Time Binding


From: holderlin66
Date: Fri Apr 23, 2004 6:22 pm
Subject: Time Binding

"So there came a time, perhaps, when for some species [humans?] the rate at which learning was increased, reached such a pitch that suddenly a completely new thing happened: things could be learned by one individual animal, passed on to another, and another fast enough that it was not lost to the race. Thus became possible an accumulation of knowledge of the race.

"This has been called time-binding. I don't know who first called it this. At any rate, we have here [in this hall] some samples of those animals, sitting here trying to bind one experience to another, each one trying to learn from the other."

It was Alfred O. Korzybski who first called the phenomenon "time-binding". He developed the concept and named it in his first book, "Manhood of Humanity", in 1921. It is a precursor to his magnum opus, "Science and Sanity" which I have reviewed elsewhere in the SCR. I searched my copy for a short definition of time-binding by its innovator and I found on page 303 these three life- dimensions or dimensionality of Korzybski:

I. Plants ---- basic energy-binders

II. Animals --- space-binders

III. Humans ---- time-binders

"Now, it is, of course, perfectly clear that, according to the foregoing conceptions or definitions, the old zoological conception of man as a species of animal is false . . ."

AOK makes its clear that the capacity for time-binding is unique to human beings, who while they can also bind energy and bind space as animals do, animals cannot bind time. He says, "It is a fact that use of the same term

'animal' to denote the members of both classes, --- men and beasts alike..."

Praises to The Southern Cross Reveiw again;


Bobby Matherene, one of my favorite guys, besides Frank, ye old gnarly nugget, brings something of the above as a fresh conceptual beauty.

Why people should love, fear and hate Spiritual Science is because such stunning concepts can be recognized and Steiner wove them together in such plentitude and cohesion that when we see other scientists weaving such things together the Michael School does what it loves best. It leaps for joy!

I. Plants ---- basic energy-binders

II. Animals --- space-binders

III. Humans ---- time-binders

I really don't wish to explore all that those who never studied Spiritual Science try to get away with when they lob criticism of such feeble dimensions that have been lobbed at it from certain quarters recently. Rather with these three ideas from the normal science community, the advanced doorway into Goethean Spiritual Science opens like "Open Sesame" and Allah Baba and the forty thieves. Bingo, the secret chamber door opens and your in the Great Hall amongst the community and wonders of Angels and the School of Michael, the School of the Romantics.

It is sad if you have to remain outside the Great Hall of the Michael School looking in at all the wonderful things going on there. It is how thought and Soul and Spirit truly operate in a real world and by putting aside your attempts to claw your way in, try to think what these three concepts mean. You can't enter, as in The Way, the Truth and the Light, if you refuse the Truth aspect inside yourself. Christ is a Fact, because if you respond to the Truth in yourself, not the dead letter and dead concept, your in. Throwing, bricks, bottles and bombs at the doors ain't gonna get you in. It is understanding The Etheric, Astral and I AM of Earth and Man that gets you in. It gets you into you. Because you know the Truth and denial is not gonna get you in.

The final concept, one we have been concerned with here, on this list, deals with TIME-BINDERS. Some people live in Time-Blinders. If I speak of Racism day in and day out and use 19th century dialectical materialism to dissect reality, the door to the castle won't open. You can be clever as windy kite, diving, soaring, diverting..but having your own I AM feel alive with Truth, not so fast. It won't happen.

I have respected the Daniel Diana dialogue because Diana is wrestling with things. While another has barred the door, dead bolted themselves inside a dead intellect and refuse to see what is going on in the world. You can get a whole army of people who think this way, but are they right? They are not. They are fighting tooth and nail not to let their own inner being be stunned into humility when you face the I AM as Paul said, Face to Face.

If I come to the stunned reality of how Man remembers and binds Time in himself and Time and Memory follow humans over the threshold of death into a life tableau review, and the Gods lift our Time Experience and I AM experience out of Time to be placed back in Time, to be re-inserted in Time from the apparent TimeLess, we come to what has been harped on incessantly here. Reincarnation and the I AM are spiritual and physical realities. But this merely requires a sort of education free from the barbed wire of what you think you know against what is even more interesting, what is.

Barring doors and windows because everyone else in your neighborhood has barred doors and windows means that your thinking is going to stagnate. I have called attention to stagnant etheric theory where doing, encountering and thinking, let alone the amount of sharing that has been done on this list, stagnates in pride strewn, luciferic intellectual denial. Denial of what Doctors, Teachers, Artists, Scientists have been stunned by, is barring the door to your own self.

We want children and adults to open their own doors. What good is it if you don't. Therefore it is obvious one has to put up a damn good fight. This is admirable. Saul who became Paul put up a hell of a fight. So, if the door opens, it is you and Mr. Truth that opens the door. If it remains closed, it is you and Mr. Denial that has barred the doors and windows shut. Proof, is everywhere for the heart and mind, but fear and denial are true hurdles of the 5th Post Atlantean experience.


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