The Occupation Army


From: holderlin66
Date: Sun Apr 4, 2004 8:55 am
Subject: The Occupation Army

"When a lieutenant is upset by the hostility of the local population, his commander admonishes him: "I will not lie to you, Lieutenant. They should have trained you for this, and not for flower-strewn streets. They should have built your soul with truth, not led you along with lies. But you took the job, Lieutenant. We can't take care of your soul."

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Bradford comments;

The errors of George Bush, all his lies are one thing but another is the heated battle terrain that divides this American election year. It reflects the kind of heated battle of disinformation that is now waged daily to keep the Lies and the Liars afloat. But imagine who is clinging to these bald faced lies? Imagine the sweet, nice humans all rooting for GWB. Certainly the battles fought to keep humanity from re-writing and retrograding history back to the errors of the 20th century have also been reflected here, in mini drama, on this list and in Sweden and Norway.

I would like to put things in perspective. Neither Einstein; Martin Luther King Jr.; Ghandi or Gandhi; Truman; Kennedy; Bob Dylan; Nietzsche; the best of the best that humans admire, have ever come close to the Public Deed of Dr. Steiner. The history of the I AM, the interior mapping of the human psychological, soul and spiritual structure that surrounds the I AM; no one has ever come close to Steiner's generous deed.

From all sides Misinformation, lies and tiny voices who cannot hold a candle to the depth and wealth of Spiritual Science, slam into her. The world craves that it remain the best kept secret, because it shatters delusions. Critics have been worming and squirming in the coils of their unhealthy thinking to paint Steiner in every manipulative and ugly manner they can think of. Why? Because their egotism, and inspired retarded beings lodged in their souls, from the camps of Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces and the general arrogance of New Age luciferic stupidity and the Baconian New Atlantis-eans, with their dialectical materialism cannot grasp the enormity of the Deed of Dr. Steiner. Nor do they want to.

Placing the Michael School into the Public was a stunning sacrifice for an Archangel to become an Archai and offer humanity the tools to not only share in their children's Angelic cognition, but to raise the stakes, so that all that Michael had given in the Past, could come alive in human hearts, with COURAGE. Steiner is a true measure of Profiles in Courage. He reopened the closed gates to the core of the Christ Event on Golgotha and brought humanity back to their senses.

However without thinking experience, and not what Peter Staudenmaier offers, the entire historical gift that humanity has been handed has once again, like Atlantis and the Manu tale of the Gobi, landed in only a few hearts and hands. Hundreds of thousands of souls have been boarding the Ark of Michael thinking. While millions still wallow in some fantasy about a big boat loaded with two by two animals of every kind. Others wallow in the Big Bang and worship daily at the Church of the Unrisen Light. These betray Christ daily, hourly and further wish that Christ would go away so they could enjoy their atheism.

Nobody wants endless war. George Bush, as a liar and all those who have failed to see his retarded, retrograde set back, and eclipsing the 21st century dawn, with his failed policies have taken the side of Fundamentalistic liars. Never in American History have we had such a horrible set of monsters, liars and robbers at the center of Power. The Rush Limbaugh radio listeners, which the White House needs to support it's house of cards, have prevented so far, Rush from being crushed and fully prosecuted. Enron executive and Cheney know too much and Enron is now Haliburton. But Martha Stewart and Hilary Clinton make better targets. Michael Jackson is news. The White House, like millions of Americans in the West are swirling in failed thinking experience and deny Christ with every thought they think.

Michael gave this enormous objective I AM thinking potential to humanity and at every turn we trade it for Barabbas. The egotism that souls embody that allows them to stand boldly and compare their sick standpoints with the Sun Filled wealth of Spiritual Science, reveals such blatant Pride and arrogance and such unconscious hatred of thinking clearly, that we can only compare it to the current disease from the throne of Western Imperialism, the Stink House in Washington D.C.

Oh there is a path up the middle alright and it is a wonderful path, but note you full well, how cowardly, corrupt, egotistical and shrivelled we all are for avoiding taking it.

You go ahead and Stand before Golgotha this Good Friday while we bow our heads as the hypocrites like Colin Powell and Bush and 90% of the world, pray for their own egotism, their own power, their own falsehood to remain unnoticed by the Eyes of the Gods. Every university and every public school and nearly every church has been cut off from the vision of all that Spiritual Science and Golgotha could offer human evolution. Why? Because they won't have to face their pet pollutions swarming in their inner beings.

Published on Friday, April 2, 2004

The Agony Of Occupation: "The Flies Have Conquered the Fly Paper"
by Paul Rockwell

"By ten-forty-five, it was all over. The town was occupied, the defenders defeated, and the war finished."

These are the opening lines of 'The Moon is Down', John Steinbeck's brilliant novel about the German occupation of Norway, a story about conquerors-decent, home-loving soldiers under the sway of nationalism - who occupy a foreign land. What happens when an invading army proclaims "mission accomplished" prematurely?

It is impossible to read Steinbeck's masterpiece without thinking about our own soldiers in Iraq and Fallujah, about their daily fear, the growing tendency for revenge, the agony of conquest.

'The Moon is Down' is not primarily about the Norwegian people, or even about the resistance. It's about the terror, the self-doubts, the slow transformation of arrogance to self-loathing, under which invaders live.

Steinbeck conveys the breakdown of morale, the shock of recognition, in a series of dialogues-outbursts and remarks of tense and frazzled soldiers.

"They hate us," says one. "They hate us so much. I don't like it here, sir."

A lieutenant exclaims: "The enemy's everywhere. Every man, woman, even children. The faces look out of doorways. The white faces behind the curtains, listening. We have beaten them, we have won everywhere, and they wait and obey, and they wait."

Commanders try vainly to instill hope and confidence. "When we have killed the leaders," says one, "the rebellion will be broken." "Do you really think so?" responds a skeptical German.

When a lieutenant is upset by the hostility of the local population, his commander admonishes him: "I will not lie to you, Lieutenant. They should have trained you for this, and not for flower-strewn streets. They should have built your soul with truth, not led you along with lies. But you took the job, Lieutenant. We can't take care of your soul."

The occupiers are not pacified. "Captain, is this place conquered?" "Of course," the captain replies. But the listener cracks. "Conquered and we're afraid, conquered and we're surrounded. The flies have conquered the fly paper!"

'The Moon is Down' is not about the violence; it's about the psychology of occupation. Steinbeck focuses on the inability of occupying soldiers to cope with the ingratitude of a "liberated" people. Germans trusted their leaders and expected to be greeted with flowers, not contempt. The public hatred of the occupation, not sabotage alone, destroys German morale.

"The cold hatred grew with the winter, the silent sullen hatred. Now it was that the conqueror was surrounded, the men of the battalion alone with silent enemies, and no man might relax guard even for a moment. If he did, he disappeared. If he drank, he disappeared. The men of the battalion could sing only together, could dance only together, and dancing gradually stopped and the singing expressed a longing for home. The talk was of friends and relatives who loved them and their longings were for warmth and love, because a man can be a soldier for only so many hours a day and only so many months a year, and then he wants to be a man again.

"And the men thought always of home. The men of the battalion came to detest the place they had conquered and they were curt with the people and the people were curt with them, and gradually a little fear began to grow in the conquerors, a fear that it would never be over, that they could never relax and go home, a fear that one day they would crack and be hunted....

"Then the soldiers read the news from home and from other conquered countries, and the news was always good, and for a little while they believed it. And their sleep was restless and their days were nervous. Thus it came about that the conquerors grew afraid of the conquered and their nerves wore thin and they shot at shadows in the night. Fear crept in on the men, crept into the patrols and it made them cruel. Sometimes the sentries shot a man with a lantern and once a girl with a flashlight. And it did no good. Nothing was cured by the shooting.

"They were under a double strain, for the conquered people watched them for mistakes and their own men watched them for weakness, so that their spirits were taut to the breaking point. The conquerors were under a terrible spiritual siege."

If you want to get a feel of what American troops go through in Iraq, read Steinbeck's "The Moon is Down".

The flies have conquered the fly paper


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