The Bradford Vote


From: lightsearcher1
Date: Wed Jan 28, 2004 4:31 pm
Subject: The Bradford Vote ?


Per your effulgence copied, I've just now realized that Lyndon LaRouche might be your man, with your views, this November !

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On the other hand, your candidate
Lyndy did write:

In the history of modern mathematics, Steiner is known for his personal assistance to the effort of a radical-postivist network of the Ernst Mach variety, to drive one of the greatest modern mathematicians, Georg Cantor, insane. This was an operation by Steiner coordinated through the circles of associated directly with both Crowley and Crowley's long-term associate Bertrand Russell.

I have traced this through my combined studies of Cantor's principal papers, including related correspondence. This shows a breaking-point, from genius to confusion, occurring about 1888. These mental problems show in his mid-1890s presentation of the transfinite.

The specific event which shows the character of the change, is an insane piece which provoked a cessation of correspondence with the circles of Pope Leo XIIII, a lunatic elegy of Newton, which Cantor proffered as a dedication to the cause of that Pope.

Since Cantor was among the Nineteenth Century's leading mathematicians, in Karl Weierstrass's genre, and also an accomplished amateur musician in the great Beethoven tradition of Boehm, et al., it is much easier to track the axiomatic features of personal mental life expressed by such person's primary professional work, than the case of a personality of less refined epistemological character.

Rudolf Steiner played a crucial "inside job" role in destroying Cantor.-- Lyndon


From: lightsearcher1
Date: Wed Jan 28, 2004 4:43 pm
Subject: re: The Bradford Vote?

Disclaimer: I don't personally believe or endorse or subscribe to what Lyndon -- or even what Dizzy Dean or Weasily Clark oe "John F. (SKULL & BONES) Kerry" say !

NOTE: See new, more relevant link replaced a few lines below...

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Per your effulgence copied, I've just now realized that Lyndon LaRouche might be your man, with your views, this November !


From: Tarjei Straume
Date: Wed Jan 28, 2004 4:47 pm
Subject: Lyndon LaRouge

Lyndon LaRouge? He plays a prominent part in my autobiographical farce of a play that Southern Cross Review was kind enough to feature. You're bound to like it, because Richard Nixon is my defence attorney and the hero of the drama, which should be right down your alley:

Magistrate (tired): Mister Falwell, you may call your next witness.

Falwell (pleased): Very well. The prosecution summons Mister Lyndon La Rouche!

Straume (burying his head in his hands): Oh my God!

Nixon (to Straume): You're lucky, kid. You don't have to talk to him.

La Rouche enters, looks around with suspicion and a little fear, startles when he sees Justice and the cherubs, and sits down in the witness chair.

Falwell: Mister La Rouche, you're quite an expert on global drug traffic, aren't you?

La Rouche: Yes I am.

Falwell: And what conclusions have you reached about the Straume case?

La Rouche: What is very interesting, Reverend, is that less than two years after his drug conviction in Norway, Mister Straume moved to England where he spent five years.

Falwell: And why is that so interesting?

La Rouche: Well, if you've watched my programs and listened to my speeches over the years, Reverend, you are well aware that the British Royal Family controls most of the international drug traffic. Mister Straume has been working for Queen Elizabeth all along for the queen and her Freemasons. In 1975 he made a trip to Miami from London. Miami! (looking around at the jury, the Magistrate, and the audience.) Miami! London! Drugs! The Queen of England! That trip he made to California in 1976 was a dope run for Her Majesty. In Los Angeles he got doublecrossed by the Hong Kong Triad. Queen Elizabeth sent him up to her Las Vegas connection where he received further instructions. He went south from Nevada to a spot where a jet from the British Royal Air Force coming through Mexico made a drop for Mister Straume to pick up in Arizona. Anyway......

Magistrate: Mister La Rouche, can you substantiate your allegations? Do you have any proof?

La Rouche (agitated): Proof?! God is my witness! God told me all this! God talks to me!

Falwell: That's right. God told me that He'd informed Mister La Rouche about the drug crimes of Mister Straume.

Magistrate: I see. God's intelligence network and information bureau has given you all this. We're quite impressed. That's all we need to hear. I wonder what you have been smoking today, Reverend. The same as Mister La Rouche?

Falwell: That's uncalled for, sir. A satanic assault against God's people.

Magistrate: One more remark like that, Mister Falwell, and I'll have you in contempt of court. Mister Nixon, you may cross-examine.

Nixon: Mister La Rouche, isn't it true that you've been convicted for campaign fraud and tax evasion, and that you've been confined to prisons and mental institutions?

Falwell: Objection!

Nixon: No further questions, your honor.

Magistrate: Objection overruled. The witness is excused.

La Rouge leaves.

At 01:31 29.01.2004, you wrote:


Per your effulgence copied, I've just now realized that Lyndon LaRouche might be your man, with your views, this November !



From: holderlin66
Date: Wed Jan 28, 2004 5:53 pm
Subject: Re: The Bradford Vote/EZra Pound

--- In [email protected], lightsearcher1 wrote:

Disclaimer: I don't personally believe or endorse or subscribe to what Lyndon -- or even what Dizzy Dean or Weasily Clark oe "John F. (SKULL & BONES) Kerry" say !

Bradford loves the disclaimer:

Dear George;

"All men, in law, are equals.
Free of Pisistratus,
We choose a knave or an eunuch
To rule over us."

Ezra Pound, from:
"Ode Pour L'election De Son Sepulchre"

Bradford adds;

Thought process and instant gratification that someone gets when they want to be the center of attention and run back and forth between two sites, tattle telling from one to the other is transparent foppery. Why yes, we could write equal = to = equal but some of the poetry and humor of the twists of psychology get lost in wind. Tarjei knows how all lawyers are equal, they are all liars. I don't recall anybody saying much about denial of St. Paul when all of Dr. Steiner is baloney. (this doesn't apply to a fine mind like Bro. Ron.) Brother Ron did a fine job and I can only answer in my convoluted way. Luckily in the Michael School there are many wonderful minds and most precious even, hearts. Bro Ron has one of those at least as big as Montana or Idaho.

Since insanity and Holderlin were such good friends, Ezra Pound has a few whistles down the darkened alley for your highness, dearest Bro. Ron. Why should Lyndon LaLa stand alone in the corridor talking like Sihran, Sihran and other CIA assassins. We should guess that Dr. Kelly took his own life right?

St. Paul is at St. Peter's waiting for a permission slip from the Pope to speak openly about Schizophrenia and the Christ impulse. You mean, you were born again and had some scotch tape personality, like Duck Tape put over your fetid soul? Schizophrenic protests world wide were raised against both Saul/Paul-Holderlin-Pound-Steiner.. Psychiatrists are wandering around with John Nash was a friend of ours songbooks but the rest of these critters are obiously nut balls.


Not Mr. Bush though, a regualar guy. You know the usual suspects are all considered nuts. Shakespeare did an entire profile on why Hamlet was nuts. He saw ghosts, some of them probably from Mars. Of course Ezra Pound had to be locked up as a traitor and a nut ball for his contrubutions:

Secrets of the Federal Reserve. It was a matter of National Security.

"The original book, published under the title Mullins On The Federal Reserve, was commissioned by the poet Ezra Pound in 1948. Ezra Pound was a political prisoner for thirteen and a half years at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Washington, D.C. (a Federal institution for the insane). His release was accomplished largely through the efforts of Mr. Mullins."

"During the intervening years, the author continued to gather new and more startling information about the backgrounds of the people who direct the Federal Reserve policies. New information gathered over the years from hundreds of newspapers, periodicals, and books give corroborating insight into the connections of the international banking houses.*"


"Christ follows Dionysus,
Phallic and ambrosial
Made way for macerations;
Caliban casts out Ariel.

All things are a flowing
Sage Heracleitus say;
But a tawdry cheapness
Shall outlast our days.

Even the Christian beauty
Defects—after Samothrace;
We see to kalon
Decreed in the market place.

Faun's flesh is not to us,
Nor the saint's vision.
We have the press for wafer;
Franchise for circumcision.

All men, in law, are equals.
Free of Pisistratus,
We choose a knave or an eunuch
To rule over us.

O bright Apollo,
Tin andra, tin heroa, tina theon,
What god, man or hero
Shall I place a tin wreath upon!"


"There died a myriad,
And of the best, among them,
For an old bitch gone in the teeth,
For a botched civilization,

Charm, smiling at the good mouth,
Quick eyes gone under earth's lid,

For two gross of broken statues,
For a few thousand battered books."

Ezra Pound


Chapter One Jekyll Island 1
Chapter Two The Aldrich Plan 10
Chapter Three The Federal Reserve Act 16
Chapter Four The Federal Advisory Council 40
Chapter Five The House of Rothschild 47
Chapter Six The London Connection 63
Chapter Seven The Hitler Connection 69
Chapter Eight World War One 82
Chapter Nine The Agricultural Depression 114
Chapter Ten The Money Creators 119
Chapter Eleven Lord Montagu Norman 131
Chapter Twelve The Great Depression 143
Chapter Thirteen The 1930's 151
Chapter Fourteen Congressional Expose 171

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 John p.s. Daniel

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 Apostle to the Apostles


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