To Walk On Water

From: golden3000997
Date: Wed Dec 17, 2003 9:36 pm
Subject: To Walk On Water

To Walk on Water

I want to learn, in time, to walk on water.
My faith, constantly being put to the test
Fails me most often, tossed on the waves
Of our reasonable and unholy age.

It is not true that we are never given
More than our souls can grasp
Or rise above. We often sink beneath
The thunderous waves of unforeseen misfortunes.

The broken masts wash ashore each day
And wreckage is a common sight along
These beaches; yet in the silence of grey
Morning fog, I stalwartly lift my sail again.

I cannot swim well, and fear the creatures
Of the deep, unknown and hideous companions
Who are with me always, even unto the end of time,
And for whom I am responsible.

White mountains on a farther shore are calling me.
The day is clear but windy, cold and rough.
I'll try again to reach the distant courses
Where hope and faith fail not in winter's measures.

For thought I sink and break upon the waters-
Denied the saving angel's last minute solace;
Life has not yet overturned for me the truth
That someday we shall learn to walk on water.

Christine Natale 2000 All Rights Reserved


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