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From: "holderlin66" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed Jun 30, 2004 9:50 am
Subject: Soul sciences/ Anthro players

dottie zold wrote:

Now, maybe a lot of students don't want to participate or really do not know how and think also that 'I have my own life to worry about here'. And I guess that is true. However, those who feel very strongly about coming into their I AM should begin finding a way to one another. There should be a beginning within this generation to build consciously that which we will come back into that will feel like home even if it is not completed or even looked at until we come back in the next lifetime.

The idea of the Rosicrucians lives within our hearts and this small group of 12 to the 13 needs to live in us again as a reality. We need to begin lifting the veil within our selves to join this Grail community of the unseen.


Now don't get the least bit nervous here, but there is a new form of inspired thinking running through some of your insights lately. It just happens sometimes. One never knows, one just lets it out. Tarjei has certainly called for this hidden unity of active souls. The secret number of unknown participants. There is an ole saying, something like, " I never met a dessert I didn't like" well I never met a human that didn't interest me. With Anthro's I have met some very bad apples. From what I have experienced, some Anthros even consider little ole me a bad apple, hurrmmph!

Suppose in Hollywood we were planning a T.V. program, like "Six Feet Under" or "Dead Like Me" and the writers needed to see ahead, when they wrote and shot new episodes, exactly when the show would air. Now understanding the Soul Calendar and the riddles of the Year can give writers a pretty good idea of the general undercurrent dynamics of stories they need to place within certain weeks of the year.

Here, the entire work of the Romantics, and the development of intuition is needed to see the mood imaginations that are part of the soul basis of what everyone is generally experiencing "as the world turns". It takes a refinement, of perception. It is a science of the soul that happens unconsciously most of the time. Programmers who make Movie choices generally observe current events and tend to bring up movies that connect to current themes. These are just a few aspects of the Science of the Soul...

But let us look once more at AnthroSophic Schooling. There is room for everyone in the mix. My own soul has resonated passionately with Jan Starbirgarden, Harvey, Patrick, Danny, Tarjei, Frank, Deb, Maurice, Ron, Joel, Stephen, Bobby M., JoAnn, Tom, Lutz, Soren, Poppelbaum, Bock, Wachsmuth, Steffen, Rilke, Hesse, Twain, Shakespeare, Edmonds, Davies, Barfield, Perlas, Percy Mckaye, Kevin Dann, Hogie, Novalis, George McDonald, Paulina, Heather, Eurythmy teachers like Jean Lynch, or Ted Van Fleet, Hagen and Jorgen, Don Wollen and his friend and mine, Peter M. Wagner, Tolkien, those Inkling writers, all in all, many, many of the living and the dead, including my own Teacher Virginia Brett and Dora Gutbrod...even, Dorthea Mier..Siegfreid Finser, Gene Schwartz, Paul Sharf, well a whole swarm of friends, my best friend, Brian Lynch and Arthur here in Austin, Donald of Washington Waldorf...many Waldorf Teachers and parents over the country..Mighty threads of community and rich cosmic intuition in Norway, Canada, Italy, Andrea, Germany, Russia, Israel, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, Finland and Joksu, are all parts of the massive interior destiny field of the Grail I carry within me. A Grail Community and rich living members of Sophia and the daughter of Sophia, Anthrosophia.

If we understood the theory of six degrees of separation, we might see how many of our interior lights, scattered over the world, and our discussions include all these rich contributions and players. Even though it is nice to have at least a few of these souls watching the Horizon, looking along the Watchtower and letting the stream of current Angelic inspiration flow through into the electronic dead zone...


From: elaineupton2001
Date: Thu Jul 1, 2004 9:40 am
Subject: sex, lies,&videotape-Re: Soul sciences/ Anthro players

Hello Brad, Dottie, all interested,

Thanks for your posts on Sex, Science, Parthenogenesis, the Copies of Christ (etheric, astral) body, and so on in light of our sciences of gene manipulation today (that particular terror).

Brad and Dottie, you speak of the need for discovery of the Grail and our inner connections (six degrees of separation, that we can discover among souls).--I agree, and yet am also concerned more and more about how the Grail legends are cast in European terms and epistemology. Europe is great. No problem. And yet Europe is not all there is. I've been incarnated in the Americas and wonder what is the equivalent (or different) way of knowing, understanding that comes out of the Americas (and within the Americas, of course, there is also great diversity...and that raises further questions for another day, perhaps).

The Grail? The Cauldron? The Chalice? The Native American pot (or pots?). Blood? The feminine? Menstruation? (That instead of, or besides, war?) Blood and the Crucifixion?

Also, the matter of generation? Through sex and sperm-egg, or through the lips, Word, Vulva. The Creative Word? The Matriarchal line (something for men and women)?

Videotape? Ahrimanic Vulva? Ahrimanic lie?

Lots of questions.

I may be slow to read mail since I will be away for a few days, but will check in when I return.

Be well!


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