From: Tarjei Straume
Date: Sun Jan 18, 2004 2:39 pm
Subject: dodecahedron

There's a symbol on the hardcover books from Spiritual Science Library, which was created by Pythagoras. Look at the website I happened to stumble across:

What do you think?



From: golden3000997
Date: Sun Jan 18, 2004 5:26 pm
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] dodecahedron

Hey Taz et al,

Danny forwarded this site to the Anthroposophy Group yesterday

Both really good.

By the way - has anyone on either of these groups worked through the entire Platonic Solids in Clay? I have - TWICE - once in class and once by myself. Brownie points for me!! : ) (Yeah, that and $1.25 will get me a right on the bus.)

I can explain it, though and I have some photos and some drawings of the forms within the forms. Anyone interested?

: ) Christine

AWww Taz, if I can do Disney World in the rain in a Mickey Mouse poncho, so could you!!! : )


From: holderlin66
Date: Sun Jan 18, 2004 8:08 pm
Subject: Mysteries of Goodness

The cultural and individual goodness of the world are ringing in the Ether Bodies of humanity. This collective Etheric Scroll, Song, and higher music of the spheres are a source of great goodness. In this Goodness the mighty Risen Etheric Christ weaves the New Music of Mankind. Here, each soul comes to a stunning revelation. That aside from what men deny on Earth, The Christ Being Lives and resounds through the Ether of the Earth and the Etheric bodies of humanity.

When the young die in tragic wars, useless and senseless wars, there is an unused life script, the much laughed about scroll or script of the biography and life forces as well as the Life SPirit that is changed because a human wore it, lived in it and shared human destiny with us all. A stunning Beethovenish, religious, Seen and felt through the very soul, mighty cleansing tone that rings in the core of the Etheric Christ - rings also through the Etheric Bodies of those who have died young for selfish political tyrants that still spout their form of SPIN, lies and deception.


Now let us consider the unexpended ether bodies that are still in existence. They were cast off by human beings who had learned, through a great event, how to sacrifice themselves for their people's spiritual commonalty, a commonalty no longer present for them, at least on the surface. If a spiritual scientist today asserts that there is a collective soul of people and that it exists as archangel and so forth, he will be ridiculed. What is called a people's collective soul by the materialists is nothing but the abstract sum of attributes that the people of a nation possess. The materialist considers the people as nothing but the sum of human beings who co-exist in the same geographic area and share a sense of commonalty with each other.

We, on the other hand, speak of a people's spiritual commonalty in such a way that we know that the spirit of a people is present as a real being of the rank of an archangel. Even though somebody who sacrifices his life for his people is not fully conscious of the real spirit of his people, he nevertheless confirms by the manner in which he goes through death that he believes in a continuity of life alter this death. He believes that there is more to a people's spiritual commonalty than meets the eye, that is, it is related to, and co- exists with, the supersensible world. All those going through death confirm in a more or less conscious way that there is a super-sensible world, and that realization is imprinted on their ether bodies.

In a future time of peace, the unexpended ether bodies will be among people living on earth and will continually send the following sounds into the music of the spheres:

"there is more in the world than what mere physical eyes can perceive! This spiritual truth will ring forth as part of the music of the spheres through ether bodies that the dead have left behind."

"These are aside from what they are taking along as their individuality, which they retain during their lives between death and rebirth. We must listen to what lives and echoes from these ether bodies, because they were discarded by people who went through death and in so doing, affirmed the truth of the spiritual world.

"Mankind's greatest sin will be to ignore what the dead call out to us when their ether bodies speak. One's glance at the spiritual world will be infinitely enriched if one considers that those who have lost loved ones — fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters — may tell themselves that those who were sacrificed continue to live for humanity, as a reminder of what is yet to come! "

Bradford concludes;

When depleted Uranium shells infect the bone marrow of young children and the decision to use these lethal monster weapons, produce them and distribute them, comes from the U.S. we hesitate to approach the idea of decayed Light and the infection of decayed light that was born from the Bastard son of Ahriman because of the Nuclear Card. Mutually Assured Destruction or MAD.

Here we enter into a new Etheric sizzling Attack. Think of my life script, your life script. This Life script that the WC are not mature enough to consider, is viewed when anyone crosses the threshold. Now imagine, you have a piece of celluloid film, in an old projector and the celluloid get stuck and the heat of the lamp sizzles, shrivels and bites through image, as if acid was poured on it.

Depleted Uranium eats into the very substance of the Etheric cohesion like a decayed light substance as Acid or Light and heat eat through the image on a frame of 8mm film. Things we don't wish to think about and prefer to shift our attention from the Mighty Etheric forces of restoration, music and Protection that the Etheric Christ offers those who cross the threshold - but focus all our creepy little Intellectual Soul intent on the Bastard that Ahriman gave birth to, the Nuclear demon.

Now to say that Dark forces are also working to lay hold of these ether bodies, with their uranium poisoned signature is to be fair. It is fair to say that much that we can protect and be guardians of humanity is not mature enough to set the standard and deal with the reality. The reality is that kidnapped children, torture, certain suicides and political assassinations and murders are actively hunting for Etheric Bodies to build a Tone of Terror, of Fear, of bondage and nightmare and use etheric bodies to view future events, steal the future of mankind from mankind itself.

A God, like the Christ, is greater than any Nuclear rape of Light. Because not only is matter and Light merely a lower rung of the Father, but the Christ has been given permission to bear the active forces of Life Spirit, Spirit Self and Spirit Man to mankind. Matter and etheric robbery by humanity must have an equally and superior understanding of just how to defend and draw a line between what WMD we pride ourselves in; And the Superior Fission that The Christ heals and repairs shattered etheric bodies with, the Father's Own Seraphic music of the spheres.

Now if we say we reconstitute an incarnation, and re-collect our overall human history, we also collect knots of stunning moment where the very religion of the Universe restores us as a being. These individual moments and collective moments are part of the Science of the Soul. These moment are printed profoundly into the etheric texture of INdividual I AM's and somewhere in a persons biography, a NDE or an actual recollection of their experience meeting the Etheric Christ, will show itself even into the Earthly biography.

The question we have to ask ourselves is, are we prepared to take this maturity in the heart of the confused and clogged up Political and Intellectual Soul in this Michael Age and give REason a whole new Reason to defend the dignity of Humanity against our own Shadows?



From: Mike Helsher
Date: Mon Jan 19, 2004 7:35 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] dodecahedron

Thanks Tarjei,

I forwarded this to a friend of mine that is loves Geometry, and has recently started making stained glass lamps based on the five platonic solids.

ckeck out his site at:

Truth and Love


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There's a symbol on the hardcover books from Spiritual Science Library, which was created by Pythagoras. Look at the website I happened to stumble across:

What do you think?



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