Collectivism and the I AM


From: holderlin66
Date: Sat Feb 7, 2004 10:07 am
Subject: Collectivism and the I AM

Bro. Ron wrote:

"Only full consciousness has the discernment and authority necessary to distinguish and exorcise the tumor from healthy tissue.


"In our prognosis let us remember that while it is deadly to destroy healthy tissue it is equally deadly NOT to destroy that which is malignant."

Bradford comments;

Beloved Lightsearcher, my dear Grail comrade, who has such passion and vital juices flowing through his soul, please note:

Lightsearcher made many medical references a long while ago to how certain forms of evil and cancer had to be cut out of the system. This medical attack was used in the same way America uses its current theme park enemies, Terrorism, Ossama bin missing..(soon to be found in time for election day) and whoever the enemy is, their Orwellian context must be reduced to germs, malignancy, something not as human as WE in the west. In other words we have to use Orwellian technique to reduce the enemy to a THEM.

The enemy has to become the Orwellian monster, painted with broad strokes and reduced from a human being or actual thousands of human beings who lived, laughed and prayed to god as we do, to something that is a they, an IT..(not information technology)something we can collectively within brainwashed mental idiocy, lump together as THE Enemy. We are good, directed by God and they are bad. That is why President Bush and particularly his Neocon administartion is so dangerous. It forces us away from the I AM and consideration of the I AM's of others into the Collective, the hive, the Orwellian double speak of spin.

Collective thinking and consciousness is brutal. Our media has revealed itself to be the Brutal bearer of Collective Spin, media manipulation and the owner of the one Cyclopean Eye of Big Brother. Orson Welles in his "Citizen Kane" revealed that he took on the Rupert Murdoch of his day and the real story behind "Citizen Kane" is the Orwellian way that the major studios were going to destroy all the copies of "Citizen Kane" because Hurtz News empire was Jew baiting because they had hurt feelings. "Citizen Kane" revealed the vileness and danger of the Orwellian One Media control of the world where Clear Channel and the rest of the industry have now bought and paid for all the reporters, all the way up to the infected BBC.

The Hutton Report and the Bush and Blair WMD tribunals reveal the same ole, same ole "we know the public will swallow anything" nightmare of collectivism. Some have argued that we hate communism. Americans are Individualists. But we are a giant collective hive of easily manipulated Orwellian reality.

Orwellian reality obviously has been left out of the curriculum of millions of Americans. The Brutal truth, and the deptartment of Spin or Janet Jackson's breasts ride higher in importance only because the collective gut level intelligence of the pagan force in the American psyche, prefers the Orwellian big brother to spin things that are less boring than if George Bush, as President, is a danger, with Cheney, to the entire human race.

Orwell warned what was a danger to the human race. But somehow we just can't bring our collective thinking to underscore the equation that A = B or Orwell = Current Administration. Never has a nightmare been so clear. From the BBC to France bashing and causing flights and major companies to lose money over Political issues. Issues between Canada and the U.S. The lies brought on against Hans Blix and the U.N. These were spin that we seem to be unable to remember or hold onto as the next days news and a big breast comes flying over our noses. Never has hype had such a deadening effect as a Cancer of Consciousness and a literal numbing into sleep of the i am. Except of course where some atrocity like Germany or Cambodia or Stalin's Russia, was spun so that the numb masses would fail to rise up to think about the entire illness we have sunk to.

This means 1933 and the actual Rise of the Etheric Christ against the Rise of Hitler and all further events. The Rise of the I AM against the collective spin and Orwell's warnings of how the collective, intellectual soul, i am..would eclipse the Christ Rising I AM and how STeiner took the time to research as did Tarjei the I AM Core notes. But we can't seem to think and put these things together so we rush to some little group where the energy is denial and we feel happy in a little protective intellectual soul, antipathy of a collective. Spiritual Science and the Michael School prefers Indiviuduals, even strange ones like Tarjei.

Which brings me back to Lightsearcher and his Reducing various groups in the crosshairs of the Big Brother Eye, as mere cancer or germs that must be eliminated, a plague, a War on Cancer, A War on Terror and none of these Wars have ever been won. They were all Political joy rides, massive funding expenditures that filled the coffers of military budgets and merely got the Collective Hive RAH-RAHing..and not the Egyptian kind of Ra-Raing either. Real Ra-Raing is a Sun based inner Etheric Cheering when we discover someone who actually breaks out of the collective. Gore Vidal and George Orwell come directly to mind.

The difference that Tarjei was trying to indicate between I AM thinking and the I AM core and the mighty collective Core of Orwellian thinking or group thinking that gathers itself around some impressive imp of a thinking machine, such as the Critics and gobbles up lie after lie and spin after spin, is the difference between the Core Christ Being and the Collective infection of Group Speak. To not hold Orwell up presently is not to understand the I AM in relation to what happened in Germany and Russia and Pol Pot.

Between Blair and Bush we have nothing but sickening, well studied, Orwellian manipulation of facts, and a herding of individual thinking back to the Collective fencing of Ahriman as Shepherd of the unformed i am. If they do not meet with the Christ or if they never hear of the I AM and the research of how the I AM is the core of our immortality and how we grow our I AM's with right education, than the present and predicted, current Orwellian model is the holding pen before the slaughter.

We have seen this slaughter a million times.. a million. In the 20th century, 100,000,000 people were eliminated, without the west or the east feeling compelled to interfere. It suited their purposes and it suits Ahriman's purposes today. It suits Ahriman that some how people do not have the intelligence enough to see their collective thinking duped towards such dangerous regions of i am numbness.

But the Medical dangers that I disagreed with a few years ago with Lightsearcher have finally come close to an answer. The answer comes from those who I discern in my I AM, who have attempted to rouse themselves from the stupor of this Orwellian blind numbness. Always one can faintly hear the I AM attempting to stir itself into wakefulness. Now along with this, Christopher Fry and his meaning, a Sleep of Prisoners is really the vast difference between that which comes forth out of the Michael School and that which comes forth from those in the Ahrimanic herd Group Speak. Original insights were Steiner's amazing contributions. It was never the same ole same ole, it was always profoundly richer and deeper into I AM country. Our job is to make sure those who venture into I AM country are understood by a whole host of those who have begun to see what I AM country looks like and we can see when a traveler has been there or when a traveler has ran away in terror from that which they are not ready to hear.

"I am a commander in the War on Germs. Germs prey on the weak and give no respect at all to the well intentioned. Every day, I issue orders to have them killed and I feel no remorse in doing so. In fact, my feelings toward germs fairly represent those of humanity in general. Everyone hates germs. As a result, it is a simple matter to dispassionately study, with double blind, placebo controlled scientific tests, the best ways to defeat germs on the field of battle. Humans gain an additional benefit from these studies when we recognize that the same laws of nature apply to both men and germs. In other words, the War on Germs can help us in the War on Terror.

Now one may rightfully argue that fighting germs and fighting humans is not the same thing. For starters, humans are generally considered to be smarter than germs. Germs develop resistance by dumb luck. Humans do this too, but at least occasionally, intelligence also plays a role. Germs have a hard time communicating their knowledge to other living germs. Humans have cell phones not to mention other, more antiquated modes of communication. Humans employ chemical weapons against germs, but generally avoid using such weapons of mass destruction against other humans. So when it comes to developing resistance, it is safe to say that humans are at least on par with germs.

Returning to the scientific studies, we find that the Law of Natural Selection, when applied to warfare, manifests itself as various practical rules. These rules were discovered while studying germs, but again, they apply equally to humans since the same laws of nature govern both groups.

1. Fighting strengthens the resistance. Scientific studies have proven that each time we order a particular antibiotic into battle, germs develop greater resistance to that weapon. This is because those creatures that best resist, survive to pass on knowledge of their superior defenses to others. Eventually, even marvelous weapons such as the "wonder drug" penicillin become impotent in many situations. In the same manner, each time an army attacks its enemy, the survivors pass their knowledge of how to resist that attack on to others. The weapons that are used for these attacks eventually become impotent in many situations. Hence this first rule has a logical corollary: To maximize a weapon's effectiveness, avoid using it. Pre-emptive, prophylactic antibiotics invariably lead to greater resistance. Physicians are taught that the best way to keep antibiotics effective is to avoid using them. The most potent antibiotics are used the least. To do otherwise only invites resistance and unnecessarily compromises our best weapons. The same logic easily applies to military weaponry.

2. Fighting helps enemies overcome your defenses. Germs become more virulent the more we fight them. If we fight them enough, even germs that were relatively harmless become deadly. The most deadly germs of all live in hospitals where we fight and kill them constantly. Again, we can thank the Law of Natural Selection for this reality. Those germs that are able to overcome our defenses in battle are the ones that survive to pass on their abilities to others. We can expect the same thing when we fight other humans. To survive, enemy combatants improvise explosive devices and other weapons, change tactics, and formulate new strategies until they find a weakness in our defenses. They are then able to breach our defenses and tell anyone else how to do the same. We can only guess what further evolution in weapons and tactics await us. The corollary, then, to this second rule is: To maintain a strong defense, avoid fighting.

3. Fighting creates enemies. The weapons that we use against germs invariably affect bacteria that pose us no threat. Exposure to antibiotics causes these formerly innocent bystanders to develop resistance to our weapons and the means to overcome our defenses. Once harmless bacteria are transformed into lethal enemies. The unintended consequences of our fighting cause new enemies to appear where we once had none.

To summarize, the Law of Natural Selection tells us that the best way to maintain military superiority and to retain strong defenses is to avoid fighting. We do this not because it might be the most moral course of action and not because it is perhaps the choice of the majority of those polled. We do this even if our enemy is a universally hated, inhuman, and amoral germ. We do this, quite simply, because it is the best way to survive.

The War on Terror provides us an excellent case study on the effects of the Law of Natural Selection as it relates to armed conflict. US armed forces quickly rolled over their opposition in both Afghanistan and Iraq, but instead of disengaging, they continued the conflict as an occupying force. As the Law of Natural Selection predicted, these protracted hostilities have been accompanied by a steady increase in the strength and sophistication of the resistance. Resistance forces within each of these countries are increasingly able to withstand attacks and penetrate US defenses. In addition, the US has created new, unforeseen enemies in each area of operations.

The Taliban in Afghanistan have steadily regrouped to the extent that they now move freely about the country and have virtual control over large swaths of the Afghan countryside. They are able to forcefully take control of provincial government offices for limited periods of time. US forces, once virtually unopposed throughout the country, are largely confined to Kabul and a few small military bases. Even there, they are increasingly subject to rocket attacks, car bombs, and improvised explosive devices. Warlords who were once staunch US allies now run their own fiefdoms within Afghanistan's borders – often at cross-purposes with US efforts. The frontier provinces of neighboring ally Pakistan have become such a Taliban stronghold that US officials talk of the possibility of the United States invading Pakistan in an upcoming "spring offensive."

In Iraq, US troops initially browsed the open-air markets and strolled the campuses in relative safety. Now they have been forced, for their own safety, to withdraw from bases of operations in Falluja and several other cities in the "Sunni Triangle" to areas on the outskirts of these places. A similar tactical retreat is underway in Baghdad. Everywhere in Iraq, American soldiers are increasingly at risk on the ground, on the water, and in the air. They are not safe in any of their compounds; not even in the "green zone," the heart of the occupation, where rocket and mortar rounds strike on an almost daily basis. The resistance is obtaining more sophisticated weapons, improving the ones they already have, and learning how to use both more effectively against the United States. US aircraft and armored vehicles are being destroyed with increasing frequency. The world is watching and learning as the resistance to the US occupation perfects tactics and strategies that are increasingly able to neutralize the United States Armed Forces. Mujahadeen from all over the Muslim world and beyond are entering Iraq to join the resistance to the US occupation. Al-Qaeda, essentially nonexistent in most of Iraq prior to the US occupation, is now present throughout the country and plays an expanding role in the resistance.

George Bush might be able to fool the American public when he says, "We are safer now because of our ongoing efforts in the War on Terror." In making such claims, President Bush might violate the public trust, but he cannot violate the laws of nature. Because the enemy has learned to adapt, US strategy, tactics, and weapons systems are all less effective now than they were before the start of the "War on Terror." Our enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq, on the other hand, through practice, have been able to improve their ability to penetrate US defenses and are teaching others how to do the same. While the world demonstrated its allegiance and friendship to the United States on September 11th, 2001, we now see increasing anti-American sentiment – even in nations that are our allies. Each day we continue to be actively engaged in hostilities in Afghanistan and Iraq the situation further deteriorates.

As a physician, I am awed when I witness how, when we use antibiotics inappropriately, the Law of Natural Selection may allow what starts as a tiny infection, a few microscopic germs, to overwhelm an entire body's defenses and to devastate it. Strong, seemingly invulnerable, towering physical specimens are ravaged and sometimes killed. When this happens, physicians deny responsibility. "It is all the germs fault," we say. "Those vile creatures!" But deep down inside, in an unspoken place, we know that we bear some of the responsibility. In response, our first inclination is to over-react. We want to fire antibiotics at all potential threats, real or imagined. When we come to our senses, we realize that if we do this we only strengthen the resistance, and increase the likelihood of even deadlier future assaults. Instead, we use antibiotics, not preemptively, but only in clear-cut cases of self-defense. We stop as soon as the threat is repelled. We do this not because we sympathize with the germs; we hate them. We do this because it is the best way to survive.

Americans tend to have the gut feeling that the entire body of our mighty nation could not be invaded and destroyed. Our defenses are too strong for that to happen, we believe. The United States of America may suffer occasional injuries and attacks, but we are more than capable of fighting them off. Yet if we as a nation act in an unhealthy manner, if we disregard the laws of nature, we will weaken our defenses and become more susceptible to our enemies. Are we as a nation, already too sick to realize that what begins as a minor illness may develop into a fatal disease if it is not treated with care? It has happened before. We must avoid weakening our defenses. There is no time to waste. The resistance increases as we speak."

February 7, 2004


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