Steiner and the Goddess

From: dottie zold
Date: Sun Dec 7, 2003 9:35 am
Subject: Steiner and the Goddess

Hi Everyone,

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday, after walking out on a birthday gift for a Magdalene workshop, was married to Jesus and had three children, her womb is the holy grail and so forth, not to mention hearing about how her husband was a little frisky in the morning and so forth, and ending up a Steiner bookstore in Pasadena.

This lovely woman named Gisele, beautiful french name, walked me through and I asked about any goddess books and she said they are flying off the shelves. Lo and behold we finally are having a stream of books that speak specifically to the Goddess.

One of these books was not available due to its popularity and I believe it is called Isis Sophia and Maria. Gisele states that this books refers to all that Steiner had spoken of regarding the Goddess. I also had bought a Steiner book the night before, shocking as it was to see it, called The Goddess. It is in a little tiny book form but boy does it pack a nice little wallop.

Just before I had bought this book I was thinking back to Kim's idea of the twin soul Lazarus/Magdalene. Because I can not see a physical Lazarus I am forced to look for some other rational to this dilema I am having regarding the Daughter voice of God. I found my self thinking on the Greek legend of Persophone and Demeter. I don't really know anything about it but I was thinking on the dying and becoming of this story and how it relates to the Feminine. When reading this Goddess book by Steiner he relates to this as being the mystery of mysteries.

He states it is back to Ephesian Mysteries we can trace the beginnings of the John Gospel. Which is kind of interesting if we take in my understanding of the Magdalene/John raising. I can not recall at this moment the name of the town where supposedly Mother Mary and Lazarus/John go to after the death and ressurection of Jesus the Christ.

Here are a few excerpts for those who may not have read the book or are looking further for the Sophia Mysteries.

" This really means that if you live wholly in accordance with the Gospel of Saint John and understand it spiritually, it has the force to lead you to Christian katharsis, it has the power to give you the Virgin Sophia. Then, the Holy spirit, united with the earth, will grant you illumination or photismos according to the Christian meaning. And what the closest disciples experienced there in Palestine was so powerful that from that time on they possessed at least the capacity of perception in the spiritual world. The closest of these disciples had recieved this capacity into themselves. Percieving in the spirit in the Christian sense means that the person transforms his astral body to such a degree through the power of the event in Palestine that what he sees need not be before him externally and accesible to the physical senses. He possesses something by means of which he can percieve in the spirit.

There were such close pupils. The woman who annointed the feet of Jesus Christ in Bethany had recieved through the events in Palestine the powerful forces needed for spiritual perception, and she is, for example, one of those who first understood that what had lived in Jesus was present after his death, that has been ressurected. She possessed this faculty. It came through the developement of her inner sense organs. "

To me this signifies the Magdalene's astral purification.

Dr. Steiner also speaks of the New Isis. I found that to be pretty relevant to the daugher studies of the Sophia. In thinking on this I found myself looking for a book on Egyptology and bought one called Hathor Rising. It occurs to me that Isis is the daughter. For some reason I have been thinking people consider Isis to be the primal MOther God archtype. She is not. And in this book I found her to be called the 'daughter goddess'. I am not sure why however I shall read it and if anyone else knows the answer to this that would be great.

In looking at The Moon Under Her Feet book offered by Jo Ann I must say it is what I know. In only the very first few pages I have found her to be right on. I could have written the first part my self following Magdalene inspiration. And then the next part quoting Perfect Thunder this shows the book to definitely be a Magdalene inspiriation. Whether or not we follow the inspiriation the straight course, remains to be seen as we each bring our own subjective parts to any understanding. We may try not to, however, it is inevitable on this journey to enlightenment.

One intersting thing I found at this Magdalene workshop which led me to the Hathor book was she referenced 'Mer' which she proclaims to be the beginnings of the word Miriam. She says that Isis was called Mer which is deciphered 'the beloved'. In looking up this word on my search yesterday she is right that the word means Beloved but whether or not it is connected to Isis I have not been able to identify yet. If so, it would make perfect sense in looking to the Magdalene as this Mer as the daughter comparitive to Isis.

Steiner relates the Virgin Sophia to the Mother Mary and he speaks thus:

"If human beings permit what is written in the Gospel of Saint John to have a sufficient effect on them, their astral body will become a Virgin Sophia and it will become receptive to the Holy Spirit. Gradually, through the strength of the impluse which comes from this Gospel, the astral body will become capable of feeling the true spirit and later of percieving it. This mission was given to the writer of the Gospel by Jesus Christ. You need only read the Gospel. The mother of Jesus - the Virgin Sophia in the esoteric meaning of Christianity - stands at the foot of the cross and from the cross Christ says to the disciple whom he loved: 'Henceforth, this is your mother' and from this hour the disciple took her unto himself. This means: 'That force which was in my astral body and made it capable of becoming bearer of the Holy Spirit I now give over to you; you shall write down what this astral body had been capable of aquiring through its developement'. 'And the disciple took her unto himself' means that he wrote the Gospel of John. And this Gospel of Saint John is the Gospel in which the writer has concealed powers that develope the Virgin Sophia. At the cross the mission was entrusted to him of recieving that force as his mother and of being the true, genuine interpreter of the Messiah".

I just realized something here. This paragraph actually comes before the one denoting Magdalene as one of the disciples who had aquired a purified astral body in this Goddess book. So, for me it was a great surprise to find him putting these two paragraphs back to back. The idea that there was a writer who was given this mission and then the mention of Magdalene seems quite appropriate to me. I have always said I have felt led to this mystery by Dr. Steiner from the very first day.

My thoughts on this rainy sunday morning,



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