About Peter S and his Anarchism

From: Tarjei Straume
Date: Sat Dec 13, 2003 10:09 am
Subject: about Peter S and his anarchism

I've been exploring some websites connected to Peter Staudenmaier:


From the faculty info:

Peter Staudenmaier has been active in anarchist and ecological movements in Germany and the United States since the 1980s. Mr. Staudenmaier works with several worker- and resident-managed cooperatives in Madison, Wisconsin, including Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative. He writes and lectures on history, economics, and political theory, and is coauthor, with Janet Biehl, of Ecofascism: Lessons from the German Experience.

This guy seems to have a foot inside the international Anarchist Movement. Personally, I do not believe that anarchism can be political. It is the manifesto of individualistic autonomy. Anarchism negates any endeavor to manipulate or control the thoughts, opinions, or behavior of one's fellow human beings. It is, in other words, anti-political through and through. This is precisely why Rudolf Steiner was so attracted to individualistic anarchism that he actually identified himself with it when he wrote the PoF.


Peter Staudenmeier, in a workshop on cooperatives at Ann Arbor, referred to such alternative forms of organization as "social counter-power." Social counterpower takes the concrete forms of "prefigurative politics" and "counterinstitutions."

The recent Ann Arbor event Oct 31-Nov 2 in Ann Arbor was a 2003 NASCO INSTITUE event, sponsored by The North American Students of Cooperation ( http://www.umich.edu/~nasco/index.html )

PS travels extensively giving interviews, making presentations, recruiting converts to the cause of:

Worker Co-operatives
Housing Co-operatives
LETS schemes
Alternative Currencies
Mutual Banking
Credit Unions
Tenants committees
Food Co-operatives
Voluntary organizations
Peaceful protest and non-violent direct action

There is NO demonstration anywhere in the world against a corporation or business that NASCO or an affiliate group does not have a hand in organizing. They call it anarchist activity that build the elements of a new society.

This reminds me of something significant pointed out by Cato Schiøtz - a Norwegian Supreme Court Attorney and a member of the AS who has also commented Staudenmaier: http://www.uncletaz.com/cato/engcato.html - that when it comes to progressive alternative movements and initiatives, from non-capitalist banking to communes and schools and so on - the anthroposophists appear like fast rabbits. Wherever the political Left goes, and everywhere it arrives, this anthroposophical rabbit is already sitting there, having arrived long before anybody else.

This must be a frustrating and infuriating experience for left-wing *atheists* who want to be the ones leading the way. Take another glance at the above list of causes that Peter S. is involved in. The Anthroposophical Movement, with its Camphill Movement, non-profit banking, peaceful and anti-militaristic approach and so on - this Movement represents a danger, a threat, to these Marx-inspired latter-day political anarchists. It wouldn't surprise me if Staudenmaier should have borrowed extensively from Steiner's social and political ideas, for instance with regard to alternative currencies. Let's wait and see. I bet he has read "World Economy" (Nationalökonomischer Kurs, GA 340).

The dangerous New World Order is that of the Bush administration, started by the incumbent president's father. Staudenmaier's New World Order, which may have a hidden Marxist agenda, may also be dangerous, but it's not an immediate threat like the former. And it may be part of his agenda that in order to realize his political ambitions, he needs to get Anthroposophy out of the way, because it's undermining his influence among the greenies on the political left by being too much of a competition.

Staudenmaier and his agenda is a cancer on the body of the Anarchist Movement. Let's not give that body a death sentence by crucifying it. King Harald of Norway had his bladder removed on Monday because it was cancerous, and he is recovering very rapidly indeed, and the doctors say he'll be OK. The Anarchist Movement, which carries the germ of liberty for the future, needs to rid itself of such a venomous influence. We should treat this Movement like royalty. And I would like to see this movement get a spiritualized kick, a redemption from the ditch of materialism in the direction of true individual liberty.

The uncanny thing about Marxism is that it promises liberty and delivers slavery. And there may indeed be an attempt by Marxists to capture the Anarchist Movement and impose upon it a political agenda based upon dialectical materialism. This may evolve into the social order that Ahriman might like to perfect when he arrives in the flesh.




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