To Know God is to Love God


From: holderlin66
Date: Sun Jan 4, 2004 10:09 pm
Subject: To Know God is to Love God

--- In [email protected],

Dottie you raise an interesting question and my answer is spewed out into space with no direct inference to you or anyone that resembles you. In otherwords any similarity between any persons living or dead were not used in the profile of this description. Also no animals were hurt during the shooting of these concepts. In other words the deadly serious tone must have an equal response of uninhibited tongue and cheek.

God - God - God - God.... Ouy Vey

Paddling around in the infinite, does god feel good when you say god like some nice warm honey going down your throat? Does saying God, and letting our feelings swim in the warm tub of our own selfishness, self satisfied, Pat Robertson soul soup, feel all cozy, warm and fuzzy to ya?

Do you feel protected, safe, because you wish to only contemplate god? Are the staggering dimensions of Spiritual Science not sweet enough for our ever over eager sweet tooths? Is the candy shop to small for you? Do want to be covered in chocolate from head to foot? Do endorphins like sugar plums dance in your head? Do you need a bigger car with a bigger engine so you can get to god faster? Are you jealous and always on the look out for number one and attempt to commission god to do your biding for you? Do you keep god on your Short list, on a leash, close to your wallet or breast pocket?

Oh God, wait I see Him now... I feel him... He is smoking a cigar, got a gruff voice and constantly says, Say goodnight Gracie. His initials are the same as our dear beloved President. I know this being is God because it was the clever way god does things. God does things just for me you know. I mean, I can talk to god and god answers and says stuff just for me, makes stuff happen just for me. Thats what makes me love George Bush, because he has the same initials as Oh God..

Now pagans and wicca would say, The Gods Must be Crazy...But you and I know that there is only one god that came make me feel all cozy and cuddly whenever I speak to him....Isn't that special?

Since we are on this soupy and silly subject of What is God, what cologne does he prefer, ode de barbecue beasty.. Fatted calves cologne, I mean every time you pass a Burger King, with that charbroiled smell we are smelling the OT offerings of beasty that god loves to smell over the whole world. That is why burger palaces have grown so rapidly around the world. God loves the smell of Bull.

God is my friend, he walks with me and he talks with me.. wait a minute, how do I know its a he? Who has filled my soul with such a lie? It can't be a he... I mean just because I don't see him, doesn't mean I don't know the difference between authoritative royal He-ness and Patriarchal He-ness and incompetant She-ness.

Hell anybody can tell you that god can't be a woman. Women have to pee sitting down Pee Wee. See God is probably a black guy, I saw that in Bruce Almighty... Dog-through-God peed standing up and flushed the toilet. I know sometimes god is called away to other RAelean acid parties in other universes and he always leaves somebody in charge. Bruce, George, Rumsfeld..all Hes woman walk around in a daze cuz they got rooked. They got this body that men stare at and so men fail to see the woman in the woman so much that the woman become merely dazed chunks of gods beauty stuck in an endless loop. Never marry a pretty woman, if you want to be happy for the rest of your life get some dog to be your wife..

Now women can't be god.. Woman always say, Oh MY God! especially if they live in Miami. In Miami Oh My God is the state song. Men sometimes say, "There is a God" when they see a woman with great breasts and she picks him up and takes him to her apartment. "There is a God." Somehow I'm just not getting this answer to shrunk down enough to fit onto this tiny screen.

All seriousness aside - If, if you have to whine, moan, complain and call out God and describe how God is on our side and loves our flag best...try to remember two little words... YOUR ANGEL!

Not you're an Angel...I mean that the close proximity of what all of us mortals crave in luck, verification, fulfillment of temporary desires, or vast Midas wishes is that God is not hanging on your every damn word. The closest vehicle within radio contact with god and totally in nurturing service to the individual is your Angel...Can we please get over ourselves.

Angel -Angel - Angel - as Tarjei has described to people who refuse to listen, some people who really can't hear anything,when Tarjei said clearly, " like unto Angels without Sex. They neither give or are given in marriage" for they are married to the mission of joy of Angelhood service which doesn't have time for petty, selfish annoying souls who whine blur and misunderstand and ignore the wisdom, dimension and intricacies of the world we live in. The Angel must surely be the most patient and sorrowfilled being, being so close to such losers.

Our Angels bear with us at our worst and rejoice also in our best. They sacredly hover, nurture and guide us to our incarnations. They bring souls together who are candidates and potential designated parents. They read the entire karmic script, the musical score of the twelvefold school of all of your lifetimes...perhaps 24 or 36 or more of them and if were 7 X 7 or even 72 of them.. their math is the stars and the weaving uplifting of blossoms and flowers of the meadow. They insure that you get the right set of dysfunction to match your souls learning curve. They harvest our capacities and review them with us at death, they guide us down the tunnel to the Spiritual world and point out each incident of minor, humble and meaningful mystery that we thought were nothings. They live in the weaving tapestry of the maya of events that we call chance but are part of the active mystery of the weaving of the Angel in human destiny. They are swifter than light and as targetted as thought and imagination is to the mind and heart.

Now the list goes on but Angel, Angel training gets very serious when the actual capacity of the Spirit Self arises in real experience. Steiner was beyond the Consciousness Soul and lived primarily out of the Spirit Self. He communicated through the Consciousness Soul and the Intellect but already was working on becoming the Free Archangel of the new Michael Community in service of the archai Michael. In this regard it is more than helpful, it is mandatory to take things seriously to reflect on how Thomas Aquinas was considered the Angelic Doctor or physician.

It would thrill me to no end, if the world would stop abusing this little three letter word with all their selfish, self serving, lazy, brainwashed sentimentatlity and begin to define in earnest who our nearest and dearest allies really are.


From: golden3000997
Date: Mon Jan 5, 2004 5:23 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] To Know God is to Love God

No, no Bradford, it goes like this:

Oh - My - God !

: ) As we say here in Miami!


From: holderlin66
Date: Wed Jan 7, 2004 9:38 am
Subject: Re: To Know God/and the Celtic World

--- In [email protected], holderlin66 wrote:

Now the list goes on but Angel, Angel training gets very serious when the actual capacity of the Spirit Self arises in real experience. Steiner was beyond the Consciousness Soul and lived primarily out of the Spirit Self. He communicated through the Consciousness Soul and the Intellect but already was working on becoming the Free Archangel of the new Michael Community in service of the archai Michael.

Bradford comments;

In building up the files and base of wisdom, dialogue and research into Spiritual Science we come in the wake of some mighty, mighty contributions. So many souls rise before our gaze. Owen Barfield is one; Bock; O.M. Aisanov; Steffen; Vreede; Wegman/Alexander T.G.; Herman Hesse; Inklings; and we are on the lower rung here as we travel with them on a mighty journey in our TIME. Our Time needs our contributions.

There was a wonderful book about the English Spirit probably titled "The English Spirit". Since I have just moved I don't have it in front of me but I wish to elaborate a bit on the quote I opened this post with. Pieces of the book always stuck in my mind. Most of us, on this slender list are students of Spiritual Science. We live in our era and we are expressing our thoughts as richly, in our time, as we can. We are not trying to be Steiner ventriloquists. "The English Spirit" touched upon several little pieces of a puzzle.

One aspect of the puzzle was really getting to know the layer of soul that we term Consiousness Soul or Spiritual Soul. Naturally we need to develop a vivid picture of what is and is not rich Consciousness Soul experiences. That is why neon sign - Joseph Campbell- was handed out so that we all could see a common experience of the cosmopolitan aspect of a soul who was nursed on the Eranos esoteric club and continued his work into every major mythology of the world. This is Consciousness Soul experience.

Now we can look at the British Empire over the globe and the tiny island of England, Scotland, Wales etc..and see that as far as Americans go, not Joel and those on this list, but as far as the American Imperialistic empire goes..Americans are much more ignorant of the wide, wide world than how the culture became the model of a Hamlet like Consciousness Soul experience. Some of this was researched in "The English Spirit".

Knowing what an Angel or Saint truly is in relation to objective psycho/spiritual growth and maturity of soul forces is very important. Understanding the ripening of the True aspects of the Spirit self and learning how to detect this particular soul level in history or our environment allows us to measure, and measure with a full human gaze. Such contributions in soul observation are so important that again, it takes time, but thinking, penetrating and raising our intelligence into the Michael School overcomes a great deal of sentimentality and soul illusion.

Indeed, I have no doubt that Steiner was operating in Spirit Self condition of soul and as far as Consciousness Soul conditions, he was far more penetrating than Joseph Campbell or Jung. But Steiner had arrived at an Angelic vista and learning experience that put him right up at co-worker status with the illustrious Christian Rosenkreuz. Now I come back to the English Spirit.

The Celtic Folk Spirit, the human being, like Elias for the Hebrews, was an actual personality. We know that the Lord of the Rings is drawing on rich foundations of the English Spirit and the Celtic foundations of knowledge. It is a fact. But it is also a Fact that the Celtic Folk Spirit gave up his mission to become the Esoteric guiding Spirit of Christianity. Now this brings us back to this guy Lazarus and Rosenkreuz. It brings us back in sudden leap and a sleight shock to the system.

We see that certain souls, humans of our own stature, were on a training mission and were singled out for their efforts. It is a vast consideration to weigh how the Celtic Folk Spirit, which evaporated on the basis of the Being who was the kernel of the Celtic Folk Spirit, allowed himself to take the deepest drink of the Christ Being that was ever drunk by any mortal to date. Ya. or Nun Ya!

So now we come to following out the other aspect of the English Spirit. That the guiding folk spirit of the Greek Folk took over the Exoteric aspect of Christianity. Yes, the Greek like the Celt disappeared under the waves of time and these two individuals began an educational development that joined the Greek and CEltic folk spirits together. The Celtic Folk Spirit took over and was Initiated for the job of taking over Esoteric Christianity. The Greek Folk Spirt was Initiated, (think Paul) to take over the job of Exoteric Christianity. You may sense some of this in the infamous Karma III lectures where Arthurian and Michael and Platonic and Aristotle forces are talked about.

Now when we talk about the Greens and Ecosystems of the Earth and Ecology in general, including the Elemental kingdoms out of biodynamic agriculture and the Celtic Bible or the "Agricultural Course" by Steiner or "Man as Symphony" we are talking or writing about the vast insights of the Earth that are reflected in Merlin and the Celts that obviously impressed somebody on the Board of the Christ Corporation for a Spirited Humanity. Ecology, some stupid and some rich, were really a natural aspect of the Celtic Folk. I could go on and on about how they put silver and gold in their lakes and ponds...but I'll spare you.

Lord of the Rings is a mystery and there are other souls, even like Tolkien who could follow the developmental path outlined by the Celtic Folk Spirit and find their way to unfolding deeper and deeper insights into Esoteric Christianity. "Lord of the Rings" delivers the atmosphere and climate of soul of the Celtic vision of the world. Indeed we have to say, that "Lord of the Rings", gives everyone the opportunity to experience the type of Celtic Soul substance that was the vast inner Being of He, who became the Folk Spirit for Esoteric Christianity.

We certainly don't need to crawl on our bellies and have midget thoughts when you have the mighty research works of the Michael School. And still, obscure forgotten books and so much that was given and so little of it even explored that it remains baffling to me. So when I write about Steiner becoming something of a leader in his Initiation with the Michael Community, that alongside Christian Rosenkreuz and the massive flavoring of the ancient Celt flavoring in "Lord of the Rings"... we are looking into the great well of 'real history and real individuals like you and I'.

The Greek folk Spirit offered himself to become a training ground to gather the Michael Community which will arise with new group Christ forces in the sixth epoch and by the failure or success of this mission, a new humanity will begin to emerge from the soul ripening of those engaged, consciously or unconsciously with the Michael School. Here I validate which was written at the top of this post.

When it is indicated that the Greek Folk Spirit took over the task of Exoteric Christianity as a new [race] (read redesigned cosmopolitan humanity) based on the inner thread of the higher I Am ripening toward Spirit Self..we need to understand the logistics and details out of which such history, bold and beautiful history of humanity arises.

Grasping the samplings of what and who humanity are and the various voices of Intellectual or Rational Soul - Sentient Soul - Consciousness Soul and Spirit Self allows us to praise where praise is certainly due. It allows what Golden has rightly called DISCERNMENT. Everything hinges, and the future redesigned soul conditions of each individual are based on our individual ability to start to take hold of the richness in our world and reflect, sharpen the gaze, and hold up those that represent this stream.

Take for instance the ancient Arthurs, the office of Arthur's as described by Steiner. Would it not be part of someone's great work if they gave a vivid picture of the Celtic Spirit and the Celtic Eco world view, roots of language and linguistics and in that work? That they prepared their soul to follow in the footsteps, or even were one of those who had much to do with further elaborating the lost ancient Celtic culture. For where did it go? It went, when the Celtic Folk Spirit jumped ship and joined the Christ Being.

We only know the faulty, but brilliant Wagner. Richard Wagner was non other than part of the Celtic Merlin School. There is no doubt that we are looking at two levels of Wagner. Here we can actually study what Joel indicated. The Lower Ego of Wagner's earthly personality and the rich wealth stored in his higher ego in what he connected to in the depths of his being.

A shadow divided these two experiences, yet we understand that indeed Wagner was a rich but faulty portion of the mighty Michael School and that can be verified but requires maturity to see how Sentient Soul and Celtic Initiation choked itself in the dry world of the Intellect and Darwinian philosophy.

All this can be a clear study. For indeed Wagner was gapped, divided between what he had as atavistic clarivoyant experience in the Celtic world and the vast future of what his Spirit Self was seeking. He could not pass the Intellectual Soul without confronting Ahrimanic World Damage. He and Neitzsche did plenty of damage.

Here we can study what we build, as we think together, we build the new structure of thinking that will be part of a new human condition. Think, think of the division between the higher golden mystery of Richad Wagner and that which Ahriman seized upon.Therefore in our current intellectual climate we need to penetrate deeper and without atavistic pot holes. Much of what film presents, including "The Minority Report" are about enhanced atavistic conditions returning to dominate humanity.

From the Greek Folk Spirit side we understand something about Apollonian thinking and Aristotle and IMO we understand something about Paul, St. Paul as well. But, in order to do that, we have to bring some dynamic experiences to our research and feel, as many of us have, how all those mighty stray lectures and all those participating in Michael Research dropped the best of their best bread crumbs for us to find.

Our simple and humble task is to follow the bread crumbs, for as you can see, the world did not end because Steiner planted the Michael School or the School of AThens, on the Earth.

So any idea that we need to be stuck repeating and quoting Steiner in a dead way...and so far, Tarjei and certainly Tom Mellett and hundreds of others do not do that. But we in the Michael School who have DISCERNMENT can apply that DISCERNMENT to the ever rich world we live in right at this moment.

Lively, serious, Ring Bearer Discernment as in "Lord of the Rings" and the Asuric indicator of "The Ring" ( a film not about anything to do with Lord of the Rings, but rather about the infection, the horror that spreads with absolute determinism, absolute Law, as in the law of gravity). This horror is the way Karma or word of mouth and destiny works only destiny and karma contain grace and the working of freedom because of the Christ. Remove the Christ and we reveal a law of determinism that are as potent as the old Furies.

Laws of destiny, as to massive advertisement campaigns and t.v. commercial adds showing the richness of Waldorf Education, it never happened and it was never encouraged. Why? Because it really depended on Karma and sometimes the Karma turns ugly and sometimes it can meet the humanistic intelligence with rich understanding. Christ is not based on determinism which certainly would arise under Islamic law.

Determinism - The view that every event has a cause and that everything in the universe is governed by causal laws. Since determinists believe that all events, including human actions, are predetermined, determinism is thought by "libertarians" and "hard determinists" to be incompatible with free will. Hard determinists deny there is free will on the grounds that everything is causally determined. Libertarians deny that everything is causally determined on the grounds that there is free will). So-called "soft determinists" follow Hume in holding determinism and free will (rightly understood) are compatible: free acts are not uncaused on compatibilist conceptions of freedom, they're just caused in the right way, by the agents beliefs and desires

"The Ring" depicts an unbreakable chain of Fate-Law-Karma that is the opposite of Grace and Freedom. The world arising of genetic determinism or a world, existing in millions of soul, that lives in a false understanding of what the Christ brought to Earth. Amazing Grace.

Determinism is the Dark side of an unbending law of the Furies that will not stop, but has surfaced as an anti-effect of Grace and Freedom. The Borg was such an Imagination but the Borg is a later, I mean, in imagined time, a later point, but this inevitable nightmare arises from a little girl, who is exactly like a full incarnation of a black hole, where from this tiny little girl, the entire Earth evolution could grind to a halt.

We live, in our Time, with the thought atmosphere and thinking CLIMATE that allows us to see fluid interpretations of Imaginations and it must be stated that no Imagination a human being can come up with is outside the spectrum of the Beings that share our world. It is really a matter of testing the tools of Spiritual Science, the most advanced Science Research ever presented to humanity, against reality and learning to navigate our TIME.



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