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From: dottie zold
Date: Sun Apr 4, 2004 9:16 pm
Subject: Messiah

Hey Everyone,

I was fortunate to have an elder man of the French persuasion, and Jewish to boot ask me what the date was today as I sat reading the New York Times. Interesting story he told about how he had to leave France to get away from his mother who refused to allow him or his sister marry in this life time. BUT, to America he did come and plays the lotto for you never ever know when God is going to smile on you, he says. So he plays his lotto hoping to go home to France one more time.

We spoke on the Kabbala and I told him I was a Christian who was studying with a Rabbi. He said we are living in Messianic times and I said I know, we have about another 300 years to see what happens. But a thought came and I asked him what was going to happen to the Messiah when He/She came? He said man can not know. But I replied rather gently that it is foretold in the Good Book that the Messiah will be sacrificed in the same manner the Christians say Jesus was sacrificed. He did not want to speak on it as it bothered his wonderful head.

But, it is true is it not? If the Jewish people hold that the Messianic times are coming is it not true that their Messiah shall face the same consequenses that Jesus did? Does it not say this the whole book over? I realize we say the Messiah has come but they are truly awaiting something and I do indeed think something is going to be happening in this time period. But, and a big but, is that he is scheduled to suffer just the same. How ironic.



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