Indigo Children

From: Mike Helsher
Date: Sun Jan 25, 2004 9:56 pm
Subject: Indigo Children

I read this tonight and thought it worth sharing. It's an excerpt from an article in "Gateways."

....Indigo Children [a book by Jan Tober and Lee Carroll] received so much attention because it documented children speaking about themselves and there experiences of being different. Some of these children showed consciousness advanced beyond their age. Since the book was published, we have many more examples of children with an obviously different consciousness. Below is a quote from a book written by a Brazilian eight-year-old whom one might say is mad. However, if one is familiar with the work of Rudolf Steiner, then what the child says is not all that strange.

"I come from the core of the sun to fulfill my task...The children who are born now come from a more progressive school than that of Mars, for example from the Sun. these new beings will help that the Earth does not experience a too radical transformation... I do not come to the earth all by myself, I come together with a group of souls. There are many other soul groups. Together we are in the other world, before we come to the earth. Then I go to earth together with this group of souls through various spheres, but first I have to go to the sun. this Sun gives me strength in order to prepare for my path to earth...the newborn is afraid to be locked into the reality of the body. He misses the essential unity of the place that he comes from, and therefore he connects quickly for the people who care for him. He gives to them the roll of the highest beings. If parents believe in material things only, then they draw the children more and more into the physical. While they teach him to speak, they limit his thoughts. When children grow older, they gradually lose the connection to their origin."

His father once told him about a legend about the angle of forgetfulness who kisses the children before birth so they forget about their spiritual existence. The child said, "Yes, this is true. But I took great care ,and, when the angle came, I moved my head sideways, and the angle touched me only a little. Therefore, I can remember. It is sad if one forgets everything. Now there are many children who bring with them the memory of God. The most difficult part is not the remembering, but putting it into words."

Truth and Love



From: golden3000997
Date: Mon Jan 26, 2004 4:49 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Indigo Children

Interesting Mike!

I had just come across this from one of my other groups:

Steiner did tell us that toward the end of the century, clairvoyance would begin to arise naturally in new generations of children, didn't he? Already, in the 80's, I had a few children in my classrooms who could remember certain things. That is why it is so important that there be teachers and parents who are open minded and able to listen to a child without contradicting or judging. In the past, most people who had "visions" as children were called liars or worse and often subjected to punishments of various forms.

On the other hand, this is the prime reason for Steiner's bringing knowledge that had been "esoteric" to the common light of day, so that people had some guidance in self-development that would allow them to nurture their gifts in a healthy way. (As adults - we do NOT do exercises with children that specifically work on their faculties of clairvoyance - for any WCs out there who are listening in!)

What we do, is listen with open minds, love with open hearts and support and nuture the child with a will open to what she or he is bringing from all levels of conciousness.

: ) Christine


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