Who Killed Cock Robin?


From: holderlin66
Date: Wed Feb 25, 2004 12:47 pm
Subject: Who Killed Cock Robin?

Dear Christine;

I divert from the normally scheduled program to catch up on previous requests citing Marilyn Monroe. Yes, along with Frank Sinatra it was an interesting time to be alive. Every second is an intersting time to be alive for as you can see from this list recently, new conspiracies are always hatching daily.

However this little digression has caught my eye, not because Frank Smith will come after me with a conspiracy claws...no.. Rather, you know, we like to believe that all these events are accidents. The incidents we look at from character assassination to out and out covert assassination have strange impacts on the direction our world takes. Are there brotherhoods that are monitoring the direction the world takes? Can key figures be derailed before their time? Can such a bufoon occupy the White House without some mighty atagonisms between the House of Bush and the House of Kennedy? In other words these great Houses and Dynasties are really wired right into all that the Time Spirit Wars are all about. Don't be naive Bradford. Well it feels a lot safer attempting to reamin naive...

You know, if I knew that Paul Wellstone and John F. Kennedy Jr. would, via having some brotherhood that had gained insight into a future vision by way of certain forms of murder and torture that have been progressively practiced by brotherhoods right into our own time, and is now part of PsyOPs and Poindexter extended U.S. Intelligence and remote viewing, using the astral body, I would say all these events are basically accidents. Who knew? It just happened? Freaky timing wasn't it? Maybe and maybe not.

For accurate details on such strange conspiracies, I suggest you refer to my Ahriman's Cliff Notes segment. Exiling Ahriman to our side of the Fence makes him want to own the dead as well. The dead, as Steiner has indicated, know a lot more, especially if they are killed with some years still on their accounts. It is just like reading a Newspaper. John F. Kennedy Jr. wins presidential election in a landslide.

Marilyn Monroe and Anthroposophy

The following quote is taken from a biography of Marilyn Monroe called "Norma Jean: the Life of Marilyn Monroe" by Fred Lawrence Guiles, published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York in 1969. The quote appears on pages 331-332 of the 333 page book.

"Some years before her death (in Dec. '64), Dame Edith (Sitwell) had spent a winter in Hollywood. A meeting between the poetess and Marilyn was arranged by a monthly magazine. It was thought their 'opposite' personalities would throw off some journalistic sparks. No one could have foreseen that they would become immediate friends, nor could anyone have known that their deaths would be marked in an almost identical way --- while their legends were growing in their lifetimes, they had been taken seriously by too few, too late.

"By the time she met Dame Edith, Marilyn had come a long way. If she had not been moving in an atmosphere --- much of it self-created --- so removed from her beginning, they might have had nothing in common. But when the introductions were over, these new and unlikely friends were left alone and began talking of Rudolph Steiner, whose personal history, "The Course of My Life", Marilyn was reading at the time. Dame Edith was to remark later on Marilyn's 'extreme intelligence'"

While living in Spring Valley in 1980, I had the good fortune of meeting the person who had sent Marilyn that copy of Steiner's autobiography as well as a number of other Steiner books and lecture cycles that Marilyn requested over a ten year period from the Anthroposophical Library, then located at 211 Madison Avenue in New York City. I speak of the late Agnes Macbeth, wife of the late Norman Macbeth (author of "Darwin Retried". Agnes worked for the library during the 1950's, handling book requests and she vividly remembers the letters Marilyn posted asking for various lecture cycles. And although Marilyn had a reputation for tardiness and irresponsibility on her movie sets, Agnes assured me that Marilyn was very conscientious and punctual with her returns of the books.

Marilyn Monroe was introduced to Steiner by her favorite drama teacher, Michael Chekhov (1890-1955), nephew of the playwright Anton, and fellow director with Stanislavsky in the Moscow Art Theater early this century. Marilyn was introduced to Chekhov in 1951 by one of his devoted students, the American character actor Jack Palance. Marilyn opened herself like a sponge to water to Chekhov's approach to theater which was so deeply influenced by Steiner that Chekhov left Stanislovski's method behind. And Marilyn opened herself very deeply to anthroposophy, not because she felt it would please her teacher, but Chekhov felt that it was one of the only times in her life that Marilyn did something out of her own free inner being.

The tragedy of Marilyn Monroe is that she opened herself up too much and became a slave, not only of the studio bosses, but also the expectations of a world that focused on her as such a fantasy object. Yet deep inside her inner being, which no one in the media and our popular culture even believed she possessed, she spent the last 10 or 11 years of her tortured life cultivating the delicate plant of anthroposophy.

Tom Mellett,



"John F. Kennedy, Jr., most would have to admit, was charming and articulate, and had none of the ghosts and scandals in his closet that others of his relatives seem to have had or have. If he ran for important public office, he most likely would sweep the field if not just giving every other candidate a hard time.

There are two reasons for his death, one being the main one and then, for some, an alternative. Main reason:

His family knew he planned, on August 1, 1999, to announce, that like his father, he was going to run for President.


"John F. Kennedy, Jr., made one grave mistake. He trusted the presidential campaign officials of Albert Gore, Jr. to know that JFK Jr. planned to announce on August 1, 1999, that he was going to run for President. That would have interfered with the plans of Gore as well as George W. Bush, the Texas Governor. The Gore campaign reportedly promised total secrecy, a pledge they never kept. The Elder Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, was reportedly part of the scheme to assassinate President Kennedy. According to the book not allowed for many years to be openly sold in the U.S., "Farewell America", the oil industry wanted President Kennedy dead, dead, dead. JFK wanted the oil cartel's tax dodge, the oil depletion allowance, to be cancelled. [The book was written under the pen-name "James Hepburn" by the French CIA that infiltrated the plot. In the 1970s, I and another assassination researcher were the only ones to get copies into the U.S. Alas, I have only one copy left now.] What's that? So you did not know or believe books are suppressed in the U.S.? Too bad for you.

The latest front for the oil fraud, George W. Bush, likewise would most naturally have an interest in the demise of JFK, Jr. George W. just before the fatal plane take-off, somehow was near the New Jersey airport where JFK Jr. kept his plane without proper security. A coincidence?

After all, JFK Jr. was a captivating speaker and would have most likely swept the field of Presidential candidates. Conservatives and liberals, both could join together to support America's Golden Boy.

According to our best, long-time reliable sources, Jr.'s sister, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg likewise warned her brother that running for President would be a death warrant. Nevertheless, she reportedly said she would support his plans. After his death, reportedly feuding with the Kennedy family, she did not go to the family get together. Her family reportedly threatens to silence her with a "Marilyn Monroe" needle, by a psychiatrist to change her views. [Remember, Marilyn Monroe was planning to go public at a press conference with details of her sex episodes with President Kennedy and brother Bobby, Attorney General. A psychiatrist reportedly gave her the "needle".] "

The Wellstone Memorial

"But the Wellstone Memorial Chapter – not at all funny – is the emotional high point of Lies, describing the outpouring of love and frustration among grieving supporters over the death of this respected Progressive politician who was fighting for his political life as a senator from Minnesota in one of the most negative senatorial campaigns in history before he was killed.

Al Franken grew up in Minnesota, his family and Wellstone's family were friends, and Franken did most of his free speaking engagements for Paul Wellstone's democratic rallies. He loved the man and was devastated by his death which occurred when a small plane went down in northern Minnesota on a campaign trip. Everyone on board was killed – Paul, his wife, his daughter, his driver, two trusted aides, and the two pilots.

My daughter, Ethy, has lived in Minnesota for over a decade. She and her husband, Steven, loved Paul Wellstone themselves. I learned of Wellstone's death through a phone call from Ethy who could barely speak for crying. Four days later, Ethy and Steven listened to the Wellstone memorial service on NPR. It had been hastily put together by the Wellstone family, Wellstone supporters, and close friends. And it was derided almost universally in the mainstream press and cable and network news as a disgusting show of partisan politics.

That's not the "show" that Ethy and Steven heard over NPR.

There was the faint sound of booing, she reported to me afterwards, when Republican Senator Trent Lott came into the huge auditorium, packed to the rafters with Wellstone family and supporters. She'd deplored it, and deplored even more the talk by Wellstone's best friend, Rick Kahn, that ended up as a call-to-arms that she characterized as "going over the top."

Ethy pointed out, however, that the rallying cries did not appear during the eulogies of the others, the family members, the aides, the driver, all of which were touching, private, heart-rending. And these eulogies took up by far the greater part of the two-hour-long service. The rallying cries came when the eulogies started for Wellstone, and Wellstone was, first of all, a politician. They were expressing the energy and drive that Wellstone, as a consummate Progressive politician, brought out in the people who supported him, supporters who believed in what he believed in.

"And they were angry," Ethy said, "They were angry that they'd lost a great leader so absurdly. The feeling that prevailed was that these people were not taking this death lying down, not bowing meekly to fate, not accepting the conservative rule." To understand that rush of anger would be to understand how mean, how dirty the campaign had been up until Wellstone's tragic death. The Republican opposition had pulled out every trick in the book to defeat Wellstone, the campaign was blatantly negative, it reached to the US Congress, the Republican majority of which was determined to defeat Wellstone, it reached all the way to George W. Bush himself who not only hand-picked Norm Coleman to oppose Senator Wellstone but visited the state over and over again to push his candidicacy. And the negative campaign ads against Wellstone were frankly deadly. The Wellstone supporters could only resent all that, and resent that G.W. Bush's repeated stumping for Norm Coleman was funded by taxpayer dollars. "It was inevitable," Ethy said, "that some kind of rallying cry would erupt."

Franken describes the Wellstone battle and subsequent grief from his point of view and from that of the Wellstone family, and from the point of view of fair and balanced journalism. It remains a wrenching chapter in the book, and in American and Minnesota politics. For the harshest criticisms of the memorial came from commentators who hadn't even seen or heard the memorial, and this harsh criticism became the death blow to Wellstone's progressive replacement, the elder statesman, Fritz Mondale, and handed the senatorial election over to the Conservative Norm Coleman."


From: holderlin66
Date: Wed Feb 25, 2004 1:56 pm
Subject: Iblis and Klingsor

--- In [email protected], Tom Mellett wrote:

The tragedy of Marilyn Monroe is that she opened herself up too much and became a slave, not only of the studio bosses, but also the expectations of a world that focused on her as such a fantasy object. Yet deep inside her inner being, which no one in the media and our popular culture even believed she possessed, she spent the last 10 or 11 years of her tortured life cultivating the delicate plant of anthroposophy.

Tom Mellett,

Bradford comments;

Now when it comes to the Luciferic temptation and our recent reference to Dr. Steiner and his Egyptian mysteries:


"In the middle of the Middle Ages, Calot bobot in Sicily was the seat of the goddess called Iblis, the daughter of Eblis; and among all evil unions which have taken place within the Earth's evolution between beings in whose souls there were occult forces, the one known to occultists as the worst of all was between Klingsor and Iblis, the daughter of Eblis. Iblis, by her very name, is characterised as being related to Eblis, and in Mohammedan tradition Eblis is the figure we call Lucifer. Iblis is a kind of feminine aspect of Eblis, the Mohammedan Lucifer, and with her the evil magician Klingsor united his own evil arts, through which in the Middle Ages he worked against the Grail."

Bradford continues;

A very interesting picture arises with the Luciferic infection of the soul and the hype of media seduction. Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson reveal fairly strong results of Luciferic seduction. Mind you examples tumble out of any magazine but, one sort of seduction was the ancient Troy and Aphrodite, Hugh Hefner, Sex Symbol that Marilyn road in on along with a generation, as they say, "lost in space".

Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, John Lennon, the Beatles... and the massive Bob Dylan and Hendrix as well as the sexual revolution all road in together in quest to find the Risen Christ. Things got very Rousseauish and I mean to say that many of us had incarnated from recent French Revolution events into the sixties of America and got into an failed Ariadne labyrinth of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

But with the Luciferic support of female hormones injected into Michael Jackson to keep his high pitched pre-pubic voice raking in dollars, we can observe the results of extreme Luciferic infection and distortion. It is one thing to ride as Marilyn did, and Hefner and all of us have on the Luciferic renewal of pressing a generation to find the Christ Event with our past incarnations Luciferic support; it is another thing that very few there are that survived the balancing act that entailed finding a Living Christ Event experience in actual thought and cognition. That is and remains the complex Quest. This makes for our general 5th post atlantean personality initiation pettition.

I lived for a time amidst the daily distortion of Drag Queens in N.Y. under Andy Warhols klan. We all shared 8th street and downtown N.Y. together and I had a front row seat to watch the Luciferic spin of how things twist in the wind. Some things, even hypocrisy, when it can't be straightened out by the mind and heart, become very deeply lodged in physical and emotional snares. In these instances the theatre, Commedia de Art or the living daily life of the Drag Queen as a man who needs to get her make up on daily has firm implications towards the unresolved issues of hypocrisy and reality.

Now Michael Jackson is another case in point. Michael Jackson is still suffering from a major impact in his early sexual identity that gives us a vivid picture of the results of Luciferic temptation all the way down to the physical. If the wigs of France and the mannerism of French REvolution France, and the powdered cheeks, also reveal a philosophical superficiality, we see the tyoe of damage certain ideas can cause. Once in London I accidently dated Amanda Leer a leading singer and very tall model, she/he had studied with Salvador Dali and had designed her/his album covers. This experience of my date with Amanda Leer left a lasting impression on me along with every thing I had experienced in N.Y. Amanda Leer had had her sex changed so that penis was not longer penis. Anthros can have some strange experiences if we wanted to get to the bottom, so to speak, of illusions of our times.

In the area of 'Lifts and Tucks' Hollywood has remained along with Vegas, dominated by a Luciferic mystery center that shines out of the West. Modification of the body and the body parts, bigger cosmetic breasts, larger penis... no aging these mysteries predominate in the modern mysteries of the West and carry a severe Luciferic price tag when the soul remains oblivious to the soul's collusion with Luciferic or Ahrimanic forces. Michael Jackson has become a vivid example.

America is interesting in this way. On the East Coast, on Wall Street, the modern mystery center of the Ahrimanic West rises like spikes from deep caves in the Earth attempting reach up and conquer the sky. Washington D.C. is occupied, aside from a Waldorf School in Washington, the White House has been taken over by a Sentient Soul Luciferic weenie surrounded by brotherhood infested Ahrimanic puppets. Naturally I am using the Idols of Steiner as my model here.

But if we go back to what Steiner was indicating by way of the Grail and mental acrobatics, even on this list, we begin to see what humans have allowed to sour and go unnoticed in their souls. We can see the modern Grail realities of Kundry and Klingsor on the evening news. For it is nothing less than our own human companions, who with conviction, speak such phrases and attempt such deceptions on themselves, on their own bodies and our own societies that have not found The Foundation Stone but rather speak in the name of everything that they have failed to discover in their souls. The human being without a spiritual compass must be proped up and stumbling blindly into one learning castastrophe after another.

"oh i
i've seen the needle
seen the needle and the damage done
a little part of us in everyone
every junkie's like a setting sun"


From: Frank Thomas Smith
Date: Wed Feb 25, 2004 2:44 pm
Subject: RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Iblis and Klingsor

Dear Herr Holderlin,

Please define what you mean by "accidently".

Don Q.

Once in London I accidently dated Amanda Leer a leading singer and very tall model, she/he had studied with Salvador Dali and had designed her/his album covers. This experience of my date with Amanda Leer left a lasting impression on me along with every thing I had experienced in N.Y. Amanda Leer had had her sex changed so that penis was not longer penis. Anthros can have some strange experiences if we wanted to get to the bottom, so to speak, of illusions of our times.


From: holderlin66
Date: Wed Feb 25, 2004 3:22 pm
Subject: Re: Iblis and Klingsor

--- In [email protected], Frank Thomas Smith wrote:

Dear Herr Holderlin,

Please define what you mean by "accidently".

Don Q.

Dear frank;

We've got to stop meeting like this, my wife is getting suspicious. I was an accidental tourist in the land of the London Party scene. Oh it was one of those nights with a bad moon rising you know the ones I mean. I was young, carefree, in London, a star of stage.. la-tee-da.. when this tall model approached me, hunted me down, sought me out and had the audacity to flirt with me. She looked fine by me at the time. Several photographers who we worked with, real guys, led me to believe that Amanda was a real Euro model. Svelt.

Well I think the legal term is discovery. It seems that there were operations, my naive brain and my Holderlin Greek brain just couldn't not grasp, having recently arrived out of Europe, that anyone would slice and dice their own.... You see the Klingsor Grail connection here don't you... Cut off What?

Now this demands a small line of seriousness. My entire experience with Tom Eyen and the Rado Ragni and Warhol crew was an interesting lesson in the Greek/Rousseau sort of natural body Greek thinking as a memory of a kind of fallen greek culture shift, so that my Greek mind, really, even to this day, has a hard time with slicing and dicing up the human form that was given as a gift from the gods.

Meeting Amanda, a very tiny episode in my biography, was a real turning point. It summed up all my worst nightmares about what the heck had happened to the Greek Image of the human being, male or female and now what a simple operation and a love of Salvadore Dali could do. Well it was an evening I'll never forget and my ancient Greek innocence had come to the Wall... and of course a few years later there was a real Nietzschean experience of "The Wall".

So it was a unique time in breaking through to seeing that ancient Greek Ideals would not carry humanity any longer and something really different had better come along to wake me up. Something that really touched the deepest level of my Greek Soul or I was up shits creek with a penis.

No, maybe that didn't come out the right way. Amanda didn't have a penis, it seems it was folded, cut and strange to see inverted..hmmm, enough to scare the philosophy right out of me. Because here was egotistical, literal, sculpting and philosophy that made me sick. Sick to the heart that somehow we had come to this. That the Divine incarnation package could be shuffled like a deck of cards...could have knocked me over with a feather.

I hope that really clears it up for ya Frank.


From: bryanmillermail
Date: Thu Feb 26, 2004 6:27 am
Subject: Re: Iblis and Klingsor

Bradford wrote:

Amanda didn't have a penis, it seems it was folded, cut and strange to see inverted..hmmm, enough to scare the philosophy right out of me.

This seems to indicate that Amanda and Sophia may very well be the same person. Though Sophia certainly has some balls. Did Amanda keep hers? That would explain it.



From: holderlin66
Date: Thu Feb 26, 2004 11:42 am
Subject: Herr Doktor

Herr Doktor!

Geburtstag am morgan.

Back in Weimar, where this all began
You and Goethe got Ahriman in the frying pan.
But Ahriman grudged that him you spotted,
So he sliced open Deutschland until it rotted.

People try to trace the mire and the mess
Even by quoting Herman and Rudolf Hesse.
Thus for sure Herr Doktor dear,
It certainly is you that brought Ahriman fear.

No it ain't dying he's worried about,
Just slimy humans with their feeble doubts.
Ahriman reigns as King of Death,
As an alien God he don't draw no breath.

Ahriman hates the Light you wrought,
For it burns in those by Ahriman caught.
Gods are Gods and Men are chickens
All the devils get the pickins.

Comes around that it's your birthday time,
When all this started with some Weimar slime.
Prometheus lit his torch for Freedom's right
Ahriman, the Reichstag, to begin the night.


Twelve years passed and the deed was done
A mushroom cloud lit, brighter than the sun,
Opened the doors for Ahriman's Service,
His global Church makes the whole world nervous.

Ahriman hired preachers and political punks,
Inventions flowed like beer makes drunks.
Herr Doktor dear it seems somehow,
The boat you launched had a heavy prow.

Remember Herr Doktor when you carved The Man
So top heavy it nearly fell in the can,
Remember you added humor for balance,
Shifted the strength of Michael's sharp lance?

The cargo you hid in the hold below decks
Took years to unload, we're still up to our necks.
The products aren't easy to sell in the square,
The price is steep and not much time to spare?

But good news there is in the world all around,
To our disbelief, agreement, globally resounds,
No, it just ain't you, though you laid the most down,
There's thinking and Angels and courage spread roun'.

I remember what you said bout Paul and the olive,
Of the Etheric Christ and spreadin o' His love.
Slowly like the westward Christ it's bin comin',
That children's hearts would need more sunnin.

I guess, as I heard, your runnin a School o'er yonder
To catch our thoughts with return mail as we can ponder.
You got loving dead and Spirits galore,
You keep sendin' them down for the Michael core.

I want to say after all you done
Thanks for thinkin' of us when your time had run.
Thanks for stringing the beads and connecting the dots,
I guess lots of us here, just want to thank ya lots.



From: holderlin66
Date: Thu Feb 26, 2004 6:29 pm
Subject: Re: Herr Doktor

--- In [email protected], holderlin66 wrote:

Herr Doktor!

Geburtstag am morgan.

"Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner was born in Kraljevec, an insignificant Hungarian village in what is now Northern Croatia. So it came that he was born in a Slav environment and not in a German- speaking one, a fact which he considered essential for his life's work. He was the first-born child of the railway telegrapher Johann Steiner and his wife Franciska, Blie by maiden name. He received Roman Catholic baptism two days later. This is why the 27th of February 1861 commonly has been considered to be his birthday. "

Bradford adds;

On the 27th of February 1861 the Christ Being poured his blessing out in warm baptism over the tiny child. His father holding him in his arms, and the crystal baptismal waters from the deep springs where elemental beings from mountain water falls and rock spring wonders, and deep silent woods, would learn to love the gifted child offered their joy. And the waters poured over his head and spirited and protected the seed of the new Christ Thinking latent in the child.

Later he would meet his Thomas Aquinas karmic signature while discussing aspects with a brother of the order...and would find himself looking into the deep world of past lives, while a mighty chasm would grow between egregorial Catholicism and the lofty vison that had arisen within him.

He would look deeply into the future past 1933 and see the greatest event rising like a wonderful sun rise of spirit strength over the world. And against the Christ and against this Human Being, Ahriman would throw his weight when the Christ spread his blessing over the hearts of the human community. "And they knew him not". Steiner would see himself coming in the future to the aid again and face this Being who opposed Man.

The Etheric Christ Light would radiate out and catch the fire of Dr. Steiner's grace and skill and Ahriman despised that Light and "The Light shone in the Darkness and Darkness knew it not". For another beast had taken the world's stage and focused the World's attention so that the mighty seed would run quietly and deep in the worlds foundations, so it could grow in us all.

Jealous of this rising Light, warming the inner brotherhood of men and fueled by beastly human catastrophe, Ahriman lifted his own Light and his own fear to hover like a cloud above the human community. And Men flocked to that other light instead of the Light that a God who loved the hope of the Angels and the brotherhood that lived in humanity offered to the silent world.

And the offering of brotherhood was raised through fire and was taken into the heavens to be the intermidiary between Angels and Men. And the waters of life flowed from sea to sea and from theshold to shining threshold and invigorated and nurtured itself in the hearts of men.



From: holderlin66
Date: Thu Feb 26, 2004 11:28 pm
Subject: Re: Herr Doktor

--- In [email protected], holderlin66 wrote:

No it ain't dying he's worried about,
Just slimy humans with their feeble doubts.
Ahriman reigns as King of Death,
As an alien God he don't draw no breath.

Bradford reminds the audience of the humble shepherds, that he may have made it rough and simple on purpose hmmm.

But also the idea, well that Christ did have human air in his lungs brings us to several interesting ideas. When Ahriman, not just Nietzsche with his infested spores of Ahriman, in his brain, was also breathing, but it is anticipated that Ahriman will breathe like a man or woman and walk in human form amongst us.

It is anticipated that He might even be here now and when he does take in the air and breathe as man, a humanized but still intently concentrated dose of this alien, will be looking out with human eyes and like the Christ, one of the Gods will be experiencing not excruciating Golgotha, but compressed Cold God in a warm human frame.

It is anticipated that as Soloviev has indicated, there will come a moment, a struggle and about 33 his struggle will reach critical mass. It is anticipated that it won't be another Hitler, even if all Ahrimanic Symptomology that we can study finds itself easily repeated in the Neocon Bush Agenda, the Right Wingers, Rush Limbaugh, Tom De Lay, Pat Robertson, Hitler and potently Nietsche and rigidly limp, P.S. All Ahrimanic Symptomology remains clearly readable in current events and of course, Ahriman's cliff notes.

But it is anticipated that as a Man, this easily readable symptomology will be far less readable and indeed a very well meaning and advanced problem solving diplomat and pleasant looking "OMEN" series, destined for great things, type person will walk through with sweet appeasement for all. Ahriman has to take a crack at Human bearing and human I.Q. deception with a capital D. and wolf walking with stealth and a hunters skill. It is anticipated that Ahriman will learn a lot about what it's like to be a human.

It is anticipated that a very pleasant wolf in sweet sheeps clothing, better than the brutal Hitler, dumb Bush or flawed various others, will become blended in a unique way, once this 33 year crisis has been gone through. We are currently easily able to spot ahrimanic symptomology but that is because the symptomology is not the whole human instrument but rather a radical pathological manifestation, distorting the human instrument and hovering in, around and through us. What of when it is purely blended without remorse?

It is anticipated that Ahriman will fit his human instrument like a glove and the masses, pivoting on a German by the name of Pauli, Peter and John...will kind of hover around the well fitted instrument of human ahriman and in a final cosmic poker, call his hand. This is anticipated but never, ever exactly how we expect it. Certainly not with stupid Israel and the fundamentalists in End Time mode and dumb ass George Bush...but it is anticipated, and had the symptomology gone completely unchecked, much more of the dumb ass Bush agenda would have slipped right by the American public, just like ahriman, hovering, ate Germany for his morning breakfast.

It may be that Bush has prepared Lunch. Once the odd plague and general fear, hunger, and human rights are squandered, the cake walk is so much easier and it is anticipated, that if the cake walk had been more easily prepared, the sweet and pleasant Ahriman incarnation could just walk up with his magical cloning menu and create the nature he always wanted when he negotiated with Christ in the desert.

So it will be anticipated that Ahriman will get a real first hand lesson in how best to carry heart and lungs, brain and gesture to overcome that robotic goose step of the jerky pogo stick limb jutting that we have seen, as the icy god circled it's prey, us. Aside from this Bush crew, I suspect that the refined Ahriman will hardly be anything we suspect. A smooth operator (insert song)

I hope all these gods don't choose small fishing villages, like that is the way it is done or something. All the savy swinger of Goethe's famous pimp, the highly cultured, humorous and fairly brilliant Mephisto is anticpated to arrive and perhaps Fox News and clear channel will be here to cover the story. Me thinks we are before the curtain for if we resist the Orwellian numbness, the entire human fitting of this god into his studied and swarthy form can be made more difficult, if we keep an eye on the ever circling buzzards of his symptomology.



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