A New Bio-Political Era this is it folks

From: golden3000997
Date: Tue Jan 13, 2004 4:05 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] A New Bio-Political Era this is it folks.

You know, there has been something really, really REALLY bothering me, but it seems so insignificant that it seems ridiculous to talk about it. But here it is, anyway.

The last time (around August) that I flew on an airplane (to Houston to visit my sister), I was, along with everyone else around me, subjected to an absolutely HUMILIATING series of experiences. Besides being scanned I don't remember how many times, we had to stand in a long security line and TAKE OUR SHOES OFF!!! This just BOTHERS ME!!! Take your shoes off! It's like the people being herded into the concentration camps and having to take off their clothes - their shoes!!! I have even heard of strip searches at airports. I'm sure it is more common than I realize. I happened to have a safety pin in the waistband of my pants and this set off the hand held scanner. I mean REALLY!!!! One cannot move unless one is first stripped bare (just about).

My friend who is from Peru travels a lot more than I do and he told me that on a recent trip he was stopped by a "security" guard and grilled as to whether or not he was a "good American". I mean REALLY!!!

I can't say anything very profound about this, it just PISSES ME OFF!!!! What RIGHT do "these people" whoever they are, have to search and humiliate people in the name of "security"? And what about the millions of people everyday who just shrug and go through it without protest? BAAAAA BAAAAAA BAAAAAA

The electric fence is gradually being moved in closer and closer. When it was way out on the borders, we thought we were free to roam around at will. But it gets moved in more and more each day, until we will find ourselves huddled up together, waiting for market day.



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