Study in Hatred 1


From: holderlin66
Date: Thu Apr 15, 2004 11:21 pm
Subject: Study in Hatred

holderlin wrote:

Interesting topics;

Let us examine this section of the lecture in detail;


"The spiritual-moral impulses — well, for modem civilization these have more or less become mere abstract concepts. To an ever greater degree the primal feeling for the moral-spiritual has receded in human nature. Through the whole manner of his education modern civilization leads man to ask: what is customary? what has convention ordained? what is the code? what is the law? — and so on. Less account is taken of what comes forth as impulses, rooted in that part of man which is often relegated in a vague way to conscience. This inner directing of oneself, this determining of one's own goal, is something which has retreated to an ever greater degree in modern civilization. Hence the spiritual-moral has finally become a more or less conventional tradition. "

Bradford comments;

This runs currently into what we have termed at times on this list as faulty version of "Poltically Correct thinking".


"Of course nothing whatever is implied here against the traditional in morality — but only think of the ten commandments, how old they are. They are taught as commands recorded in ancient times. Is it to be expected today that something might spring forth from the primary, elementary sources of human nature which could be compared to what once arose as the Decalogue, the Ten Commandments? "

Bradford comments;

So who remembers the recent flack over Alabama and the marble Ten Commdandments that enflamed the Fundamentalists and how all this plays right into the hands of John Ashcroft in the U.S.?


"When man speaks of the spiritual today he refers at most to abstract thoughts; this for him is the spiritual. If he finds these thoughts too tenuous, all that remains to him is words, and then, as Fritz Mauthner did, he writes a "Critique of Language". Through such a "Critique of Language" he manages to dilute the spirit — already tenuous enough — until it becomes utterly devoid of substance."

Bradford comments;

Now just as an observation, not as an accusation, the problem with both Diana and Peter has been that Spiritual or for that matter Spiritual Science or Initation Science does not mean much of anything to them and Steiner examines this from the aspect of Materialistic Science vs Initiation Science. People have found that indeed the glass is more than half empty and Steiner was opening, cracking open the tap so that glass could once more be filled. It is arrogance to say that you don't understand that the glass is nearly empty. It is sheer blunt blindness not to see it.


"When one crosses the threshold into the spiritual world, the first thing one becomes aware of is something terrible, something which at first it is by no means easy to sustain. Most people wish to be pleasantly affected by what seems to them worthy of attainment. But the fact remains that only by passing through the experience of horror can one learn to know spiritual reality, that is to say true reality. For in regard to the human form, as this is placed before us by anatomy and physiology, one can only perceive that it is built up out of two elements from the spiritual world: moral coldness and hatred. "

Bradford comments;

On one hand we have examined, I do, still do, how the skeleton is both the Zodiac in concrete bone letters, erected vertically and having arisen from the tiny circle of the embryo. But the greater mystery of this transformed skeleton is how they did not break the bones of Jesus as they did with everyone else when they hung on the cross. But the above statement that Steiner makes gives Stephen King a new burst of life as well as a rethink on "The Judas Poem" I had posted a while back. Further, the Life Tableau or memory experience of the etheric, cannot be debated with souls whose moral glass is nearly empty. Even if these ARE facts, those who deny this have lost the compass of what these facts mean but they are in denial and waiting for a brick to fall on their heads.


"Though I shall always speak just of coldness, what I mean is moral coldness, though this can certainly pass over into physical coldness, traversing the warmth-ether on its way. There below, in the unconsciousness within us, moral coldness and hatred are entrenched, and it is easy for man to bring into his soul what is present in his body, so that his soul can, as it were, be infected with the lack of human understanding. This is, however, the result of moral coldness and human hatred."

Bradford comments;

Cold dialectical materialism, may not be apparent in the person we meet, but in P.S. there was a cold skeletal interpretation, untouched by warmth that had a great deal to do with Education having come to a pass that Steiner was describing. Education that we have been discussing and that Steiner gets to, has come to a horrifically dangerous pass again. The paradigm for Steiner may have been 1914 but the rules of the paradigm are currently bubbling up around us for anyone to see.


"The ego and astral body withdraw, taking with them as they go what remained unnoticed during life because it was always entirely submerged in the physical and etheric bodies. The ego and astral body take with them into the spiritual world all the impulses connected with the human body, all the impulses of human hatred and coldness towards other men which had gained access to their souls. I mentioned that it is only when one sees the human being pass through the gate of death that one perceives how much failure to understand, how much human hatred have been implanted into mankind just in our civilization by various things about which I shall still have to speak."

Bradford comments;

When we have discussed how deeply a soul arises in the vision of the Angel and Archangel community after death, and how much it has to do with how deeply the I Am penetrated into itself rich moral exploration of reality and human nature, we see how someone like George Bush was darkened by his Archangelic Love of Language and thought. This becomes a dangerous aspect of observing Brotherhoods that are fighting to keep this Retarded Being as their mascot.

But Steiner was heading for an intimate understanding of the residue of hatred and untransformed bigotry, full blown Jeff Foxworthy racism etc.. We see that such a pathological dislocation of intense focus places P.S. in such a derranged observation. One asks oneself what he must have taken with him over the threshold of death to make coldness and error, fix itself to a depleted etheric thinking that he clings to? These are not theories, these are current running facts which we can observe.


"To discover this we need only look at present-day life. People pass one another by; they pay little heed to the individual characteristics of others. Are not people today mostly so constituted that each one regards himself as the standard of what is right and proper? And when someone differs from this standard we do not take kindly to him, but rather think: This man should be different. And this usually implies: He should be like me. This is not always brought into the consciousness, but it lies concealed in human social intercourse."

Bradford comments;

Here we see the cliche ridden George Bush and Evil Doers that stir up the latent superficial misunderstandings between the Muslims, Judaism and Fundamental Christianity. Bush stirs up this latent hatred and gives a form and direction to it with his Terrorism War illusions. Palastinians, Buddhists, Muslims are truly people not to be lumped into terrorists if they rightly or wrongly try to defnd themselves when Unjustified Miltary Overwhelming Force assaults them from either the side of Israel or the U.S. Where Judaism elbows Palastinians out of the picture or Fundamental Christianity, in greed for Oil, elbows Muslims out of the picture. George Bush serves this nightmare and Americans become defunct moral mechanisms with conditoned responses fueled by hatreds latent in the soul. That is why George Bush was chosen by brotherhoods to flush to the surface these hatreds in words that "Religion for Idiots" can understand. George Bush is in Ahriman's Playbook for "Politics for Idiots".


"Now, however, the human being has arrived about midway in the region between death and a new birth, to the abiding place of the first hierarchy, Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, which I described in my Mystery Play as the midnight hour of existence. Man would be quite unable to pass through this region of the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones without being inwardly annihilated, utterly destroyed, had not the beings of the second and third hierarchies already taken from him in their mercy human misunderstanding, that is to say moral coldness, and human hatred. And so we see how man, in order that he may find access to those impulses which can contribute to his further development, must at first burden the beings of the higher hierarchies with what he carries up into the spiritual world from his physical and etheric bodies, where it really belongs."

Bradford comments;

The polarity out of which the Universe functions from the top down to the bottom is LOVE. Michael School education should allow us to grasp the crushing force of Love and here we can say Resistance is futile. Not the Borg..Not Coldness but the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones who verily made the zodiac and offered matter are as The SUN, only stronger. LOVE, fully concentrated LOVE as a FACT and we taste this mighty seed of Love in the Christ Being's Actions.

Something of this potent lofty Master of Love has walked in our world. Projecting out from his path the first Meeting, CONTACT, with the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones and Christ is of that same overwhelming force of Love, but modifed by human Incarnation. Instead of crushing us with the sin and hatred we carry, Christ as a FACT, (let me get real religion on your ass, AMAZING GRACE, is all of this substance. The Living Christ introduces us something of the slow process of meeting Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones... it is CONTACT, grace of the Father himself. Christ is our go between so that as a FACT of Nature, we learn not to be crushed by love and learn to dispose of hatred to EAT, absorb, penetrate with our own I AM's into the very core of our Skeletons and learn with interest to Love our fellow human beings. This is really NT and the John Gospel message, Children Love one Another.

This penetration model has been carefully laid out in the structure of the I Am in the physical sheath. Physical-Etheric-Astral-Sentient Soul-Intellectual Soul-Conciousness Soul-Spirit Self-Life Spirit and finally as Christ as emmisary of the Father, master of Matter, of the Music of the Spheres, of the chemisty of the Devachan and the Thrones body of the atomic table. These same Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones return our I AM back into Time with a new configuration. Enormous physics and multi-level math to bring Karma and groups of karmically disposed individuals into collisons, meetings and unions in what appears to Chaos Theory on planet Earth.

Bradford concludes;

Now, anyone can take other sentences or same sentences and bring some of their insights to bear and certainly I would be interested in the different ways to understand Steiner's indications. The whole piece can be brought right down to the actual meaning of how the residue of hatred exists as a "Blow Back" and this should be clearly described so that anyone, anyone can understand how to think with the new moral glass half full instead of nearly dried up.

This is my take on it and I haven't fully gotten to how he shows Cancer forming aspects in the social body. But at each step it becomes clearer and clearer. But we have examined with how Etheric bodies collect prejudice and bigotry and from this prejudice and bigotry clumps of hatred begin to fester back into humanity. This was done with the Peter on Race/Bradford on I AM first essay. This festering hatred is now amassing in the Middle East under the Flag of fatal hypocrisy from Judaism, Fundamental Christianity and Islam.

People are not just blanket target practice for our own projected hatreds (lightthirster my friend), but if it appears to be true that the build up of these hatreds burst into society at 1914 and Steiner caught sight of the deep and difficult issue. We see what is happening again and we must be able to explain this for it is happening now. We must be able to stand on the facts. Not just mumble empty nothings. How else will we absorb Spiritual Science?

So, noone may be inclined to do what I just did, or they may be inclined to express this differently, how exciting. That is how I learn. I learn and am enriched because not only did Steiner try to explain it, but friends over the globe and on this list have explained it slowly and carefully to me, so that I can get my thinking up and running.

I would, not that anyone has to, but I certainly would be interested in how someone might do it differently or say it differently. But as to getting your soul around it and self observation, if Diana had the ability without 'soul mockery' and even with 'soul mockery' it becomes very telling in an educational sense. What do we understand about this issue Steiner has raised and what don't we understand? For myself, it is presenting a unique window into our current world.


From: holderlin66
Date: Fri Apr 16, 2004 12:06 am
Subject: Study in Hatred

[From "Clarification of the term 'Racist'"]

When I shake a persons hand and it is extremely sweaty or small, fat and stubby, does that tell me about a person. Can I gather information from a person through form, word, thought and deed?


"It already means a great deal when we look at the way a person walks, not in a dull way, but marking the beauty of his step, and what is characteristic in it; or when we allow his hands to make an impression upon us, so that we interpret these hands and find that in every movement of the fingers there lie wonderful revelations of man's inner nature."


From: dottie zold
Date: Fri Apr 16, 2004 4:47 am
Subject: Re: Study in Hatred


Now just as an observation, not as an accusation, the problem with both Diana and Peter has been that Spiritual or for that matter Spiritual Science or Initation Science does not mean much of anything to them and Steiner examines this from the aspect of Materialistic Science vs Initiation Science.

Dear Bradford,

I wish you would get off your high horse and stop acting as if you are speaking about robots. These are your brothers and sisters and to take their inventory the way you do above is rude and unwarranted.

There is no problem with Diana and Peter. Each one of them has a different life path and how are you to know what is right and wrong according to their own personal biographies? And if you were so enlightened to their particular biographies I highly doubt you would be indulging yourself to this level of interference and rudeness. You are not teaching us anything nor sharing anything with us other than your own arrogance.

How would you feel if your personal biography was splattered and missunderstood by one claiming to know such a thing? Imagine God or his angels decided to let all your secrets be known and spoke of you in the manner you are speaking on Diana and Peter. " The problem with Bradford is"

Mostly I am affronted that you include Diana in this picture. She was a parent that has valid concerns about not being told the whole picture or even half the picture while enrolling her child into Waldorf. Peter on the other hand has based his work on his ego and will pay the piper as we all do when we do not course correct due to our own idulgences.



From: dottie zold
Date: Fri Apr 16, 2004 5:09 am
Subject: Re: Study in Hatred


What do we understand about this issue Steiner has raised and what don't we understand? For myself, it is presenting a unique window into our current world.


What you do miss, I do believe, is that Love must be the result of all our actions. All our deeds must turn into Love, must be transformed into Love. Dr. Steiner speaks of this in Isis Mary Sophia.

page 114:

"Just as wisdom, which formed earlier, discloses itself in the forces of the sense-perceptible earthly world, in present day forces of nature, love itself will appear as a new natural force in all phenomina in the future. This is the mystery of all future evolution: that our knowledge and everything we do out of a true understanding of evolution sow seeds that must ripen into love. The greater the power of the love that comes into being, the more we will be able to accomplish creatively on behalf of the future."

So, all seeds MUST ripen into love. It is not enough to talk about it and anylize it rather we must become it in our very deeds, thoughts and feelings. If we do not now we are not able to be of service to Michael. All the talking of it in the world means absolutely nothing if we are unable to become love in this lifetime with all the great wisdom knowledge that sits at our very hearttips. Better to be course correcting ourselves now than be like one of our listmates hanging onto the tree limb afraid to fall into the abyss.

"Know they self and thy will know love" me


From: winters_diana
Date: Fri Apr 16, 2004 12:10 pm
Subject: Re: Study in Hatred

Dottie wrote in my defense. Thanks Dottie. I'm used to Bradford speaking of me as if I were not in the room, so to speak (which doesn't really bother me since he speaks of himself as if he were not in the room). Bradford's a preacher and this is how preachers talk, it's just the job description.

But I will say that it has become disturbing to find my name floating in the middle of Bradford's End Times Scenarios about the Middle East or listen to the latest hellish news from Iraq and log on here to find my name in the middle of some delirious rant about Bush and Armageddon, to which I am apparently linked by my views on the deficiences of first grade reading instruction in Waldorf schools.

I realize it is not personal and it would not matter what I posted – I could write about ballroom dancing or send pictures of my geraniums and to Bradford it would be further evidence that I am part of the Forces of Evil. Also, I keep wondering why you guys think Bradford is left wing. Anyone wanna enlighten me?



From: holderlin66
Date: Wed Apr 21, 2004 3:54 pm
Subject: Study in Hatred/XII

Bradford comments;

Anthroposophy for the Anthropsophically Impaired is not as complicated as the complications of our our shattered learning organs and critics make them out to be.

Now my intention is to bring a Bradfordian cliff note spin to the 12th Lecture on "Man as Symphony" because it takes us on a wild ride through hatred, prejudice, moral stupidity and right up the ass of the exhaust pipe of human hatred into the world of ultimate Sophia and back into the embyro and the unfolding of human karma. All cowards, get off the ride NOW!

I ask anyone to take apart this lecture and at the end of my little spin I offer simple stunning sentences from the lecture that deserve to be taken apart, called WORK and thinking, to see the amazing flight path that you need to understand Sophia and the AnthroSophic construction of the daughter Soul formed from Michael Intelligence working with Sophia, I AM wisdom 303.

Bradfordian version: (Please try out your own even if you think it is silly... laughter is good)

Salt and the mineral Earth is digested by the body and the Warmth Ethers. Steiner places the understanding of the bones, the skeleton of man and how the human being is assimilated, not by the Borg, but by the Gods themselves and is pulverized and reconstituted out of the immense Loving Gods and sent back through the system. Steiner wants us to understand that the warmth ethers can digest even the Stone.. and WE are the Salt of the Earth. In other words the Gods themselvs digest us, like we digest mineral substance on Earth.

But because we are totally unconscious lying, immoral crud, we fail to see under the surface of our being how much bullshit is carried with us over the threshold of death. This foul exhaust is specifically and exactly sucked out of us as we rise in altitude to the very height of the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. Here is LOVE so strong that any form of residue of Unconscious, untransformed dark pollution of the soul, would literally be incinerated by LOVE. That would mean that the I AM would be no more and that is not what the system is about. Every I Am has some good and we know that karma such as Nero and Hitler are not out of the system, they are in the system.

Remember The Gods digest bones and here the amazing image from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" must be employed. Don't open the box, don't look at the gods, don't even think you are worthy to look in the box with the cherubim, of the bull, the lion, eagle and angel on its sides. Turn your head in shame, Harrison Ford reminds us. But we watch and see the very skeletal framework of Nazis dissolve from within. Perhaps this gives you some idea of how stunning Steiner is, that he was there way, way before Speilberg. Here was the first stunning picture, connected to a logical reality, showing the Seraphim digest and dissolve the karma, bone and entire math and destiny of man. Don't, just Don't come up to me and say that God talks to you. Don't. Angel, higher being... God, no!

Now, as we are formed by our fellow karmic beings, who look upon us and we look upon them, we must pick up our baggage, our hatred, our untransformed errors on the way down to a whole new Spiritual Human Equation of destiny, formed right down into the busy framework of matter and Earth life. We will meet each other on Earth and recognize each other because we helped form each other. The first person who really set me off in this direction was Eugene Schwartz. I see where he grew this thought from. We help form each other.

Karl Konig does the Embryo trimesters and relation to etheric hitch, astral hitch and ego hitch to the embryo and Steiner is dead on and so could medical science if it looked upon the things I ask you to look upon, as so many in Anthro medicine have done and do so wonderfully today.

But we pick up our baggage. But Steiner didn't say, our STUFF, like George Carlan would say, we got too much STUFF, our stuff, is now highly polluted and we pick it up again at baggage claim in the planets. This Stuff is now entering nature, ecosystems, immune systems and the full moral pollution that we have burdened creation with, now demands that we take up just how the hatred, dysfunctional behavior and pollution got woven into the elemental, plant and animal worlds as well as disease factors in the human immune and psychological systems.

We pick up our dirty laundry and we are formed by it. We could also learn to study Spiritual Science and really begin to understand Ecology, strengthening a Child to build a strong ether body, full of warmth for learning. We could participate with the revamping of Education. We could participate with the revamping of medical knowledge. We could participate in the revamping of agriculture. We could participate in the revamping of fingers and limbs in Handwork and Eurythmy. We could participate in color and painting. We could participate in the Atomic theory so that the particles of matter that we worship in matter, are looked upon as what they are CRUMBS. Which means we could participate in understanding the Risen Christ as Steiner, the disciples and Bradford have strongly indicated.

Condi Rice says there is no magic bullet. Well folks thinking into the infection of our muscles, our bones, our immune system, the tics and psychological wrecks we have become, leads us to a process of understanding how each one of us carries the dysfunction, idiocy and hatreds of humanity and this won't go away by being a Fundamentalist from Islam, Christianity or Judaism. It is only, ONly, and ONLY looking through the whole process as Steiner did in this landmark 1923 grasp of how the Moral in humanity is dealt with by the Gods and what is the source of soul, as well as physical illness that we will bring PEACE.

The fact that the Orcs were once Elves is not something to take as lightly as most morons who think they are Antrhos or advanced thinkers dismiss. If Anthros dismiss things like this, or Raiders of the Lost Ark, they show they are actually too stupid to be even active members of the Michael School. Orcs and elemental beings that we are now turning into parasites and monsters are growing into an infestation which humanity will try to avoid handling. Kyoto and Bush are corporate beasts, ten headed beasts.

Now here is the method of the dishonest handling of our Stuff. Military wants perfect specimens, so did the Nazis. Over 46 genetic scientists have recently been killed, mysteriously, taken out of the picture. We might have to thank the gods for this. But what this tells the Anthro Impaired, or should, is that humanity will try to side step the issue of moral etheric warmth and moral development represented in all schools of esoteric learning. Placing the epidemic diseases in Military and biological warfare hands is asking for humanities death sentence. If you followed the lecture that Steiner has given here you would see where this is going.

It is going into creating a "Neurobioloy and the Homoculous Thesis" the same idiocy that runs out of P.S.'s brain. This Homoculous theory is creating in the lab, a by pass into Ahriman's own idea of immunity and immune strength, to resist the Moral spheres of the Gods. As we jack up the hatred meter in Mesopotamia, as Ahriman grabbed the Oil and brought Ahriman into the region where Marduk or Michael once ruled = Ahriman = AMERICA the GREAT Satan for the Islams, Fundies drool over this current exhaust fume bonanza of hatred filling the world. Out of this hatred spewed, again and again, the anti-SuperMan will be constructed in Ahrimanic labs to defy the Moral Sphere of the Gods. Try to get some grounded thinking under your belts.

Now that defying the Ecology of the Gods is Ahriman's true aim with EcoFacism. An Anti-man built of elemental and chemical manipulations and this, without any doubt will be the direction of those now duped into thinking along the lines of the Fundie Bush Cartel. Let alone the pity on the poor sylphs, Depleted Uranium of the gnome world as it enters into the roots of trees, the figs, dates, water and oils, as the air is laden with sylphic death and fire spirits run like hatred in the blood as well as changing from good warmth ether fire spirits to those that fry for 900 years like Cherynobyl into every infected tree and plant. Is the Michael School partly awake yet? Ding, Ding...that ain't dinner.

I suggest, Anthros, that you take stock of what are the potent issues in the Michael Letters and the Michael School. Steiner is expecting us to meet him at the station with some guts, courage and insight, not mumbling drivel about antisemitism and racism.

Clipped sentences for the Anthro Impaired.

"... the mineral must be brought to the warmth-etheric condition, we will also find that all that lives in man, in the human organization, flows out into the spiritual.

"...volatile etheric substance can enter into connection with the impulses of the moral world-order

"There exists only one true source of the moral-spiritual in mankind, and this is what we may call human understanding, mutual human understanding, and, based upon this human under-standing, human love. Wheresoever we may look for the arising of moral-spiritual impulses in mankind, in so far as these play a role in social life, it will invariably prove to be the case that, whenever such impulses spring forth with elemental power, they arise from human understanding based upon human love. These are the actual driving force of the social moral-spiritual impulses in mankind.

"If human understanding and human love are the real impulses upon which communal life depends, how does it come about that the very reverse of human understanding and human love appears in our social order?

"But if one looks at conventional science today, one is forced to ask: As the god-created soul is naturally predisposed to human understanding and human love, why are these qualities not active as a matter of course in the social order?

"The skeleton, as you have seen, is formed by mineral substance which has been driven upwards to the state of warmth-ether, so that in the warmth-ether the forces of the higher hierarchies are laid hold of, and then the bone formations are built up.

"In our souls we actually possess the predisposition to human love, and to that warmth which understands the other man.

"Thus we bear in ourselves the impulse of hatred. This it is which, from the spiritual world, brings about the circulation of the blood. And whereas we may perhaps go through the world with a very loving soul, with a soul which thirsts for human understanding, we must nevertheless be aware that below in the unconsciousness, there where the soul streams down, sends its impulses down into the bodily nature, for the very purpose that we may be clothed in a body — coldness has its seat.

"Because this is so, man must gradually cultivate in himself moral warmth, that is to say human understanding and love, for these must vanquish what comes from the bodily nature.

" our age, which began with the fifteenth century and has developed in an intellectualistic way on the one hand and in a materialistic way on the other, much human misunderstanding and human hatred has become imbedded in men's souls.

"At every step in his further evolution between death and a new birth he would stumble if he were obliged to carry further this failure to understand the other man, this human hatred.

"People bellow out their ideas about what man should be like, but this usually means: Everyone should be like me. If someone different comes along, then, even if this is not consciously realized, he is immediately regarded as an enemy, an object for antipathy. This is lack of human moral understanding, lack of love.

"It is sheer nonsense to regard man's form as physical; we must represent it to ourselves as spiritual. The physical in it is everywhere present as minute particles. The form, which is only a force-body, holds together what would otherwise fall apart into a heap of atoms.

"The physical in him may almost be likened to a heap of crumbs.

"Thus, when one follows man between death and a new birth, one at first still sees him hovering, as it were, while he gradually loses his form from above downwards. But while the last vestige of him is vanishing away below, something else has taken shape, a wonderful spirit-form, which is in itself an image of the whole world-sphere and at the same time a model of the future head which man will bear on his shoulders.

"This spirit-form first connects itself with physical life when it meets the given embryo.

"This spiritual form finds its way into the embryonic life, and bears within it what will now become physical forces and etheric forces. These are, however, only the physical image of what we bear in us from our previous life as lack of human understanding and human hatred, from which our limb-organization is spiritually formed.

"In the course of long centuries something very strange has come to pass for earthly humanity. No longer is it possible for all the forces of human misunderstanding and human hatred to be used up in new human forms, in the structure of new human bodies. Something has become left over. During the course of the last centuries this residue has streamed down on to the earth, so that in the spiritual atmosphere of the earth, in what I may call the earth's astral light, there is to be found an infiltration of the impulses of human hatred and human misunderstanding which exist exterior to man. These impulses have not been incorporated into human forms; they stream around the earth in the astral light. They work into man, but not into what makes up the single person but into the relationships which people form with one another on the earth.

"Only consider how this shows itself in the most ordinary phenomena of daily life. How many people have to learn without bringing enthusiasm to the learning; they simply have to get down to it and learn in order to pass an examination, so as to qualify for some particular post, or the like — well, for them there is no vital connection between what they have to take in and what lives in their soul as an inborn craving for the spiritual.

"I have described to you in what may be called a spiritual-physiological way how, out of the nature of the gnomes and undines who work from below upwards, the possibility arises of parasitic impulses in man.

"...a parasitic culture below, which does not proceed from elemental laws and which therefore contains parasites within itself, and a spirituality which sinks down from above and which — in that it enters into this civilization — is taken up by man in such a way that it becomes poison. When you bear this in mind you have the key to the most important symptoms of our present-day civilization.

"Immediately the art of education lies close to the human heart, to the human soul, the spiritual approaches man without becoming poison. First you have the diagnosis, which finds that our age is infested with carcinomas, and then you have the therapy — yes, it is Waldorf School education.

"We should not reject such thoughts as these, but rather make them the impulse within ourselves to work together wherever we still can in the therapy of our civilization.

"People are asleep. It devolves upon us to bring about the awakening. And Anthroposophy bears within it all the impulses for a right awakening of civilization, for a right awakening of human culture."

Study in Hatred 2


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