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From: Joel Wendt
Date: Thu Jan 29, 2004 7:16 am
Subject: if you like, please share, otherwise delete

Dear Senator Kerry,

I am writing this to you, in order to speak for something yet forgotten - something deeper than mere politics, something not about winning elections, or gaining power. This something does not have a clear voice, although its tone and nature will be familiar to you. It lives in hard work, in suffering, in hope, and in faith. We sometimes call it the American Spirit, which while not a bad name, does not really capture its true Essence.

In a way, as an individual Citizen of the United States, and of the World, I speak for this forgotten voice having earned the right to do this through working in a factory, in a mental hospital, and in many other places such as led me to cleaning the toilets in fancy homes, and washing the dishes in fancy restaurants. I am the opposite of a Karl Rove, who is one of the Rasputins of the rich and the elite. Instead, I speak for the consciences and hearts which raise the children and create the wealth. I seek neither riches nor power nor the satisfaction of ambition. All that I yearn for is to hear and speak the simple truth, and for the chance to be a good person.

Listen to my voice, for there will never again be any advice you will ever receive that is as needed as what I am now going to tell you.

This election is not about issues, or the war or the economy. It is about one thing only, and that is whether ordinary Americans, and other Citizens of the World, can trust the sitting government of the United States of America.

In another context, I wrote previously: "The only real coin of any value, passed between the citizens of a Nation and their public servants, is the truth. With that coin in circulation, nothing is impossible to such a People, for truth leads to trust, and it is mutual trust that binds us together into a Whole."

For a long time now both major political parties in the United States have failed at creating trust. Here is the one true explanation for why less and less people have been willing to vote for many many years, but also why in this election, so many are returning to express their rage and their frustration.

We raise the children and create the wealth, leaving to our public servants the work of caring for the Republic and preserving our form of government from its enemies both foreign and domestic. In essence, we have trusted you, and you and your kind have failed us. Yes, you should take this personally, for it is precisely the Senate, which in our form of government was intended to be the deliberative voice of the People, and which has instead become a place of privilege and power, where greed and ambition have ruled, and the Ideals of our Republic have been sacrificed on a cross of commerce.

For decades now you have lied to us about social security, making us believe we paid into what was meant to be a trust fund for our retirement, but which instead became just another source of revenue that could be spent and used like some kind of pyramid scheme. You and yours gave away the monetary power of our Republic to a private banking cartel, the so-called Federal Reserve Board, which has nothing to do with something Federal at all. You squandered our taxes on defense contractors that need wars and the blood of our children to sustain their corporate growth, and on energy companies that destroy our Planet in the name of the dark God Profit. In the last decades you agreed to trade treaties that gave away more and more sovereign power that is not yours to give away, but which is ours and which you were meant to hold dear and in trust. You took our airways, and granted unlimited license to huge corporations which neither inform us or enlighten us, but instead turn these same airways into a means to seduce and destroy our culture and our youth, all in the name of their own bottom lines.

All this and more, while granting yourself higher and higher wages, the most remarkable retirement plan and health coverage, and increasingly fixing our election laws to benefit your own re-election campaigns.

You are not public servants, but thieves and scoundrels, worthy and deserving of every obscene joke ever made about politicians. You've sold the Republic to the highest bidder and you ought to be ashamed.

If ever there was a group of people who needed to create a 12 Step program it is the America Politician. You have been criminal in the extreme, and need to confess and feel remorse. You need to stop lying to yourself, and surrender to the Divine within and without, seeking forgiveness from the People you have abused, but most especially finding those deeds that are needed in order to make amends.

Words are empty now, only actions will mean anything.

What the American People, and the World's Peoples as well, most need now is for a true Statesman to become our President. If we have to suffer the vanity of another politician in that office, we might well never recover.

So, Senator Kerry, confess to your errors as a member of the Senate. Confess to the lies and the bad judgments, the failures of courage and the seductions of ambition and greed. Make this election about something real, which is not issues, but about the truth and about trust. Don't defeat Bush by putting him down, but by humbling yourself - for by this act of sacrifice you will raise up from its degeneration and decay the whole art and craft of public service.

Have the guts to be human, to acknowledge error, to seek forgiveness, and to not lead but to follow our People into the 21st Century, not on a cross of commerce, but on the plain truth and the simplest of virtues. In this way you can give us, and the world, no greater treasure of spirit.

Your brother in ordinary human failure and error, himself an addict in recovery, Joel A. Wendt, dated and written, this day of our Lord, January 29th, 2004, in Prescott, Arizona.


From: b m <bryanmillermail>
Date: Thu Jan 29, 2004 9:42 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] if you like, please share, otherwise delete

Well, Joel, I would just add a PS:

And when you're elected, don't forget to legalize it.

And as an unasked for bonus, here go my predictions for this election. If Dean gets the nomination, he loses the presidency. Two reasons: too far to the left, bad smile. Not necessarily in order of importance.
Clark gets the nomination, he loses the presidency. Two reasons: left sees him as a liar pretending to be a democrat, right sees him as a traitor to the conservatives.

Kerry gets the nomination, he beats Bush. One main reason: he has this vague enough to be subliminal resemblance to Abraham Lincoln. Inspires trust.

Edwards won't get the nomination. This time. He may be the vice president in a Kerry ticket though.



From: dottie zold
Date: Thu Jan 29, 2004 12:06 pm
Subject: Re: if you like, please share, otherwise delete

Dear Joel,

I like what you have written very much. I think you might consider going a step further and seeing if you can get people to sign it and send it forward on line. I think the end stop would be you and you could present it as an online letter to the campaign with thousands of signatures and then also a hard copy to the headquarters as well.

The only place I think you might reconsider is where you ask him to co-sign everyones personal indiscretions. I don't think it can be presented that way if you truly hope to inspire him to look at the core issue of your paper and present it as an issue he sees facing the American public.

My thoughts,


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