Valentin Tomberg

From: dottie zold
Date: Wed Dec 10, 2003 7:13 pm
Subject: Valentin Tomberg

Hi Kim and All,

In seeking out this Lazarus rising I have come across a book I believe inspires one to divine in a way that the books by Mr. Bock and Mr. Smith do not. This book is called Covenant of the Heart *meditations of a Christian Hermeticist on the Mysteries of Tradition.

I find this book invokes pictures of sorts. He doesn't just recite information with his view rather he brings in an element of rivers streaming together if I may so put it. He dwells to inner thoughts in a way that allows us to reallly pull a picture before our minds of these events. I of course can still not find a physical Lazarus but that is irrelevant. Just as Dr. Steiner calls the force of the ressurection the mother force Valentin likens Lazarus's rising to that of all of us. It's deeply connected to the mystery of ressurection in such a way that I find I am contemplating the Sophia again.

If in the beginning we find the Alpha and the end with find the Omega what does the first miracle have to do with the last. I find myself looking to the Lazarus as the begger and how Valentin recalls the words 'in the bosom of the Father' immediately called me to 'that is of the past' and if that is so, in whos bosom do we find ourselves looking at the seventh miracle is the ressurection I find it is putting on the Sophia Virgin as Dr. Steiner calls it. It is a giving and a recieving of the Manas in my understanding which bespeaks the Holy Grail to me. This must be where we are truly heading as a humanity. What a day that will be in the Heavens. It must be truly celebrated and honored when one finally is able to allow ChristSophia to rest within us. Honoring on all sides. A great call must go up in the Cosmos, a great sigh of thankfulness.....

Anyway, I think this is the best book that speaks so far out of the ones I have been looking at. It doesn't give me what I am looking for, as he sticks to the patriarch, however, I know he knows, even if he didn't :) sounding a bit like Mr. Rumsfield I'd say...

I have the Iona book on order.



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