gene pool and the Darwin Award


From: holderlin66
Date: Wed Feb 4, 2004 12:28 pm
Subject: gene pool and the Darwin Award

Bradford comments;

Let me give you an example of how science works and how I became a candidate for the Darwin Award. I had been researching an insight that there were links, semi Darwinian links, to ancient Atlantis. We could arrive at the idea that humanity had ascended from a kind of etheric soup. Yet this etheric soup, pond scum, was organized or was chaos, as life is potent before formative forces, cosmic forces, get organized and take hold.

Anyways I have always had Scott-Elliots maps of Atlantis as a reminder of sort of an elaboration of what existed between Africa and the East Coast of America. With Steiner we had understood that Etheric Teachers, Teachers in etheric bodies, advanced beings from the various planets had taught at the several Atlantean island mystery centers. The form and flexibility of those ancient times was very different in form and flexiblility that our current skeletal systems now maintain. We were not likely to recover dense bone formations from Atlantean ancestors to prove the case. Rather a far more fluid, etheric, amphibian quality might be imagined as part of the etheric capacity and matter shaping abilities.

Which, still going along the wrong direction of research, I remembered an aspect of "Vril" written by the now famous award winning, Lytton awards. Lytton awards are given for the worst melodramatic fiction, examples of horribly written, prosy, outdated, poetic, flowery and worse than the infatuation with German pastries, story telling. There of course we find that "Zanoni" and "Vril" stand there along with "The Last Days of Pompei" and one wonders, when this guy Lytton ever had time to sleep? We also face the interesting dismissal of Lytton as a useless writer or researcher. Not unlike the slaps on the wrist we get from those who consider Steiner an air-head.

Bulwer, like Steiner, has gotten very bad press - even when we have deeply absorbed "Zanoni" and we come rushing back to Joel's latest descriptions of biography and the human double.. still the encounter in "Zanoni" is a classic insight that is dumped out along with the Lytton awards the baby and the bathwater.

All of this naturally gets filed where Transylvania, Count St. Germain and Christian Rosenkreutz are destined to be filed. Vampires would have far more validity than a mysterious Initiate rumored to have lived in Transylvania. All of this is destined to be tossed out on a heap of hype against anything worthy of our interest or profound examples of scientific reserarch. There was no Atlantis, there are no Initiates higher than Professor Gumbo the Science Guy.

But, let me return to Science. So we understand that frogs, birds, lizards and crocks have a wide eye, non-aligned, pre- I AM - non- extistant, brain centering, vanishing point. The vanishing point is something that brings our Eye and our I AM into the center of our brain capacity. This vanishing point was most clearly understood from observing the struggles of Giotto's Art. Egyptian Art reveal a two dimensional, disconnected Eye, as viewing things from one side of the eye, using sideways, half/brain observational skills. This three dimensional capacity to draw, as a skill, burst forth innocently with Giotto struggles in his Art.

So there were a great deal of insights from the ancient past that reveal the shape of Kingly crowns, rear crowns, Feathered crowns, kings crowns, Bali Crowns that point to hidden psychic fields outside the skull form. Eye vision and Kingly command that were once still outside of the human skull were once seen with higher vision. These ancient crowns reveal rear brain and forebrain development shifts and a gradual solidification of the skull and encasing of the brain and faculties inside the skull of the current human form. We were not always so dense as we are now. Nor were we all so self contained as we are now.

So picturing the Atlantean basis of the earliest human form brought me toward the Amphibian understanding of frogs. The frog skull, the etheric sliminess of frogness..Anyways there were indications, all pointers and signposts that pointed up the wrong street all by the wrong people but still I needed to take a look. I realize how strange this sounds, but bear with me for a minute.

Mostly, it was clear to me that when ancient Atlantis myths describe a two by two loading of the Ark, it truly, flatly and clearly indicated to me the Double Helix patterns in cell splitting Chromosome structure. There certainly was a two by two but not exactly the way we imagine some Ark or big ole fat boat. It was far more subtle.

For me, Noah and his escape with the form and pattern of the future human model, was really a genetic lab event, but with far more fluid etheric forces that predominated in the Atlantean environment some 80,000 b.c.. Events that revealed a conflict between Tao and Taotl when the Earth was still receptive started to interfere with the structural outline of Nature and the Human spirit.

There appeared to be a shattering drama that rooted itself in the very AXIS of the Earth and how the future of nature would arise. By attempting to mix, animal/human; plant/human; and jar the platforms and staged levels of mineral, plant, animal and human forms.. (Insect bridge between plant and animal) that vital Earth disturbances, rooted in the attempts to hijack the human form and nature from the prescribed god conditions and the I AM form that the future Christ would wear, caused the sinking of Atlantis and brought forward Noah's escape, or multi-Noahs, escaping with the final product, the Chromosomal structure of the defined Human Form.

So how do we picture a fantastic Science that I just sketched, against how Science would find its way back to such a shattering, amphibian idea and rekindle the debate over how cloning and the human form is an ancient Atlantean resurfaced idea in our Post Atlantean times?

Frog eggs rejuvenate human cells

Amphibian extract may take adult DNA back to stem-cell state.
15 July 2003


Frog eggs: useful for finding the genes involved in cell reprogramming.

Immature frog eggs can rejuvenate adult human cells. Molecules in the amphibian nucleus coax mature human and mouse DNA back to an adaptable, stem-cell-like state1.

John Gurdon and his colleagues at Cambridge University, UK, hope to isolate the substances responsible and use them to reprogramme ordinary adult cells, from skin or blood, say. This would yield a limitless supply of donor-matched stem cells with which to repair tissue damaged in diseases such as Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis.

Many researchers are hoping to convert specialized adult cells into a more immature state. Stem cells can be derived from excess early-stage human embryos from fertility treatments. But this approach has ethical and practical limitations - the European Union last week ruled that only embryos created before 27 June 2002 can be used for research. Adult stem cells exist, but their potential is uncertain.

Gurdon's team injected immature Xenopus frog eggs with nuclei from adult mouse or human white blood cells. Two days later, the definitive mouse or human stem-cell marker, a molecule called Oct4 RNA, appeared in the hybrid. RNA helps to convert DNA to proteins, so the result hints that the adult nuclei are starting to behave in a stem-cell-like way.

"This is the first step in reprogramming cells," agrees developmental geneticist Wolf Reik of the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, UK, before adding: "You might still run into problems later on." Some genes may remain in their adult form, causing cells to divide and become cancerous.

Nuclear reaction

The technique is different from the process used to create Dolly the sheep. To make Dolly, researchers injected adult DNA into an empty sheep egg and stimulated it to develop. Gurdon's approach leaves the egg's nucleus in place.

When the researchers injected the adult nuclei into frog egg nucleii, rather than into the surrounding cytoplasm, Oct4 levels shot up by a factor of ten. "The reprogramming activity is particularly concentrated here," says Gurdon. Molecules in the frog nucleus may be responsible for the eggs' revitalizing abilities, he speculates.

Frog eggs are large and easy to manipulate, says cell biologist Rudolf Jaenisch of the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "They give you a useful tool for finding the genes that are involved in reprogramming," he says.

Byrne, J. A., Simonsson, S., Western, P. S. & Gurdon, J. B. Nuclei of adult mammalian somatic cells are directly reprogrammed to oct-4 stem cells gene expression by amphibian oocytes. Current Biology,
13, 1206 - 1213, (2003). |Homepage|

Bradford concludes;

How has Lytton's "Vril" given a clue to this strange mystery? Please note Chapter 16 in "Vril" the Power of the Coming Race.

"...The portrait of the grandfather had the features and aspect of the philosopher, only much more exaggerated: he was not dressed, and the colour of his body was singular; the breast and stomach yellow, the shoulders and legs of a dull bronze hue: the great-grandfather was a magnificent specimen of the Batrachian genus, a Giant Frog, pur et simple.

Among the pithy sayings which, according to tradition, the philosopher bequeathed to posterity in rhythmical form and sententious brevity, this is notably recorded: "Humble yourselves, my descendants; the father of your race was a twat (tadpole): exalt yourselves, my descendants, for it was the samd Divine Thought which created your father that develops itself in exalting you."

Aph-Lin told me this fable while I gazed on the three Batrachian portraits. I said in reply: "You make a jest of my supposed ignorance and credulity as an uneducated Tish, but though these horrible daubs may be of great antiquity, and were intended, perhaps, for some rude caricature, I presume that none of your race, even in the less enlightened ages, ever believed that the great-grandson of a Frog became a sententious philosopher; or that any section, I will not say of the lofty Vril-ya, but of the meanest varieties of the human race, had its origin in a Tadpole."

"Pardon me," answered Aph-Lin: "in what we call the Wrangling or Philosophical Period of History, which was at its height about seven thousand years ago, there was a very distinguished naturalist, who proved to the satisfaction of numerous disciples such analogical and anatomical agreements in structure between an An and a Frog, as to show that out of the one must have developed the other. They had some diseases in common; they were both subject to the same parasitical worms in the intestines; and, strange to say, the An has, in his structure, a swimming-bladder, no longer of any use to him, but which is a rudiment that clearly proves his descent from a Frog. Nor is there any argument against this theory to be found in the relative difference of size, for there are still existent in our world Frogs of a size and stature not inferior to our own, and many thousand years ago they appear to have been still larger."

"I understand that," said I, "because Frogs thus enormous are, according to our eminent geologists, who perhaps saw them in dreams, said to have been distinguished inhabitants of the upper world before the Deluge; and such Frogs are exactly the creatures likely to have flourished in the lakes and morasses of your subterranean regions. But pray, proceed."

"In the Wrangling Period of History, whatever one sage asserted another sage was sure to contradict. In fact, it was a maxim in that age, that the human reason could only be sustained aloft by being tossed to and fro in the perpetual motion of contradiction; and therefore another sect of philosophers maintained the doctrine that the An was not the descendant of the Frog, but that the Frog was clearly the improved development of the An. The shape of the Frog, taken generally, was much more symmetrical than that of the An; beside the beautiful conformation of its lower limbs, its flanks and shoulders, the majority of the Ana in that day were almost deformed, and certainly ill-shaped. Again, the Frog had the power to live alike on land and in water--a mighty privilege, partaking of a spiritual essence denied to the An, since the disuse of his swimming-bladder clearly proves his degeneration from a higher development of species.

Again, the earlier races of the Ana seem to have been covered with hair, and, even to a comparatively recent date, hirsute bushes deformed the very faces of our ancestors, spreading wild over their cheeks and chins, as similar bushes, my poor Tish, spread wild over yours. But the object of the higher races of the Ana through countless generations has been to erase all vestige of connection with hairy vertebrata, and they have gradually eliminated that debasing capillary excrement by the law of sexual selection; the Gy-ei naturally preferring youth or the beauty of smooth faces. But the degree of the Frog in the scale of the vertebrata is shown in this, that he has no hair at all, not even on his head. He was born to that hairless perfection which the most beautiful of the Ana, despite the culture of incalculable ages, have not yet attained.

The wonderful complication and delicacy of a Frog's nervous system and arterial circulation were shown by this school to be more susceptible of enjoyment than our inferior, or at least simpler, physical frame allows us to be. The examination of a Frog's hand, if I may use that expression, accounted for its keener susceptibility to love, and to social life in general. In fact, gregarious and amatory as are the Ana, Frogs are still more so.

In short, these two schools raged against each other; one asserting the An to be the perfected type of the Frog; the other that the Frog was the highest development of the An. The moralists were divided in opinion with the naturalists, but the bulk of them sided with the Frog-preference school. They said, with much plausibility, that in moral conduct (viz., in the adherence to rules best adapted to the health and welfare of the individual and the community) there could be no doubt of the vast superiority of the Frog.

All history showed the wholesale immorality of the human race, the complete disregard, even by the most renowned among them, of the laws which they acknowledged to be essential to their own and the general happiness and well-being. But the severest critic of the Frog race could not detect in their manners a single aberration from the moral law tacitly recognised by themselves. And what, after all, can be the profit of civilisation if superiority in moral conduct be not the aim for which it strives, and the test by which its progress should be judged?

"In fine, the adherents to this theory presumed that in some remote period the Frog race had been the improved development of the Human; but that, from causes which defied rational conjecture, they had not maintained their original position in the scale of nature; while the Ana, though of inferior organisation, had, by dint less of their virtues than their vices, such as ferocity and cunning, gradually acquired ascendancy, much as among the human race itself tribes utterly barbarous have, by superiority in similar vices, utterly destroyed or reduced into insignificance tribes originally excelling them in mental gifts and culture. Unhappily these disputes became involved with the religious notions of that age; and as society was then administered under the government of the Koom-Posh, who, being the most ignorant, were of course the most inflammable class--the multitude took the whole question out of the hands of the philosophers; political chiefs saw that the Frog dispute, so taken up by the populace, could become a most valuable instrument of their ambition; and for not less than one thousand years war and massacre prevailed, during which period the philosophers on both sides were butchered, and the government of the Koom-Posh itself was happily brought to an end by the ascendancy of a family that clearly established its descent from the aboriginal tadpole, and furnished despotic rulers to the various nations of the Ana. These despots finally disappeared, at least from our communities, as the discovery of vril led to the tranquil institutions under which flourish all the races of the Vril-ya."

"And do no wranglers or philosophers now exist to revive the dispute; or do they all recognise the origin of your race in the tadpole?"

"Nay, such disputes," said Zee, with a lofty smile, "belong to the Pah-bodh of the dark ages, and now only serve for the amusement of infants. When we know the elements out of which our bodies are composed, elements common to the humblest vegetable plants, can it signify whether the All-Wise combined those elements out of one form more than another, in order to create that in which He has placed the capacity to receive the idea of Himself, and all the varied grandeurs of intellect to which that idea gives birth? The An in reality commenced to exist as An with the donation of that capacity, and with that capacity, the sense to acknowledge that, however through the countless ages his race may improve in wisdom, it can never combine the elements at its command into the form of a tadpole."

"You speak well, Zee," said Aph-Lin; "and it is enough for us short- lived mortals to feel a reasonable assurance that whether the origin of the An was a tadpole or not, he is no more likely to become a tadpole again than the institutions of the Vril-ya are likely to relapse into the heaving quagmire and certain strife-rot of a Koom-Posh."

Bradford concludes;

We wouldn't want to say what type of pre-historic atavistic, pre- I AM Being might evolve out of the Eggs of human genes and Frog eggs. Where would such a trail of science take us? Would pre-I AM and the ancient conflict between the TAO of Nature, Nature as fallen with four kingdoms, mineral, plant, animal and human - the ancient contract of Newtonian Science - The Rainbow Contract - after the flood, where our sense perceptions were locked into our skulls, would these divine contracts be reversed? Would an Atavistic pre-Christ clairvoyance take the human form and consciousness back, over, somewhere over the Rainbow.

The Rainbow was our contract with God, that no mass earth changes would arise as long as our sense system sat in its 7 colored bow. But this rainbow was the cleared skies over Atlantis and ancient clairvoyance set down into the pattern of clear intellectual thinking capacity that has led us onward through the Christ Event and the ancient cultural paradigms that reveal just exactly how did Science arise? How did our Sense perception get locked into the current clarity of dry intellectual thought? How did Ahriman get mixed into the death forces of our intellects? Will be get through this with Christ as a new value added? Or will the majority of mankind choose the reverse door to pre-Atlantean clairvoyance and dislodging the structure of the skull, bone, skeletal system in favor of the more etheric and amphibian ancestors?


Date: Sat Feb 7, 2004 11:01 am
Subject: R: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] gene pool and the Darwin Award

Hi Bradford and all,

these thoughts about "the amphybian heritage" are leading me to think about the strange biography and literary work of Mr.H:P.Lovecraft.

He performed a "perfect" twisted and darkly reinvented universe of "teosophic" insights building a whole "spiritual" world where the gods are idiot and the "spirit" in itself is the most perverted and "worse than dead" matter you're able to imagine.

Consider also that, in everyday life, HPL was a pathological materialist amd atheist.

Any thought about him?

Andrea the Italian

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Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] gene pool and the Darwin Award

Bradford comments;

be judged?


From: holderlin66
Date: Sat Feb 7, 2004 12:19 pm
Subject: gene pool and the Darwin Award/Andrea

--- In [email protected], VALENTINA BRUNETTI wrote:

HPL was a pathological materialist amd atheist.

Any thought about him?

Andrea the Italian

"H. P. Lovecraft was strongly influenced, not only by his mother but also by the books he read. ... At five, he ... (read) ... a junior edition of The Arabian Nights. He at once fell in love with the glories of medieval Islam and spent hours playing Arab. ... One effect of dabbling in non-Christian traditions was to make Lovecraft skeptical of the faith of his fathers. Before he reached his fifth birthday anniversary, young Lovecraft announced that he no longer believed in Santa Claus. Further private thought convinced him that arguments for the existence of God suffered the same weaknesses as those for Santa.

At five, Lovecraft was placed in the infant class of the Sunday school of the venerable First Baptist Meeting House on College Hill. The results were not what the elders expected. When the feeding of Christian martyrs to the lions came up, Lovecraft shocked the class by gleefully taking the side of the lions. He wrote:

The absurdity of the myths I was called upon to accept and the sombre greyness of the whole faith compared with the Eastern magnificence of Mahometanism, made me definitely an agnostic; and caused me to become so pestiferous a questioner that I was permitted to discontinue attendance.

...... My grandfather had travelled observingly through Italy, and delighted me with long, first-hand accounts of its beauties and memorials of ancient grandeur. I mention this aesthetic tendency in detail only to lead up to its philosophical result - my last flickering of religious belief.

....... His skeptical view of the supernatural - his nontheism - and his love of the Classical world were not the only lasting passions formed in his childhood. .....

...... he embraced eighteenth-century rationalism, which confirmed him in his atheistic materialism."

Marquis de Sade, French libertine (1740-1814).

In his dialogue, Philosophy in the Bedroom, de Sade insults and derides Christianity several times. In his novel 120 Days of Sodom, he is quoted as saying "The idea of God is the sole wrong for which I cannot forgive mankind." Also, the "Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man," which can be found online is clearly the work of someone with contempt for religion.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German author (1749-1832).

Stoutly anti-Christian, but not atheist.
"This occupation with ideas of immortality is for people of rank, and especially for ladies who have nothing to do. But a man of real worth who has something to do here, and must toil and struggle to produce day by day, leaves the future world to itself, and is active and useful in this."

Bradford comments;

The subject to me would be the clairvoyance of hypocrisy. Christian hypocrisy and a real spiritual world, blocked and roped off by Group and Collective hypocrisy is a real encounter at the border of the I AM.

With H.P. Lovecraft, something was sinister and behind the events of life, but how to digest the horror of hypocrisy and the horror of understanding that "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers" as an acute reference to exactly how to copy the physical form and fully numb the I AM. How Ahrimanic science has a model for replacing the I AM with a group belief system and indeed a physical cloned core that is a replication of the divine model of the Atlantean Logos bearer.

When we examine the sharp intellect of Rupert Murdoch, and his vast intelligence, his cunning and sharpness of thinking we come to an equally devastating meeting with icy intelligence, sucked dry of the heart. Do we respect such ice castle spires of intellect? Presently with our university training we not only admire but we worship the Power of Intellect devoid of heart. What does this say when we meet in WC or Anthro hawks the same spiked intelligence? We meet the devastating aspects, profiles in Intellectual Cunning on the precipice of Ahrimanic ensoulment.

We are all fatally horrified and numbed that we should and do encounter this in our own developments. We meet this hypocrisy in all its horrific nightmare and we have different reactions to it. We respect it. We wrangle with it in intellectual combat, but we also must see just what a person of vast cultural intelligence sees when they look into the icy stare of an Archai of unique Cold Intellect that remains as a stunning profile of Ahrimanic Intelligence. This type of study is part of the Micahel School. Anyone who reads Rupert Murdoch is stunned by the sweeping intellectual capacity and the tightrope walking of saying that which appeals to the powers hidden in the hypocrisy of the intellect that exists as a Cosmic Being. This being was also on the Altars of Atlantis.

A being we can identify out of the Michael School because in Cosmic Intelligence that has the full ramifications of the liberated heart and Mind, The Christ Being and the mighty human forces of the heart remains unified and cohesive to that Intelligence. We come to note with care the meeting that souls have with Raw, icy Intelligence and the difference in Warmed Human Intelligence.

It is a horrific, Lovecraftian nightmare, to realize that behind the threshold of consciousness we have souls who torture and murder innocent souls and steal from them, in their torture, rob through murder, future Angelic world thoughts. Srategy and Robbery to cunningly outwit Michael Intelligence in humanity also has an anti-Jungian primal horror to it.

Reading the headlines of the future where GWB wins the election, having robbed forces by sending innocent souls to their deaths, massive sub-Angelic Intelligence is downloaded into the inspired minds of those running with the Ahrimanic creatures corkscrewed deep into their intellects. High Priest Lovecraft is a fine example of entering the primal goo of ancient Darwinian consciousness and mixing it with Ahriman's primal clairvoyant vision of the gods and all that has transpired to bring us from primal events to the erect 33 notched spine of the encased physical brain. Each Rupert is spiky spire and is worshipped in Karl Rove schools of cunning.

Materialism and Clairvoyance has a very different take on the St. John Gospel, where "In the Beginning was the Word". Ahriman's gospel takes us to mighty nightmare beasts before planning of MAN. Before the settling of the Logos of the Cosmos. So the refined intellect, that nourishes itself in the primal intelligence and torture of the Knights Templars; to beating hearts removed on Aztec altars to children ripped from their lives, media ooogling over the vision of the soul who has just been murdered, we see with our eyes. But who do such monsters serve? It is a Grail Question? Who do such intense public visions of murder serve?

But what of those who must serve these dark sinister forces of illness, disease and death after their deaths, and are enchained by Intelligent brotherhoods acting behind the scenes of consciousness who have no understanding of what the difference is between Primal icy Intelligence and the beings, that JIm Jones wise, brought human sacrifices before the communion table of Ahrimanic feeding frenzy? Since when is this a Christian world? What vital hypocrisy feeds our failure to see how souls can be reached for and used after deeath? This number of 1998, as you well know Andrea, is a prime number for tipping sub-angelic Insights over to Ahrimanic Inspiration brilliant Intellects. What iron inspirations do they draw from?

The bottom line is that the News we read and the direction humanity is veering towards is loaded with sub-angelic Inspiration bought from quarters of murderous soul robbery - Is the fate and nightmare of what Michael Jackson has become less of a menace than the Faces worn by those in Power today, who feed off the communion table set by dark Ahrimanic deeds? H.P. Lovecraft could be a living example of primal ahrimanic clairvoyant beings that the dead are obliged to serve after their fatal encounter, unprepared encounters, with vast Beings that hypocrisy refuses to see.

This is what was incubated in Neitzsche's psyche... and helped build the train tracks that loaded the cars to chambers where living ash belched from factory like smelting furnaces of an Industrial world nightmare. And everyone had a hand in it. What could the clairvoyant see behind these gruesome events. We could see that the surface army of Rupert Murdochs and Neocons sup off the ripped away sub-angelic robbery, and enslavement of murdered souls. We could also see a vital Michael School serving behind the Threshold of our Consciousness today. Giving us Angelic and Free inspiration to counteract the bitter tragedy of Ahrimanic hypocrisy in the human soul.

Why was the Michael School burned and lifted to the etheric worlds just behind the Threshold? So that Initiates could fight the Primal Beasts that humanity is cultivating and growing against the Humanized Reality of the Risen Etheric Christ event.

From Primal goo and 8 foot frogs, with large gooy eggs in gooy pods, Lytton could see the undensified etheric Beings who were helping to design the future human form. The enclosed skull form. This journey to the Golgotha Event of human Intelligence and the Father, has allowed us to emancipate ourselves from the primal beasts and ancient gods that haunt human consciousness. Yet these stunning, alien cosmic broods of Primal forces haunt and are in the hands of humans who worship the cunning coldness of one of the worst Primal beings...and one who refused the path of the Christ and Humanness.

It is good to be a hypocrite so that you don't have to see that neighboring our Logos and Love imbued system is another world waiting to engulf ours but is halted by the heroism of human thinking and sacrifices of the deepest forces of the heart.



From: golden3000997
Date: Sat Feb 7, 2004 7:11 pm
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] gene pool and the Darwin Award/Andrea

How about Edward Gorey - "The Ghastlycrumb Tinies?" : ) hee-hee.

I have his "Books, Cats, Life is Good" coffee mug. Although, after what happened this morning, I'm not so sure. : D


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