Tale about a Scandinavian Anthro-List

From: Tarjei Straume
Date: Mon Jan 19, 2004 4:09 am
Subject: tale about a Scandinavian anthro-list

I've just done a little update on my website. It's comprehensible only to Scandinavian readers, because it's in the Norwegian section. But it's about anthro-lists:


Anyway, I do have to fell you ALL about this, because the story of the Norwegian/Scandinavian "Libra" list (on Yahoo!) is not a comedy of errors, but a comedy of utter imbecility.

So hang in there folks, and - borrowing an expression from Jimmy Hendrix - let Tarjei Uncle Taz take care of you tonight.

"Libra" is a classical example of a failed anthroposophical initiative:


The Yahoo! group was launched by some anthroposophist on May 9, 1999. No activity whatsoever, except feeble-minded ponderings about what those ads were about and what ads would have been more suitable. On the average, one message every two months. I subscribed from the end of November 2000 until October 2003. At this time, a coup d'etat was made by one of the local Waldorf Critics, Rigmor Nilsen. I had been flaming the critics rather badly by doing some exceptionally childish and miscievous trolling, so they were up in arms. Rigmor Nilsen wrote to Yahoo! and they found out that the group moderator had vanished into thin cyber-air three years ago and made Nilsen the new owner/moderator. And holy macro, there comes a declaration from mrs. Nilsen that she will be tough and strict and merciless but "fair." (Hello?) The first thing she did was deleting all those posts of mine from the public archive that she didn't like, but keeping her own and those of the other critics. And this wasn't only troll posts. No, the critics had claimed that "high ranking" anthroposophists had been censoring their Yahoo! posts from the search engines. My response to this, where I explained how search engines work and how such editing is done, has been deleted, but the messages containing the allegations have not!

During four and a half years, *extremely* little was written to the Yahoo! Libra list. That's why most of the posts were mine. And then came Waldorf critic Rigmor Nilsen's coup d'etat. What bugs me about the coup is that it was done by someone who doesn't know how to use the internet and wouldn't know how to start a group, not even by following Yahoo's instructions that a child can understand. Excuse me for saying so, but the people on that list seem so hopelessly ignorant, apops and critics alike. They don't call the Libra group "the forum" or "the list" or "the group," but "the page." And whenever I posted something there (after months of total silence), some clown would ask me to take him off my private list, oblivious to the fact that he was a subscriber! And then someone else would scream for help with unsubscribing, because they didn't know how! (How the hell did they get in if they don't know where they are or how to get out?)

When I finally discovered that I was the only internet guru on the list and that the others were rather clumsy and a little slow, and devious too - those critics had begun to arrive a year after me, and gradually, they began to demand that the *only* permissible topic for the list should be Waldorf horror stories! These critics are of a different breed - oh here's a good word: a different RACE! - from the PLANS/WC variety in the sense that they endorse Rudolf Steiner's ideas through and through, so they're apops of a kind, but they demonize Waldorf staff and the AS vehemently and with a vengeance, an axe to grind.

Nevertheless, what bugged me about Rigmor Nilsen's coup d'etat at Libra last year - or should we call it the October Revolution at Yahoo! ? - was not only the fact that a cyber-illiterate critic had stolen a list with 40 members rignt under my nose and subequently practiced biased editing of the public archives, but I realized that she had beat me to it! I was just discovering that I had a playpen all to myself, a driverless runaway bus full of dopey passengers without a clue about what I was planning to do to them! I was going to take them all on an occult cyber-ride of a lifetime, and I felt like McMurphey at midnight in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." And then Big Nurse shows up with her coup, not in the morning after the party, but before the party gets off the ground!

On the other hand, perhaps it's all for the best. It's not a healthy idea to put a toy like that into my hands; it turns me into McMurphey. You see, I got them all riled up when I signed off with a graphic type-art portrait of a nude. They were outraged that I would do something like that on an anthroposophical list, and flames began flying. When I linked up Southern Cross Review to show them that nudes in anthroposophical culture was not unheard of, things only got worse and quite out of hand. This suited me perfectly, because the list had not seen any action at all before. That's when Klaus Tue arrived, who writes in a heavy quaint old-fashioned rural Norwegian dialect and lives on an uninhabited mountain where he has declared himself sheriff and built a camp to rehabilitate drug users the hard way, through slave labor in the woods. So Klaus subscribes to Libra and agrees with the critics that I am a no good son of a bitch, and in addition, I am a dirty hippie dope head and dope runner and dealer who is going to get busted and sent to Klaus' camp in the mountain by the city vice squad. And about the type-art nude (that I once stole from someone on a usenet), Klaus and I began to argue about whether she was a mean lady cop or an anthro-girl. I insisted she was a cop I had written an inflammatory poem about, but Klaus claimed to have had her in rehab and noticed her anthroposophical nipples. I accused Klaus of harassing his clients sexually out there in the wild, because how else would he know what her nipples looked like, but Klaus professed innocence and insisted that she had come to him at night just like in the scene Bob Dylan described in "Motorpsycho Nightmare":

http://www.bobdylan.com/songs/motorpsycho.html :

'I was sleepin' like a rat when I heard something jerkin'.
There stood Rita lookin' just like Tony Perkins.
She said, "Would you like to take a shower? I'll show you up to the door."
I said, "Oh, no! no! I've been through this before."
I knew I had to split but I didn't know how,
When she said, "Would you like to take that shower, now?"'

There was another uproar, Rigmor did her investigation, won the list ownership, and took over. Shit! It's the best flame I've had in my life, and the fun was only beginning!

As a final treat, I'll sign off with the nude that caused so much uproar and trolling.





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