Ahriman's Cliff Notes


From: holderlin66
Date: Fri Jan 23, 2004 10:46 am
Subject: Ahriman's Cliff Notes

Let us look at Bradford's Cliff notes for Ahrimanic history:

1.) The Polish Rider

2.) Weimar Goethe and Steiner

3.) Weimar on Steiner's birthday

4.) Weimar and Leo Strauss/NeoCons

5.) Damascus/Krishna and Oppenheimer

6.) Buddha and VietNam

7.) Baghdad and Marduk

1.) The Polish rider reveals somebody had a clue who that missing person was. But as support for the propaganda of Spiritual Science, lots of folks, like me, took time to consider the Knight with the Golden Helmet and the Polish Rider as lost video tapes and missing historical footage of one our pet icons. ( I say this for our beloved critcs, for that is how such pet ideas would be considered)

2.) Weimar Goethe and Steiner; here we get down to a Trench Warfare of the Soul, Steiner enlisted with Goethe to do Mephiso Watch and the Mephisto Waltz. Goethe was the great Greek Sculptor who freeze dried etheric imaginations and those freeze dried imaginations awoke in Poetic solidified imagery, in Goethe's Stone and etheric strengths in the Sciences. And the question was: Who was Phidias?

Steiner along with Goethe outlined the mysterious Shadow activity, the Spy Game of Mephisto, the dance steps of the Mephisto Waltz, in the human soul that is bent on distortion. Steiner added an ancient term to match Sir Walter Scott - Ahriman to Goethe's Mephisto and from Weimar, Steiner was sent on a dangerous mission if he could be seduced by Nietzsche's sister to represent all the Ahrimanic propaganda that the Nazi's would use from Nietzsche's work. If only Ahriman could enlist the young prophet.

Ahriman wanted this young man to serve Him. But when Steiner arrived and saw who was renting space in Nietzsche's brain and reviewed his plans..You see the temptation in the desert here for Steiner. Career on the rocks, Goethe books losing sales... Ahriman says, 'I can make your fame last in eternity' represent ME and I'll hand you success and fame.' Steiner looked the beast in the eye, said, hey, I think we've met before, didn't I met you at Caiaphas house party after Golgotha?

Steiner began humming the real tune from which Mick Jagger and "Sympathy" were spun. Steiner said, "Pleased to meet you and I know your name and guess what you sonofabit--I know the nature of your game! Who do you serve you wily Fox? Your twisted deals over Nietzsche's martyred soul say 'God is Dead and Man is a mole'.

3.) Ahriman was blistering with rage that the young prophet didn't bite, and when Ahriman's time came to open the mighty gates of Heck.. He said, German People will never hear the Michael Word of this Prophet. I will fix this young upstart! On Feb 27, 1933, when the Christ Being comes out of hiding again, on the birthday of this prophet, I will make it my coming out party. I shall come out on Feb 27, 1933 and reveal my general Plans for a 21st Century. Weimar, Goethe, and this young prophet Steiner can eat my dust.

4.) Contingency plans for the future, Leo Strauss will come out of Weimar and teach some of my next generations students, Ahriman planned. Ahriman named, Wolfowitz, Perle and others, but Saul Bellow snuck into the Neocon camp and reported back to Anthro headquarters. What, did you not follow this? Well doing homework is following the trail of a real super spy thriller.

But of course I must add a disclaimer for the intellecutally impaired. Leo Strauss was a fine Platonic soul who was gravely disappointed with the liberals of Weimar for allowing this nightmare of Nazi Germany to arise. Strauss, you know, such a deep Occultist, went to Chicago to let everyone know that if Plato had his way, the elite would never tell the masses any truth, because, "They Can't Handle the Truth"... Which is why the next generation of Windows to Ahriman 2001, could tell everyone such lies and get away with it. Have a piece of Yellow-Cake. Boo-hoo disclaimer.

5.) So having sent that little prophet with the Thorns on his head packing to Switzerland, Ahriman could get down to the business of defying the Damascus and Krishna experience. Ahriman could slowly work on the Anthros corruption from within their own ranks. Ahriman had always hated the Damasus text so when he finally could convince Oppenheimer to produce Ahriman's version of " A Light Brigher than a Thousand Suns". His bastard son of Light was out there as a greater prophet than any son of Paul or Paul's Damascus experiences. Instead of Dr. Steiner it became, Dr. Strangelove. If you get my disclaimer here.

6.) And that Eastern conservative hypocrisy with their little Buddhist altars in every tiny village, trying to be peaceful when their soul is rage and overshadowed by Mars energies.. Ahriman sent in Christian hypocrisy to kick the living crap out of Buddhism in those poor, ahrimanically described slant eyed souls. Insert Anthro disclaimer here.

Boo-hoo Anthros, Dr. STrange/Steiner thinks Buddha was out taming Martians.. (laughter of hyenas in background) Ahriman just loved the military might of the falsified Christian Right and that would be his big ticket along with Oil and prosperity. Nothing like the selfish haves and the who gives a sh-- have nots. Pave the way for Ahriman's American Christian Right hypocrisy Flying Circus. (As Monty Python would have it)

7.) Now we move to the Beverly Hill Billies and Oil, TEXAS TEA and Haliburton needs the Dollar not the Euro.. Not Prester John, but good ole Prescott Bush and the Rockefellars, had lots of ole dealings with the fuel supply of the Nazis.

Ahriman always hated the fact that not only did the Sumerians have Flood insights, but they had the old karma of Gilgamesh and Enkidu/Alexander and Aristotle, guys that Ahriman just despises. Plus all those temples devoted to Michael or Marduk! Baghdad and Babylon were full of them. Ahriman was salivating with lies to get his little oily claws on this hunk of desert. To bring Christianity to the dark denying Arabs. Yea that's the ticket. Nobody would accuse American Imperialism of Arabistic Thinking, far too complex for the Christian Right to imagine they are just Woodrow Wilson fans.

8.) Bonus point! Lets get our arses up to Mars to prove that their ain't no spiritual world where any of these guys are hiding. No St. Francis, no Buddha, hiding out, No Chirst, No Jesus, they're all dead and they ain't comin back and space is full of junk, but no Jesus and Christian Rosenkreuz regime changes on Mars. See we have the photos to prove it.

Ahriman is having a good time with his current Press Rep, Karl Rove/Goebbels. Course Ahriman disposes of them, like Rush Limbaugh in the trash heap, like Hitler, Karl Rove, Blair and Bush will be tossed away like so much used toilet paper for wiping you know whose....

These cliff notes are obviously pure fiction and any relation to any characters living or dead is uncompromising. Otherwise use your own cliff notes.



From: Mike Helsher
Date: Fri Jan 23, 2004 9:01 pm
Subject: Ahriman's Cliff Notes

Bradford writes:

These cliff notes are obviously pure fiction and any relation to any characters living or dead is uncompromising. Otherwise use your own cliff notes.


Sorry my friend, I have cut and pasted and printed and taped them to my fridge.

To Hell with Moral Imagination!!!



From: holderlin66
Date: Fri Jan 30, 2004 3:04 pm
Subject: Re: Ahriman's Cliff Notes/McNamara

Bradford wrote on Cliff Notes;

Ahriman is having a good time with his current Press Rep, Karl Rove/Goebbels. Course Ahriman disposes of them, like Rush Limbaugh in the trash heap, like Hitler, Karl Rove, Blair and Bush will be tossed away like so much used toilet paper for wiping you know whose....

Bradford adds;

One of Ahriman's trash can and toilet paper tools was, former Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara. The debate was raised, what a fantastic position Colin Powell would have been in, if he had resigned from the Bush Administration against telling the most fantastic lies to the U.N. over WMD. We have given ample proof on this list, that WMD are in the layers of the deep caverns of the soul. As we enter the deeper regions of the Soul life, all humanities WMD are curled, camped out, glowering in the shadows of our Conscience. If Powell had resigned, it was thought, and really had a spine, he would be a real candidate for President.

Now if we look at the description of Robert S. McNamara, (the S. of his middle name actually stands for STRANGE. I mean that is what his parents named him, Bobby Strange MC. Which brings us to the wonderful Dr. StrangeLove of Stanley Kubrick, what a priceless little insight. Which as we circle round the Ahrimanic Symptomology of McNamara, his description by his own family becomes all the more telling.

"The former head of Ford Motors was a cold-fish technocrat of warfare -- members of his own family apparently were driven to break with him over his Vietnam policies -- who was referred to in those days as "an IBM machine with legs."

Bradford continues;

Tesla thought humanity were 'Meat Machines', but Tesla was a mid-night born soul. Goethe was a mid-day born soul. The Midnight soul, as Tesla was, penetrated very deeply into the region of Electricity and Matter. Tesla had a photographic mind, not just for facts, but he could dynamically run various machines in his head at different rates of speed to predict, accurately when any parts would wear out. Tesla had a love, a real Spiritual Affair with a Dove in New York. An actual Dove adopted Tesla and he had a real spiritual experience with his dove. You will note that Doves were the emblem of those who served the Grail. Their banners and saddles, their shields and the like were printed with Doves. Who do you Serve is part of the questions we can ask McNamara and Colin Powell. Tesla was one of those Grail Initiates out of the stream of Klingsor and Wartburg castle where Strader/Keely had a karmic confrontation with Star Elemental Beings.

All of this should raise questions in life, but as far as we know, most people twiddle around, that is, except serious students of Spiritual Science. Most of us here are serious students of Spiritual Science.

But Robert S. McNamara is now wrestling with his conscience. Death's door is on the near horizon, just ahead, how will his karmic accounts be weighed? After all the dead of Viet Nam, McNamara now wrestles with his weasel like conscience. Back when he was "an IBM machine with legs" he lived with balance sheets and Ahrimanic manipulation at the center of Power. Power doesn't revere introspection, only when the question of the after life arises, if it arises, does one become introspective.

Part of the sinister characters mentioned above, Rove, Hitler's Press secretary Goebbels, Pol Pot-Stalin-Lenin-Bush, Blair have contributed to the wonderful figure of nearly 100,000,000 people who were ripped from their lives over Ahriman's well tuned technocrats. And that figure only accounts for the 20th century.


" In "Fog of War" -- which opened recently nationwide -- McNamara, in his mid-80s, speaks agonizingly of his moral culpability in World War II and later in Vietnam in the '60s and early-'70s.

McNamara saw himself as a loyal soldier, who told the truth to his boss, the President of the United States -- that the Vietnam war was unwinnable, that the best thing the U.S. could hope for was an endless stalemate -- but who was overruled. Rather than resign in protest, as a way of perhaps saving tens of thousands of American (and many hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese civilian) lives, he stayed on as a technocrat, positively spinning the war news while leading a disastrous campaign he knew made no sense. His soul was forever tarnished.

Secretary Powell could have saved his soul when he came to realize that the nuclear-related "intelligence" being used by the Bush Administration to pave its way to war in Iraq was "bullshit" (his term). But, a loyal soldier to his boss, his method of pragmatic resistance early on was to try to ameleriorate the worst policies of Rumsfeld and his neo-con cabal at the Defense Department. Powell lost that battle, and wound up fronting for the rush-to-war crowd.

When Powell tried to convince an unbelieving U.N. Security Council that war on Iraq was justified on the basis of the embarrassingly flawed WMD "evidence" provided him by Rumsfeld's Office of Special Plans and the White House, the Secretary of State lost all moral credibility in that world body and among those domestically who still had any faith left in him. Any slim chance he had for a potential presidency vanished. (It's fascinating to speculate what the primaries would look like today if Powell's conscience had led him to resign in order to run against Bush.)"

Bradford continues;

Have you ever weighed up how you arrived at a healthy perception of Spiritual Science? There are preparations in time, and how in one life time you are faced with moral clarity and the high ground. It may be just enough window to give you clarity. It could be the birth of a child, a mothering instinct, a tragic loss. To one soul who meets it, unprepared, their intellects refute and reject it because their encounters with other Germanic Historical cults and spiritual ideas, have left a sour taste in their mouths. To another it becomes a slow revelation. To others all such Nazi and otherwise lumped together Steiner propaganda is just stale, twisted and unscientific quackery.

We meet Waldorf or Spiritual Science or waltz carefully around the body of the Michael School with very different, cautious and earnest glances depending on how prepared we are. It depends too, on what your state of soul is. Last night, for instance, I was fascinated by some lost footage dealing with John Waters and the transvestites Divine, Holly Woodlawn and Candy Darling that was running on the multi-channel list. I was stationed, (my military term) I was stationed at La Mama with Jackie Curtis and the whole underground Warhol souls were part of my daily, 19 year old theater experience. I knew all of these critters and was around with New Experimental Theater at that time.

I first encounterd Spiritual Science by writing my first play called "The Fifth" it was about fire-air-water-earth and ether. It was my inner awakening play, which I wrote with what I wanted to write as a theme dealing with my personal awakening. I had performed as Mr. Straight guy, innocent guy amongst all the midnight shows with all these wild theater critters, and I just wanted to find my inner theme. I spiritually found it in my first play, called, "The Fifth".

The Programm for the two Shows appearing at some dingy hole in wall Off, Off B'way theatre, packed to the gills, were two plays. Mine and another with Candy Darling and Robert Patrick. The interns I worked with, long after I left for Europe and went out of radio contact with New York theater, further developed my script of "The Fifth"..without copywrights, but I still have the script and reviews.. years and years later someone finally developed it, they developed the film, "The Fifth Element". It arose nearly 28 years after I had written my script called "The Fifth".

How did I meet and what was my ripeness to encounter the first germinal seeds of Spiritual Science? It was in the middle of Gay/Lesbian and ME and a journey of Theater in M.Y. Eurythmy entered my first play. Think of it, Eurythmy was in my very first play. I really had no idea what exactly Eurythmy was, but my choreographer, the one I chose and connected with amongst the lunatics off b'way, was a storyteller by the name of Laura Simms. Fairly famous now but she wasn't when we met. We were living in the Village of 8th street etc. But Laura Simm's was studying with Cari Von Ort in Spring Valley. I had no idea. Just no idea. I was just following my natural curiosity, my private quest to what were the inner contents of my own imagination.


I later graduated from the Speech School of the Goetheanum and went to Spring Valley and met and worked with Cari Von Ort. What preparation was there for the wonder of Spiritual Science to take root in my soul? What aspects of life makes our connection difficult if not impossible? One has to ask oneself these things, as I did, last evening watching some San Francisco documentary on Transvestites and how they bombed in N.Y.... Oh I was there alright, right in the midst of the craziness. I knew all these people who had shattered against the walls, drugged out, AIDS and dull confusion to this day.. and Me.

So early on my conscience craved for answers. My conscience really craved for answers. I didn't for a moment think drugs were going to give me an answer. I thought education might, but much of what was taught seemed to dance around and back peddle against the giant questions that loomed in my soul. But those questions were my incarnations investments and my navigational tools. How much of a boon is it to come through the pillars of Scylla and charybidis? While I was still young and limber in my soul I learned to devour and hear what Dr. Steiner unfolded to my waiting and yearning conscience. It became richer and richer and my children were directed to this richness as well.

Predispositions as being Predisposed in the rocky soil of the soul to encounter Common Sense and be receptive to the Objectivity of Spiritual Science, literally means not having the burden McNamara had. Not having so much clutter of Life, of Power, of unthought out history and complex psychology drowning in ones soul life. Think tanks have brilliant jaw snapping minds and those with such powers are envied by our own puny intellects. But what, dear Hamlet, what base uses to the world is this intellect without some active germ of Conscience?

HAMLET To what base uses we may return, Horatio! Why may not imagination trace the noble dust of Alexander, till he find it stopping a bung-hole?

HORATIO Twere to consider too curiously, to consider so.

HAMLET No, faith, not a jot; but to follow him thither with modesty enough, and likelihood to lead it: as thus: Alexander died, Alexander was buried, Alexander returneth into dust; the dust is earth; of earth we make loam; and why of that loam, whereto he was converted, might they not stop a beer-barrel? Imperious Caesar, dead and turn'd to clay, Might stop a hole to keep the wind away: O, that that earth, which kept the world in awe, Should patch a wall to expel the winter flaw!

HAMLET There's another: why may not that be the skull of a lawyer? Where be his quiddities now, his quillets, his cases, his tenures, and his tricks? why does he suffer this rude knave now to knock him about the sconce with a dirty shovel, and will not tell him of his action of battery? Hum! This fellow might be in's time a great buyer of land, with his statutes, his recognizances, his fines, his double vouchers, his recoveries: is this the fine of his fines, and the recovery of his recoveries, to have his fine pate full of fine dirt? will his vouchers vouch him no more of his purchases, and double ones too, than the length and breadth of a pair of indentures? The very conveyances of his lands will hardly lie in this box; and must the inheritor himself have no more, ha?

Bradford concludes;

Luciferic Symptomology and Ahrimanic Symptomology can be grasped, if such a preoccupation with conscience and Spritual Science amuses you. No the journey is not for everyone, even though Everyone can benefit from a Study of Knowledge of the Higher Worlds. But the predisposition to allow time to meet Spiritual Science face to face is not easily given to everyone. Timing is everything. Perhaps the beautiful place, the Spiritual World, where a child has come from, isn't the kind of Waldorf Kindergarten atmosphere that relaxes and nourishes you. The gentle colors, the songs, the mother in the kitchen helper..nothing that strikes you as matching the holy atmosphere a child brings with it... Okay.

Intellect; intellect so narrowed and well educated that it's "I know everything about science b.s. button" is always on stun and realizes only that when it comes to intellects, powerful political intellects, that as Dante has well described and Oppenheimer knew all too well, there are reserved seats for those like McNamara, interesting places in the Nine Layers of Hell.

But not only did Steiner not invent the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth, he also did not invent the Nine Hierarchies. He did not invent the Angel. Steiner did not invent a ZeitGeist. Steiner did not invent the Resurrection. Steiner did not invent the Etheric body. Steiner did not invent the astral body. Steiner did not invent Reincarnation. He did not invent Ahriman nor did he invent Lucifer. But Steiner also did not invent a method to brainwash and torture children or hypnotically, in some Jim Jones vision of real hell, gather Anthros together so that they would remain blind and unable to see, would be blinded and stupid to what the Mephisto Waltz was all about. It is all about Robert Strange McNamara.



From: holderlin66
Date: Sun Feb 1, 2004 1:44 pm
Subject: Re: Ahriman's Cliff Notes/Tarjei

--- In [email protected], holderlin66 wrote:

4.) Contingency plans for the future, Leo Strauss will come out of Weimar and teach some of my next generations students, Ahriman planned. Ahriman named, Wolfowitz, Perle and others, but Saul Bellow snuck into the Neocon camp and reported back to Anthro headquarters. What, did you not follow this? Well doing homework is following the trail of a real super spy thriller.


"...and even Bellow may well have believed it when he wrote his first two novels, Dangling Man and The Victim. But around 1950, he dissented. He suggested that life might not be that dreary after all, and he identified social theory itself as a source of evil. Marxism, he decided, was doomed to put plans and principles ahead of humanity. In Mr. Sammler's Planet (1970), Artur Sammler's experience of Hitler and Stalin forces him to abandon his hope of applying scientific principles to building a beautiful society. He decides that the bureaucracy involved in such a program encourages dictatorship. In The Dean's December (1982), the hero tries to imagine some grand truth that will explain modern history's disasters. He, too, eventually realizes that all-encompassing theories of human life lack humanity. Constructing grand plans, he decides, avoids the truth of experience.

His way of thinking made Bellow into a critic of the theory-prone New York intellectuals who were among his teachers. Later, the energy behind the 1960s New Left appealed to many liberal intellectuals, but Bellow saw the young radicals as vicious clowns. Today, he sometimes makes common cause with neoconservatives but never embraces them. An economic theory based on decisions made by everyone out of enlightened self-interest just doesn't make sense to him. What evidence is there that the self-interest of most humans is enlightened?

Curiously, Bellow's complicated attempts to challenge literary fashion helped make him rich. Intellectual defiance was a major part of Herzog, the 1964 best-seller that brought him financial success at the age of 49. Was there ever a less likely money-maker? The crazy and Bellow-like hero, Moses Herzog, spends his time writing letters crammed with anger and high-flown language, mostly about the fate of the human spirit. He denounces "The canned sauerkraut of Spengler's [The Decline of the West], the commonplaces of [Eliot's] Wasteland outlook, the cheap mental stimulants of Alienation, the cant and rant of pip-squeaks about Inauthenticity and Forlornness. I can't accept this foolish dreariness. We are talking about the whole life of mankind ..."

Occasionally, Bellow himself has shown a weakness for fads. In the 1950s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), a charismatic quack, preached a neo-Freudian theory that mental health depends on unfettered orgasm. A Reichian adherent would sit for hours each day in an Accumulator, or orgone box, which looked like an old-fashioned phone booth. It was lined with zinc and insulated with steel wool, to collect "orgone energy." Bellow's Reichian analyst had him sit in the box for many hours, and sent him out in the woods to advance his cure by screaming his head off. In the end, Bellow decided the therapy did more harm than good.

Much later, he was attracted to another dubious set of ideas, the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), the author of books such as The Occult Significance of Blood. Steiner's impenetrable theories showed up in Humboldt's Gift, prompting interviewers to ask whether this nonsense was meant satirically. Bellow was offended. Hell, no, he took Steiner seriously.

What he was looking for in Steiner was what certain American writers have sought since Ralph Waldo Emerson: transcendence, a glimpse of an existence beyond mundane experience. Emerson, Thoreau and the other New England transcendentalists were heirs to German idealist philosophy and to the writers of the Romantic era, notably Coleridge and Wordsworth. The transcendentalists in turn influenced Melville, Whitman -- and Bellow.

Bellow's characters dream of finding patterns behind a world that appears meaningless. This leads them in the general direction of religion, and though Bellow has never claimed to be conventionally religious, "soul" is among his favourite words. Accepting the Nobel Prize in 1976, he suggested readers everywhere were longing for a "more coherent, more comprehensive account of what we human beings are, and what this life is for." A characteristic of our time, he said, is that the individual must struggle against the forces of dehumanization "for the possession of his soul."

It's not clear what he means by "soul," but there's no doubt he wants us to pay more attention to it. As Hillel Halkin pointed out in Commentary three years ago, Bellow seems to imagine that the human soul is in exile in the world. In Humboldt's Gift (1975), the doomed poet is possessed by the Platonic belief that souls came from an original world elsewhere, a home-world, now lost: "He spoke of our species as castaways," the narrator says. In The Dean's December, the hero has "taken it upon himself to pass Chicago through his own soul." Bellow sometimes has his characters refer to an original soul, the soul humans possess at birth.

It happens that at this moment, two Canadian-born American Jewish intellectuals stand among the great world figures in the arts: novelist Saul Bellow and architect Frank Gehry. This may be mainly coincidence, but the parallels between them, particularly in their intellectual lives, are worth noting. Among other similarities, they both left Canada for the United States at a young age and both remained known only to a relatively small public until their reputations blossomed in middle age.

But don't tell Bellow that similar origins shaped those two magnificent careers. That would violate his cherished belief that lives are not determined by circumstances. In 1984, when his home town of Lachine, Que., named its library after him, Bellow seized the opportunity to denounce the abhorrent idea, typical of the tired formulas produced by universities and journalism, that those born to poverty and ignorance likely will remain poor and ignorant. Don't believe it, he said. "Your mind and your spirit have their own liberty." Each individual should be loyal to that. And besides, "The human soul has its own way." The human soul is Bellow's true and explicit subject, which is one of several reasons why he's among the exceptional writers of the world."

Bradford concludes:

I followed with interest as Tarjei looked so intently and sincerely at how someone, say, PS could interpret how his own I AM saw things. Which is anyones right if we voice an opinion. It is anyones right and we have no ground to insist that you just don't understand my I AM. Tarjei traced specific discerning forces of the I AM and he looked up reality and I AM research which every infected Intellectual soul refutes. This adventure into the I AM, brought Tarjei to Anarchism and Steiner as a real radical with a Fichte like core fully explored and dangerous to Science and humanity. Why?

Simply because to understand the core of the Christ Event and the Christ Being brings each individual into a state that no longer needs to rely on outside authorities for the proof of their insights. But that would imply we could just deny the efforts of research around us and just focus on our Fichtean I AM's. However this school of learning, that teaches how the I Am functions, brings insights into the Soul and Spirit as well as the Physical foundations of creation and names the Christ as the bearer of the I AM, has become dangerous because with it, we refute the Church of Fear and the Bomb. We refute the Church of Science that uses fear of the bomb or biological terror to keep the citizens from learning the truth of their own I AM.

That Christ, did in fact, conquer the atomic table of elements, because the entire atomic table was part of the Logos to begin with is such a dangerous cultural idea. That a human I AM is part of the symphony of matter and spirit in the embrace of the Logos and that I AM's and their future time travel would be monitored by the very I AM being, Christ, the Lord of Karma is extremely dangerous. I AM's are lurking everywhere and they have been inserted through the Time Travel mechanisms of Reincarnation and the Gods. Certainly Cloning could be a great fragmenting shattering of the I AM couldn't it? Copies of I AM's floating around, what if, what if and again what if? The critics have nothing to compare to how we can enter accurately into the What Ifs and they cannot see what the effects would be on the moral and spritual structure of the future development of mankind.

This, when we get down to the knitty gritty of composing and deflating the propaganda that the Church of the Right Wing of Ahriman land, requires us to believe in Fear. Makes those with developing I AM discernment dangerous to policy and Sheepness. Wolves prefer that the Sheep do not know that the I AM on Golgotha, sprayed with the blood of Christ, shattered the laws of Saturn, Sun, Moon and Earth, with the Father's permission. "His bones should not be broken" This gravity and dynamic bone structure zodiac framework and system was to remain unbroken and remodeled out of the I AM, down to the very design and construction of physical forms in space and under the laws of space, down to the bones.

This does not mean that we may relax and not face the wolves who poison with fear and are prophets of the church of Ahriman. We have to respect and look carefully at the prophets of the Church of Ahriman. They are strewn on the ass of history, against the Pauline SPirit of Christ. The wolves or Wolfowitz and Perle, Cheney and Rumsfeld and whole mighty armies of Ahrimanic thought police, in the WC and Newt Gingrich, think tanks everywhere, merely monitor Anthro sites, with Starman Hawks and PS right wing intellectual gun slingers, who patrol and keep confused souls away from what Tarjei has wisely researched around the core of the I AM. Discerning what that Core means is rightly discerning what humanism is. Most souls fail at this even.

This was a very introspective research project on the I AM that Tarjei journeyed on; where, where in the wide, wide world, could anyone find such a profound research trail and depth that Steiner warmly and freely offered humanity with his rich philosophical and scientific experience?

This research makes every soul drawn to Spiritual Science a threat to the church of Ahriman. The bomb is the St. Paul version of total belief in science and fear; and crispy fried bones infected leukemia are poisoned lights immoral death forces, that were transformed by Christ. What about techno toys and space travel? What does Ahriman wish to prove to the Intellect that wanders toward Spiritual Science? That, the transformation of thinking and balanced discernment has to be won by each I AM turning from external church and external science to the inner Science structure of the human soul, spirit and biological affirmation in space.

In that affirmation is the Science of the Christ Event. And this Science comes with a little Sword, distributed to Michael School students before they were born, a sword called Sting. We hold in our soul life the WMD in the primal Rings, each of us are Ring bearers, where the inner core of the I AM has the very destructive force seen in Nuclear Light. No it is not all Love, trials ahead loom deep and profound as any Gandalfian knows. We have these mighty anti-I AM forces in us, as Ring Bearers and still we pursue the path of the Logos and the I AM.


From: Mike Helsher
Date: Mon Feb 2, 2004 10:15 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Ahriman's Cliff Notes/Tarjei

Thanks Bradford for the wonderful article. This part really wacked me:

"Bellow's point was that alienation, far from being an inescapable part of the modern human condition, as armies of Marxist thinkers argued, might be nothing more than a conceit of intellectuals. You could decline to be alienated, if you felt like it. You might decide not to take seriously the insistence of intellectuals that your work and your life lack meaning."


"You might decide not to take seriously the insistence of intellectuals that your work and your life lack meaning."

And yet again:

"You might decide not to take seriously the insistence of intellectuals that your work and your life lack meaning."

This is a good thing to remember when dealing with some of the Critics. Especially when they imply that "Anthroposophy racist [rotten] to the core."

Life and meaning


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