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From: holderlin66
Date: Fri Apr 9, 2004 10:21 am
Subject: Tree Lore and EcoFascism/Michael Community

"In the name of speaking for the trees and other species we are faced with a movement that would usher in an era of eco-fascism."

... even more illuminating is a work by a person who is known to be on the far left of green politics in Europe, Professor Peter Staudenmaier, who wrote a book four years ago called 'Ecofascism: Lessons from the German Experience'. He, too, drew the comparison between the political technique of the Greens in contemporary Western societies and the political technique of the environmental movementor the naturalist movement, as it was then knownin Germany in the 1920s and the 1930s. The work of both of those scholars caused Patrick Moore, a former head of Greenpeace International, to say: "In the name of speaking for the trees and other species we are faced with a movement that would usher in an era of eco-fascism."

Bradford writes;

The surviving fragment of that Temple, the bridge between the worlds was carved by the Master Initiate himself, with gifted practical help of Edith Maryon. The fragment that connects the worlds, between the Michael School that was received into the etheric and all the souls on their journey's here on earth, is the wooden statue known as The Representative of Humanity.

"When Rudolf Steiner was faced with the task of designing columns for the first Goetheanum, which was later burned down at the end of 1922, he recognized the spiritual necessity that there should be seven columns, and chose for each one a different kind of wood. Old traditions, (Celtic and Druidic lore) which associated each tree or groups of trees with a certain planet were re-awakened to a new life and significance by the eye of the seer and the hand of the artist."(ll)


Thus speaks the high-reaching
Light-flooded ash.
The Tree of the golden sun.
"O Man, be upright and mobile
Waste not yourself on the worthless
Be conscious of the pure mobility
of Man."

Thus speaks the silvery moon at
May time, through the flowering
Cherry Tree.
Whose blossoms in summer,
to fruit ripen.
"O Man, like the plant, transfer
the lower to the higher
Purify the passions, grow mature
And harvest the fruit of life."


Thus speaks the knotty oak,
The servant of iron Mars,
"O Man, take root in the depths
and reach for the heights,
Be mighty and strong
Be warrior, knight and protector."


Thus speaks the mercurial planet
Through the living growth of
The Elm,
And through her winged seeds
"O Man, be stir yourself,
Be active, lively and quick."


Thus speaks the broad-leafed maple
The tree of Jupiter, to whom tin
is sacred.
"O Man, overcome the haste and hurry within you.
Seek hours of quiet
Which bring goodness and wisdom
To birth."


Thus speaks the coppery Venus
Through the virgin softness
of Birch,
Which is delicately rooted and
drinks in the light.
"O Man, work on your soul
In Tenderness,
Admire lovingly the beauty
of the world."


Thus speaks leaden Saturn
Through the trees of
of shaded forests
The pines, the beeches and
"O man, feel the responsibility
for the need of your time
and of all mankind.
With inner devotion take hold
of the work that life puts
before you."


A great mystery surrounds the elm.

Bradford concludes;

Now I hope these aren't racist descriptions of Trees. Each of these Trees have a specific character and etheric organization, and in future, like the Newtonian Rainbow and Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Mercury...We are looking at imprinted etheric qualities in the Trees and future etheric tones in the Atomic table. The precious metals are silent stone and mineral etheric seed forms already waiting to join with the future etheric. What Races will they be? Will humanity continue the work of creation with this underlining pattern, or turn to Grey and foolish thoughts of Racism?

So if I wanted to examine Mercury and the Childhood etheric forces of the African American as part of the history lessons of the U.S. or if I wanted to understand the RedMan or Native American and see how America coped with these issues, I would be struck by techniques of extermination and inception that marred and marked American history. America robbed Childhood Forces out of an Etheric Racial group in Africa and pushed, exterminated, and murdered the Old Age forces of the Native American, to make room for the merging and melding of races. America was one of the early practioners of ethnic murder and ethnic cleansing.

Removing the West's tendency toward Old Age in the Saturn Etheric forces of the Red Man, a terrible crime, and Enslaving and importing Childhood Forces from the youthful Etheric of the African Americans becomes an astonishing mighty STIR of the melting Pot that gives America the impetus and illusion of Freshness and Fresh European starts for those who had spent a great deall of incarnation time in Europe and needed a Fresh Start, fresh landscape and fresh attempt at tragedy and human brotherhood on planet Earth.

The tendency to go retrograde, retarded and fall back into the pattern of the dogmatic Pilgrims, of Black and White, like George Bush, Good and Evil paradigms, are dogmatic and sclerotic tendencies that still lurk in the American West as forces of Old Age. Because the further West we go, the more this Old Age tendency arises in the sclerosis and hardening of the etheric. A tendency towards, dogma, prejudice, anti-brotherhood and redneck racism...Is only narrowly missed just because of the Emancipation Proclamation and the stirring of the sixties in order to get the mix we saw in the musical "Hair" and at Woodstock, right. At this time, the efforts that had been made to create the right mix in the West, had begun in earnest and those who were the products of this, saw new brotherhood for almost the first time. It was a deep and wonderful experience of non racial human and generous brotherhood. But it was built on the back of tragedy and racial political manipulation and cleansing.

Bob Dylan, Hendrix and Joplin and all the others from Woodstock. A new Nation was formed, The WoodStock Nation.

But to get back to the etheric vision of Trees, breeds and Races, the same 7 fold Post Atlantean cycles and Rainbow laws of Noah's Contract with the foundations of the I AM in mankind, reverberates through the entire world of nature. So, if this is Racism or if this is the Musical distrubution of etheric forces as part of the I AM Logos and the planetary system we live in, Steiner never taught Racism, but how the whole Newtonian/Noahtic- I AM simmers in creation and how I AM's participate with it. To this, and to this issue we also must revert to the mixing of races in the time of Alexander the Great. This is a highly important pre-vision of both tragedy and the WoodStock Nation.


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