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From: holderlin66
Date: Mon Jun 7, 2004 8:09 am
Subject: Re: Study in Hatred/XII

holderlin wrote:

Bradford comments;

In Steiner's groundbreaking lecture XII of Man as Symphony, I have returned again and again to see that a path to PEACE is through understanding the moral forces that humanity can produce out of itself in Freedom. So when I come back to a set of ideas that interested me, I suddenly connect a whole new set of details to these foundational ideas that Steiner outlined.

Understanding these connections is something that I enjoy doing. I have to enjoy doing it and as a secondary insight, share it with Michael School students. Because it is my I that sees certain connections it gives me a thrill because if you truly understood your research potential, you are standing on the cutting edge of the most advanced soul science ever outlined. But I bring these insights back to the list because my cognition can connect the medical as well as the spiritual insights into today's cutting edge problems.

So indeed when we discussed Racism with P.S. I indicated the links to etheric and astral forces that stiffen and harden etheric bodies and negatively impact races when racism is disguised prejudice. I very carefully indicated that a constant Race based focus led to the decay of Races.. but in following the connection further, we can see that the XIIth lecture in Man as Symphony gives an enormous insight but we don't quite know how to follow the clues.

Now the insight I will add to what has already been discussed, is a star influence. If we had all the same intuition paths, luckily we don't, but if we did, we could trace these astral and Star Dialectical materialistic Star Beings to Wartburg castle and all that Steiner tells us of Klingsor creating pathways into the human brain for seeding failed star and elemental astral beings into the infection of thinking and education. We could follow theee things but we also have to have the right links to see how these connections work. Which means we actually have to have an idea about Astral, Etheric and I AM insights...that is obviously the hard part for those who don't ask questions.

Well first let me review the few sentences which deserved further study from lecture XII from Man as Symphony.


"This spiritual form finds its way into the embryonic life, and bears within it what will now become physical forces and etheric forces. These are, however, only the physical image of what we bear in us from our previous life as lack of human understanding and human hatred, from which our limb-organization is spiritually formed.

"In the course of long centuries something very strange has come to pass for earthly humanity. No longer is it possible for all the forces of human misunderstanding and human hatred to be used up in new human forms, in the structure of new human bodies. Something has become left over. During the course of the last centuries this residue has streamed down on to the earth, so that in the spiritual atmosphere of the earth, in what I may call the earth's astral light, there is to be found an infiltration of the impulses of human hatred and human misunderstanding which exist exterior to man. These impulses have not been incorporated into human forms; they stream around the earth in the astral light. They work into man, but not into what makes up the single person but into the relationships which people form with one another on the earth."

Bradford adds:

Now here are the additional insights, where the details of these sentences are elaborated by Steiner. The elaboration itself requires some Michael School training or going back on the list to check out how the XII, study in hatred, connects to this added piece of the research puzzle.

Also when we discussed the death penalty and I brought up Algernon Blackwoods quote and why certain criminals should not be sent over the threshold prematurely, with false cyanide injections, I examined some the connected ideas to do with how we are feeding a growing army of parasitical forces that infect the weakened souls who incarnate.

I discussed previously on this list the Konig insights of how the trimesters relate to the slow coming in of Etheric, Astral and Ego.. and even today the Stem Cell and Embryo research currently in the medical community that attempts to create cures for diseases by creating cloned embryos have to do with the following insights of Steiner's.

Steiner even indicated that the massive population of the Earth had to do with how much absorption and dilution was needed for etheric and astral bodies to absorb the pollution of hatred that is raining down on mankind from humanities own untransformed soul substance. This of course reveals that Sin is not something that will be solved after death but needs to be solved by making conditions on the Earth more wholesome and directed to I AM cognition as a strengthening of the soul and Spirit in humanity.

"3 Jan. 1915

"The other beings, the demons created out of immoral actions, also have an astral body, an etheric body and a physical body, at the watery stage, of course, but they do not have the basis for developing an ego. They are born headless, as it were. Instead of taking up the basis for progressing along a regular evolutionary path to the Jupiter existence, they reject this basis. By doing so they condemn themselves to the fate of dropping out of evolution. But this only increases the hordes of luciferic beings, for they fall under their power. As they cannot progress in a regular way they have to become parasites. This is what happens to all the beings who reject a normal evolution; they have to attach themselves to others in order to move on. Beings who arise through immoral actions have the particular inclination to be parasites in human evolution on earth under Lucifer's leadership - to which they have succumbed - and to seize hold of the evolution of human beings before they make their physical entry into the world. They attack human beings during the embryonic stage and share their existence between conception and birth. Some of these beings, if they are strong enough, can continue to accompany the human being after birth, as seen in the phenomena of some children who are possessed.

"What is brought about by the criminal demons attached as parasites to unborn children is the cause of a deterioration in the succession of the generations; it gnaws at human beings, making them less able to develop than they would be if these demons did not exist. There are various reasons for the decline of families, tribes, peoples and nations, but one of them is the existence of these criminal demon parasites during the period mentioned.

"These things play an important part in Earth evolution as a whole, and they bring us into contact with deep secrets of human existence. This is often the cause of people acquiring certain prejudices and points of view even before they are born. So people are tormented by doubts and uncertainties in life, and all kinds of other things, because of these demonic parasites.

"These beings cannot do very much with what human beings develop once their ego makes itself felt, but they prey on them all the more before they are born or during their earliest years. Thus we see that evil actions, too, have a significant effect in the cosmos and work creatively, but their creativity tends in the direction of the Old Moon existence. For what human beings pass through in the embryonic period, when these demonic beings can prey on them, is basically the heritage of the Old Moon evolution, which makes its appearance in all kinds of subconscious, instinctive behaviour. Something stemming from the older and better days of physical science is the instinct it preserves about the human embryonic period not being calculated according to ordinary months but lunar months; science still speaks of ten lunar months, and knows certain other things, too, concerning the connection of embryonic development with the phases of the moon.

"So we see that our Earth evolution contains two tendencies. There are good deeds that contain the impulse to work creatively on Earth in preparation for Jupiter, so that man's successor on the human level can come into being. But evil deeds have also brought into our evolution the tendency to drag Earth back again to the Old Moon evolution and make it dependent on everything to do with subconscious impulses; in fact there are far more of these subconscious impulses in materialistic humanity of modern times than there were in bygone ages when people were less materialistic."


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