New Ways

From: golden3000997
Date: Sat Dec 20, 2003 8:07 am
Subject: New Ways

Good Morning Everybody,

I came home last night to such a banquet of love and ideas. So much outpouring of support and light. I will try to respond in depth through the weekend, but I want to acknowledge it first and let you know that I did a lot of sobbing!

: ) (the good kind).

There are many, many imperative ideas that have been brought forward. Everyone is filled with a firey interest in the world! What an amazing use of this electronic, Ahrimanic invention! It would take literally years and years to have such discussions through "snail mail" or waiting until our destinies could bring us face to face. So there will be some conflict, some errors, but also a chance to dig in and work things through. In some ways, I think exploring our biographies and current events is better in this medium than trying to have a systematic "study" of a particular work of Steiner's. That process may still be better done "live" ie face to face in a group. But here, people freely share the fruits of those labours and all are allowed to take what they can or will and give what they can or will. It really is extraordinary! But it is subversive. I wonder still, how long these "electronic meeting halls" will be able to stay free? In any case, we have them for now and I am grateful.

There are two subjects that I would like to add to right now, the application of Waldorf Education and the money concept, which is, actually, related.

First, regarding money. To me, "money" is only a concept. Paper, gold and silver coin or plastic card - they are all the same. They mean something and have effect only because people agree that they shall mean something. Leaves from a tree could be money, sugar cookies could be money. But it depends upon the agreement. Basically, I think that the agreement is something like this - a human being contributes his or her time, energy, knowledge, strength, service or skill and this is acknowledged. Something then, is created to represent this "production" (in a very broad sense), this "output" at a standard agreed upon societally. If society values the production of objects at a certain rate, say versus the production of the ideas required to manage an endeavor, they establish that value intrinsically. Then something abstract is given which is called "money" or "currency", historically coin. This piece of metal is agreed to represent a quantity of production, abstract or concrete. This agreement allows the individual to trade it for anything of like (societally agreed) value produced by others. The metal coin or piece of paper or whatever is only a symbol of that production of time, energy, knowledge, etc.. Metal coins were developed because they were durable, gold being the most durable of all. They were recognized between countries and cultures where a piece of paper with writing on it might not be recognizable. Many cultures used clay tablets with marks that conferred a numeric value to the process of exchange, which was fine within the cultures that shared the level of education which allowed the majority of participants to understand what the marks meant. But coins were much easier to use - durable, recognizable and malleable, allowing "powers" to imprint their image on them, signifying that the rate of value lay in their will and desire.

Taking gold from the ground means nothing in and of itself (except maybe in homeopathic remedies, but only a little bit is needed for that!) It is very pretty and decorative. It can be shaped and molded and it can be delightful to look upon. (I'm not talking supersensibly here, just in the realm of common, every day experience) but it has no particular value in and of itself. Take the story of King Midas who was so in love with gold. What a revelation when, finally granted his ultimate wish of being able to turn everything he touches into gold, he forfeits anything and everything of real value to earth life - food and water! Then his daughter rushes into his arms and turns to gold!! Only then can he recognize the valuelessness of gold and for the first time sees what has always been valuable to him on a day to day basis.

I have read Threefold Social Order, but not enough, I am sure. I remember that bit about "cabbage money" but not clearly. I think perhaps it refers to some way of making currency represent the production behind it and thus the value of that production. I guess, in that case the "money" of the workers in a factory would be worth much more than the "money" of the "boss" or "owner" - that would do a lot to aid the workers movement, I'm sure!

But I think that taking any of the more practical, concrete ideas from Threefold Social Order and trying to apply them to our society or even the society that we could, in our most utopian imaginings, forsee will fall flat. Because they can only be applied AFTER there is a major, quantum leap in the development of mankind as a whole. First, there has to be a major paradigm shift in conciousness. The three ideals "LIBERTY - FRATERNITY-EQUALITY" must make an axis shift. Instead of:
Liberty - Economic Sphere
Fraternity - Rights/ Political Sphere
Equality - Social/ Cultural Sphere

It has to become:
Liberty - Social/ Cultural Sphere
Fraternity - Economic Sphere
Equality - Right/ Political Sphere

Without Brotherhood in the Economic Sphere, none of the applications and separations would work. To allow the Economic Sphere to operate independently of the Political Sphere would take away what little legal protection that workers have now, which have been won with blood in the Political Sphere. To remove that control would take us right back to the 12 hour a day/ 7 day a week work week without benefits or protection. Liberty in the Economic Sphere is horrific!

In fact, this is the real struggle in the labor world today, with NAFTA, FTAA, etc. The kind of World Trade Organization that is being created is a monstrous dragon, because it's greatest ideal is FREEDOM in a world economic order without any political or social controls of any kind beyond nominal. The illusion that America has created from the beginning and that is still hypnotizing the majority of people, especially poor people in the world is that FREEDOM in the Economic Sphere is the best possible plan that allows the greatest opportunity for ANY person to succeed financially. This is the GREAT LIE and ILLUSION. It allows only a very, very few to succeed at the level of the dream. The economic comforts that we take for granted at the start of the 21st century in America, the level of economic "success" enjoyed by the middle class, has been hard fought for in the Political/ Rights Sphere and did not exist in the 19th Century to any degree. But we who grew up in State Schools in the 20th century have been brainwashed into believing that it did exist and that it was inherent in our Free Market system. Lies.

The "Purse That Never Empties" of fairy tale and myth is always based on the condition that it is used and given away. The more that is given away, the more it remains full. If the holder of the purse keeps it shut and tries to keep the gold for him/herself, the purse becomes empty and never fills again. This is also found in fairy tales as a loaf of bread that never grows less as long as one keeps slicing it and giving away the slices. These gifts are always given to those who first give away everything, even though they have little to start with. This is the secret of BROTHERHOOD in the Economic Sphere. If everyone gave everything to everyone else, everyone would have everything!!! Crazy, but true!

This is an old, commonly heard story:

One time, a guy died and went to hell. Hell, he found, wasn't really such a bad place. They gave him a tour and it didn't look so bad. They ended up in a kind of soup kitchen. It was a really big place with lots of folks sitting at long tables. On the tables were big pots of delicious looking and smelling soup. But he was shocked to see nothing but skinny bodies and long, drawn faces!

No one seemed fed or happy. Everyone was, in fact, starving! Then he looked closer and saw why. Everyone had a spoon, but it was stuck to their hand and it was too long for them to bend it backward to reach their mouth!! They couldn't eat the soup!

So the guy turns to his guide and says, OK, hell isn't so bad, but can I see the "other place?" So his guide whisks him up to heaven and what does he find? Another soup kitchen. Same exact thing! Everyone sitting at long tables. But here, everyone is fat with rosy cheeks. They have the same long spoon stuck to their hands. What is the difference? Everyone is reaching around and feeding each other!!

Also old Folk Tale and one of my all time favorites is "Stone Soup" if you don't know the story of the three soldiers who make soup from a stone, let me know and I'll find it for you!

I think that this is one of the greatest "Open Secrets" of the Economic Sphere - only by giving and sharing can everyone become rich. And this scares those who seek it only for themselves and who seek to gain wealth to use as power.

This is one of the points of my subversive Waldorf Funding plot! I think that once a year every Waldorf School should put on a fundraising event for another Waldorf School!!!!! The names should be drawn randomly, like in a "secret Santa" and even if a little "baby" school draws the name of a big, established school and only raises $100.00 for them, I believe that this $100.00 would act as yeast in dough. It would be a magical, homeopathic dose. The amounts do not matter in the least. It is the gesture, the brother/ sisterhood that matters and would activate something in the Economic life of the schools and school communities that we wouldn't be able to forsee!! Has this ever happened, except maybe in the case of a fire or other crisis, where some such effort was made to assist the school in need? That's not what I am talking about. I am talking about giving for the sake of giving. I see the movement now as a bunch of beggars, "poor friars" going about with their hands out saying "Oh, give to us, we do so much good and are so deserving. Parents must pay us, donors must give to us." That was not the original paradigm. Even though the first school was supported by donations both individual and corporate, the majority of parents involved were part of the PRODUCTION element of the cigarette factory!!! THIS is another part of the "Open Secret". Where are our factories? Where is the PRODUCTION from which the support of the Social/ Cultural is to come? How ridiculous it is to go to others who are producing elsewhere and say to them - oh, give to us, for we are so worthy! Why should they care? We do not "live" with them - we do not share their work, their production. Why should we share their fruits? They will have their own company schools or support the educational and artistic work in their communities which reflects their own beliefs and values. If Waldorf schools are to be supported in a free way from the Economic Sphere, then first there has to be a Waldorf Economic Sphere!!!!

So, as long as we go after "Money" and not go after "Production" we cannot have Waldorf Schools in the true sense of the word. Money, in what ever form of currency it comes, is just an idea. And that idea is created by the people who produce it. And if the idea behind the currency is selfishness and greed, then handling that currency will impart that idea like the "nutrition in the air" that is being talked about here, too. So, we have to develop a currency that is PRODUCED with a different idea at the time of its PRODUCTION, so that that different idea - Giving and Sharing - can be absorbed in its CONSUMPTION!!!!

With the level of general knowledge and education that our society as a whole enjoys, with the availability of skill and talent and the current level of prosperity, it really isn't impossible for groups of people to "break away" from the mainstream and begin to create their own communities with their own currency and their own production. When and where the majority of people are illiterate, it is much less possible, because the people are dependent on others to tell them what to do and how to do it, they can't find out for themselves. When Chairman Mao began his revolution, his first priority was to teach people to read!!! Fidel Castro created schools where there were none available for the poor and I'm sure that there are hundreds of other examples. It is a two-edge sword for a dictator, though, because if people are free to learn to produce, in time they won't need the dictator, either!!! You know, Ahriman is caught in this trap, also!! He needs humanity to be highly educated in order for his technologies to be created and used, but there is always a danger for him that the human being will use it to promote freedom, like the Internet!!! Whoa!!


On a personal level - when I bemoan my "money woes", I am really saying that I hate being trapped into participating in this Ahrimanic life of production. It is not the money itself that is the problem, it is where it comes from. In fact, now that I am "meditating" on it like this, maybe that's why I don't have any - I don't LIKE it!! Saving this kind of money is like storing up bacteria!! I am getting a silly(?) image of a bank account as an abcess!! A festering wound full of negative 'crobes!! Yuck!

Our Economic Life (as a whole) is bound to our Political Life. And, in response to the debate about the Bushes, etc., it is a given fact, and I can provide link after link to the documented knowledge of the past of the Bush family and the whole lineage of the Illuminati families who have controlled both the Political Sphere through the Economic Sphere and the Economic Sphere through the Political Sphere throughout the ages of civilization as we know it. Kuchinich may be a good guy, or he may not, but it doesn't matter. This is not cynicism speaking, it is reality. He will be promoted and allowed to come forward. It offers a fun distraction. The powers laugh to see the earnest debates go on about "alternative" political candidates. It contributes so much to the illusion that we are free to choose!!! In the end they will make a laughing stock out of him, strengthening the prevalent idea that all who have ideas not in line with the power stream are fools and simpletons and that anyone who listens to them and takes them seriously are just plain silly or mentally imbalanced. After 911, the Shrub turned to the People and said, don't take any talk of conspiracy seriously - and the People have said - OK!! Now, if you try to show people the documented evidence that is right there on film for them to see with their very own eyes, they will not even look at it - they will say "Oh, that's just a crazy conspiracy theory." "No one in their right mind would believe in that idea." That's it - case closed, Iron Curtain shut tight against the light.

Just after 911 - which tore through me, too, just like everyone else, I said something to a friend that seemed to stick, "911 has made the unbelievable, believable." If you had described a possible scenario such as 911 to someone the week before, they would have look at you like you were nuts and probably would have told you so. Before 911 something so horrific was literally unbelievable, even unthinkable. But it happened. And never again can we be so sure about saying "That could never happen." to anything.

I would ask you, Paulina, to read the document that I am going to provide you a link to. Don't just take a cursory look and then say "Oh, just another crazy conspiracy theory." But actually read the whole thing and then if you wish to take it apart piece by piece and say why the physics and chemistry and documentation is wrong, then by all means, do so. There has to be an objective truth. Either what the media said happened, happened or it didn't. There are things that the media showed us clearly, but told us it was something else. Where was the plane that crashed into the Pentagon? How did Building 7 collapse in on itself, while Buildings 5 & 6 (closer to the Towers) were not touched? What was the object clearly seen on the video under the plane as it flew into the Tower? Questions, questions, questions. What is the answer? that we don't know, that we can never know? The same as Kant's Critique of Pure Reason - there is a spiritual world, but we don't know it and we can't know it???? NO! If it exists, if it is an objective reality that we MUST be able to know it - even if it takes every last ounce of mental strength, energy and determination that we can possible muster!!!

George Walker Bush is a maniac and a mass murderer, yet only a front man for those more intelligent and more powerful. He is only doing as he is told. No one in the Presidency can be anything but a puppet. If it is expedient for THEM to allow a "liberal" sort of person in there, they do so. This lulls the people into a false sense that the government is doing things for them, helping them. There is a kind of rhythm to this preparation - harsh militarism for a while, then softer social government, then back again. If it was too relentless, it would cause too much discomfort and a possible reaction. This way, each time the pendulum swings, it can swing a little farther, unimpeded, until we embrace a totalitarian regime with open arms, convinced that it will bring us nothing but a better social and economic condition.

Kennedy was killed because he got a little too independent. Jimmy Carter was a harmless fall guy. Clinton was enormously useful - really got us all excited about the government and totally distracted us from the preparations underway for the next faze of the Bushes. They used him like the Kleenex Monica Lewinsky used to wipe her dress. The Powers never have a qualm about staging horrific events. It is called "collateral damage" and is a very, very useful tool in controlling mass opinion. Wave that flag boys, wave it high! Rally round the flag, boys!!! God is on our side!!! The God Molock will devour all - it doesn't matter to him which side the meat comes from - he flings the bodies down his gaping maul fast and furiously. Don't think you will be any safer on the side of those in power!!! They devour their own just as voraciously!!

Equality in the Political Sphere, well, maybe!


From: Daniel Hindes
Date: Sun Dec 21, 2003 2:11 pm
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] New Ways

Wow, Christine, you put a lot of effort into this. I really like your "Secret Santa" fundraiser idea for Waldorf schools. As to money, you might want to look at Steiner's lecture cycle "World Economy." He has a number of interesting thoughts on money and the root of inflation, on the difference between purchase money and gift money, and so on. I think it is closely related to your own thoughts on the matter.



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