Heaven and Earth

From: dottie zold
Date: Sun Jan 4, 2004 8:36 am
Subject: Heaven and Earth

So, what is God like anyway? That is the question I would like to ask my sister listmates:) just kidding, fellow list mates:)

In reading Jakob Boehme it seems he holds that God and his Angeles are lowly and meekly. A sense of wonder in that, when one meditates to 'see' what it is he was able to understand through his experiences.

For being outcasts we seem to do quite a bit that helps us to continue the perpetuation of our outcastness in my mind. With all the rhetoric of man against man it is no wonder the it rains so much: Gods tears can not be held in Heaven alone. And the Angels, well yes they cry too, for God.

So what is God like? What is our mission? Saving man by killing others so that we can say 'Hey God, look what we did for you, we saved the Earth. We killed all those nasty people who were not like You and me, we showed them that we walk in line with You for we know that You are our Father. We did our part now can we come home'?

And God shall say 'No you can not. Not until you learn Who I AM may you come home. Killing others did not save the Earth it saved Lucifers Kingdom. It is not Me you are like rather your Father the Devil, Lucifer whom you resemble. Put on your coat of lowlyness and meekness in order to know Me. And not lowly and meekness to Me but lowly and meekly to those who you can not see wear my clothes. With Me, I prefer you wrestle, leave your brothers and sisters alone. Find a way to get along. That is the way to My Heart.

However my faith in my people is growing thin. I seem to be losing them to lord Lucifers kindgom by the bushel and I can do naught but keep inspiring those who truly do know me to be the example of Who I AM. You are losing the way once again and my Son is here. You each crucify him, that part of yourself that is in him, when you continue to make Lucifer the King by following his ways.

Look unto your behaviours, see what you are committed to. Does this resemble My Love as you know it? Does it resemble the love I share with you on your deepest and darkest day? You must love others more than you love Me that is what my Son came to say. As you do unto the littlest so have you done unto Me."

I will hve Earth as Heaven, divine to your higher mind of Who I AM so that we can make this dream come true and may be together once again. And then you will be home."

So, this is how I think God thinks. I think God is lowly and meekly which allows me to find a way to be lowly and meekly like Him. Yet what are we to do with this Michael figure who guides us? It seems some think he guides to war, but he does not, he guides us to ourselves. He guides us to Love and Brotherhood. And the deeper we allow ourselves to know Lord Michael the more we come to the deepest stream of mankind: God our Home.

Lord Michael does not defend God by killing, no Lord Michael defends God with Love. It is not Lord Michael that inspires us to think of how we may kill others to uphold Gods way, no, that is lord Lucifer. Do you well to check to see which Lord you follow; The lord of this world or the Lord of that which is eternal and lives within God.



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