Christine - The Prophet's Cat

From: golden3000997
Date: Wed Dec 31, 2003 6:41 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] Christine - The Prophet's Cat

Hello My Star Bird,

I just knew there had to be something redeeming about Mohammed!!! Any man who loves cats can't be all bad!!! : ) LOL

Here is my Cat's Christmas Poem - I'll post a picture of Baldur & Wicca under the Christmas tree in my photos folder. Baldur & Wicca are the proud parents of 4 children who are all with me - such a wonderful family. Very few people keep a whole family of cats together, but it is such an eye-opening experience! There is so much love between them (and also the extended family!)

Don't worry - my cats can't catch Star Birds!!! : ) Except by the heart!

Love, hugs & kisses,

The Cats' Christmas

So much commotion
So much of a fuss
The humans are busy
They should be like us

Curled up by the fire
With food in our tummies
Humans are silly
And certainly funny

What's this? Through the door now
A big smelly thing
What next, we must wonder,
Will our humans bring?

We think it's a tree
Though we rarely have met one
They're placing it here -
Oh, this should be fun!

Bright shiny things
On the floor and the table
Catch them, be quick now
As much as you're able

What should we do about
Twinkling lights?
We grab them and bite them
But still they shine bright

Wow! Paper and ribbons
Gifts sent from the heart
Perfect for scratching
And tearing apart

The humans are singing
Now that's quite a racket
Our ears are too fragile
Let's hide in the closet

Sniff, sniff - smells are wafting
All over the house
There's something delicious
We hope it's for us!

We're stuffed now with turkey
And curled up on laps
Our humans have finally
Sat down for naps

We really don't know
What the fuss is all for
The turkey, the tree
And the gifts on the floor

But we know that our humans
The tall and the small
Give us lots of love
That's the best gift of all

Christine Natale 2001 All Rights Reserved


From: dottie zold
Date: Wed Dec 31, 2003 8:06 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] Christine - The Prophet's Cat

Christine wrote:

I just knew there had to be something redeeming about Mohammed!!! Any man who loves cats can't be all bad!!! : ) LOL

Dear Christine,

I wonder if there is not a Woman's Club in your area? The one I direct is 99 years old this year and there were very few members before I took charge. Now we have something like 75 new members and the legacy is continuing on.

The reason I ask is because what we do or how we keep ourselves going is that we rent out our facility. Many of the women's clubs had their own buildings and were able to use the rental as an income. Which leads me to my next point: Teaching.

I like to nurture ideas that wish to be born through the artists that walk through our door. We have this one Russian woman who is an amazing painter and she is holding a class with children and one for adults. She starts out with a meditation to be able to paint from the heart/spirit or whathaveyou. I am charging her a donation only as I love what she does. Reading your so beautiful spirit filled poems and seeing you with the children in art classes I bet there are parents who would love to have their children enrolled in some of the art teachings you have learned through your Steiner experience.

Just a thought. I love what you bring here on this list and in your life and I am jealous for it to be shared with the children in a way that you can also make money doing what you love and long to do. And the paintings you shared with the list, which by the way I can not find on list, would be amazing pieces that would inspire parents to enroll their children in your afterschool or weekend camp. Also, if there are no woman's clubs around your area you might check the Masons buildings as they also have many rooms and mostly little income.


p.s. thank you for that wonderful poem.


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