting the potent astral BEings to build an intense infestation in rats.

So is AIDS hype? Did George Bush run to Africa when it got hot in America to spew empty phrases of concern for Africa and Aids help to be sent to them via bounced American Checks? Yes, it is political and pharmacological spin and big companies making hay off of fear and encouraging Astral and Viral forces to surround humanity as is indicated in lecture 12 of Man as Symphony of the Creative Word.

Invasion, cultivation and enhancement of Parasites bred by distorted soul forces, hatreds and untransformed astral forces breeding illness, maggots and disease and Military labs, loving every minute of it, and American Funadmentalists secure in the fact that by holding the Bible in their hands, they don't have to ever do any work on their souls are all enablers with our tax dollars. This goes for the Koran or the Zionist Hebrews as well they don't want to think anymore than some Anthros. Once more Buddhism is immune because you actually have to pracitce and do the 8 fold path that Steiner fully backed up as cleansing our own immune system with I AM self awareness.

Once again I must declare that not only Buddhism but Christ is a Fact and that EcoChristology is self correcting and strengthening of the I AM and immune system by penetrating the foul disfunctions we hide in our consciousness and clearing them out and thereby fighting global ECOFascism with EchChristology. This includes the advice from Anthro doctors and the study of Karma and Illness by Dr. STeiner. Anthro remedies work as closely as possible with the etheric forces but do not Chemo or radiate the immune system and infect the I Am with anti-fallen light when Cancer appears. It is partly why a disease appears and also now, if the disease has appeared naturally or has been enhanced in military labs to overthrow the human immune system.

Continued in "interesting article 2"


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