Androgyny and AnthroSophic insights


From: holderlin66
Date: Fri Mar 12, 2004 4:06 pm
Subject: Androgyny and AnthroSophic insights


Peter Jones

"The Gender Recognition Bill plodding its way through the House of Commons does not deal with hermaphrodites. Bad mistake.

Hermaphroditus was the son of Hermes and Aphrodite. Ovid tells how the nymph Salmacis fell madly in love with him when she saw him strip and dive into a pool. She did the same, wound herself round him and, as he struggled to free himself, prayed that the gods would ensure that they were never parted. Her prayer was granted, and their two bodies were fused into one, so that they seemed `both male and female, and neither, at the same time'.

In his Natural History, the elder Pliny (ad 23–79) acknowledges the existence of hermaphrodites (people `with both sexes combined'), records at least one notable sculpture, and adds that, whereas they were once looked on as terrifying portents (and drowned at sea), they were now treated rather as pets or entertainments (the Romans derived considerable pleasure from laughing at prodigies of nature). The Greeks, on the other hand, turned Hermaphroditus into a deity, and a late 4th century bc mould for a terracotta figurine of the god, found in Athens, suggests he was a popular figure. One can see why bisexual ancient Greek males might have been interested in them - they offered the best of both worlds, after all. Plato, however, tells us that to call a man a `hermaphrodite' was something of an insult. Hardly surprising.

While ancient doctors were fascinated by the idea of a person whose sexuality was ambiguous, Roman lawyers with their passion for exceptions found their legal status a problem. The reason was that males and females had different legal capacities, e.g. only the male could legitimise an heir or witness the opening of a will. So what was the law to make of someone who seemed to be both? Lawyers solved the problem by declaring that there were only two sexes, male and female, not three, and the hermaphrodite must therefore be made to fall into one or other of these categories. That category decided, everything else would follow naturally. The main means of deciding the category was the `predominance' of the male organs or `the appearance of the genital organs in an aroused state'.

So while society acknowledged hermaphrodites as dual-sex beings, the law insisted on an either/or distinction. Will it today, if Hermaphrodite Power demands its rights? "

Bradford comments;

The meaningful mystery of wearing the form of a Male or Female physical body, entails that a polarity, in the Etheric form, reveals that a male physical form has a female type etheric body. The female physical form has a male etheric body impression.

This interior modification is noted in each individual condition in a different measure of balance and distortion. Key word here, DISTORTION. Perception and learning to understand the Etheric forces is being able to unriddle how Female physical forms, have an overbalance of a male etheric forces that densify and make once assumed male realites and cultural roles, bend to fit the new content of the strength of the etheric body in the individual.

Males, who carry a male physical body, find themselves also breaking the former model by having accumulated strong female etheric and astral distortions. Now the distortion factor is something that should interest us in regards to the residue of how I AM's have manifested in previous lives. How the strong culture models of male and female are breaking down to reveal specific strengths that spread into the physical from the etheric.

I AM's all of us, have been dysfuntional emotional females, (not Maria Corelli) imprisoned in limp and frail feeling lives. Some so crippled and distorted that when a male incarnation arises, the inner content of the emotinal maturity, reveals stunted emotional male soul. Likewise Aggressive and forceful men, rape, pillage and plunder, who laughed at all of the above, bring nothing very illuminating into their emotional and inner content as females. Culture is made up of 98% of these stunted, and distorted cocktails of what appears before us as Females and Males.

It was mentioned, and certainly lost to nearly everyone but Mike, that Michael Jackson tangled unconsciously with a future Soul condition that has revealed a mighty example of distortion. Unconsious approach to what is happening in the Astral and Ego migrations in the night, or at least whenever we sleep, brings a distortion and an imbalance that is now changing Race form forces in the physical through the powerful unconscious forces that the etheric body collects. This is highly significant and I hope, with this group at least, somebody else can draw the roadmap that leads directly to the mystery of THE ANGELS WORK IN THE ASTRAL BODY OF MAN. I hate to imagine that less than 1% of the Michael School can even think.

Humanity has moved to a new State and even the disaster of Germany and the split and fall back into racial, etheric and physical clinging to already depleted forces of gene, and designer humans and silly poltically correct goofy thoughts of DW, are revealing profound changes that are coming to humanity because we choose unconscious participation with the ever present conditions of the Spiritual World. We see these changes arising. Less than 1/4 of 1% of humanity can even give a clear outline of what some of this means. Some of us fear what is happening, and indeed it is happening starting with the I AM balances in the Etheric body dominating over what Race, or SEX had formerly implanted in humanity. These are Michael School issues. The plate of Michael School issues are so enormous that bird pecks like P.S. only serve to wake up the half asleep participants. 'look there is a sparrow at the feeder honey'.

Jung takes the deeper etheric mirroring of the physical form that Spiritual Science has so correctly brought as Anima and Animus tendencies. But Spiritual Science can go much further in tracing the distortions to an entire educational awareness that remains in a Darwinian denial and lacking enough intelligent discussion of exactly what is approaching humanity. No this is not merely Gays and Straights..but stop numbing our brains when it comes to Cognition and what Steiner dropped in our laps.

It is of the utmost importance to have our cognition, I AM cognition, tuned to how humanity clings, fights and squirms itself back into the old forms, for fear of the approach new ideas that the Cognitive capacity in the German culture was targeted to reveal. Germany was targeted to reveal an enormous fountain, spewing, spraying out from the I AM, all that would bring brotherhood, balance and conscious understanding Folk, Race, Nation, and the mysteries of Etheric, Astral and I AM in history.

Why did Steiner so oppose Woodrow Wilson's stale ideas, because of the resulting pull back into failed forms of understanding. The Elephant in the dining room that noone is talking about is that Steiner could see this coming. P.S. could not see his toes if he was walking bear foot. Cognition is numbed, deadened and using the icy faculty of Intellectual Ahriman as his toy. A foolish game with a deadly toy.

Steiner might say it was his "Jesus to Christ" lectures, which totally astonished me and evoked such aggressive attacks against him, but I also felt that the political climate that Wilson presented was partially the motive of Steiner's heroic attempt to shed wisdom over the whole spread of missions of the various Archangelic communities in the realm of humanity. I am correct, but only because many of us, like Frank and Tarjei and so many others have done their homework and Peter, well, that is just immature, scholarly pity in shoes.

So with the failure of the 20th century and our entrance into the 21st century, the U.N. still remains unable to understand itself and indeed the Folk Souls lectures, (mine is marked, dog eared and riddled with notes) is another incredible example of the gift that Steiner gave. And most of us know exactly what Steiner was getting at. A nightmare was coming and Wilson was gonna help it kill the heroic impulse that could have arisen from the Germanic capacity. Oh we are right folks. I am so tired of dead history pawned off as intelligent university opinion.

We, in the total spread of Spiritual Science, are those who bear a faculty of cognition, growing, still immature, that is greater in scope and depth than almost anything served up at universities. This is a very hairy problem. Cognition and growth to see the scope of the unity and massive structure of Steiner's contributions, and TESTING their accuracy brings us to such an Imagination of Michael that was painted by Cohen in his "Joan of Arc". We can see how the warmth of Cohen acts as Michael and lifts her to the wedding dress of the AnthroSophic soul garment, (supposedly the purified astral or White Wedding garments).

But further, as I have mentioned, thanks to Paulina, Memory, going in reverse back to Abraham and Adam is now coping with Dejavu and the future unfolding of the I AM. Dejavu is a future faculty that is not just some new age diddle. The I AM, as its many incarnations reveal, a new form of Group Soul that reflects the I AM as it incarnated and learned lessons which now either enter as distortion and seep into the etheric body as instincts, (Angels Work in the Astral Body) or become conscious cognition.

Every detail of our lives can be illuminated all the way down to the roots of every aspect of culture, with the cognition forces supplied out of the new AnthroSophic soul condition. Having no experience or understanding of Spiritual Science, even in the cultural world, and placing this very same Spiritual Science under Cult Imprisonment is nothing humanity or we can afford.

A great deal has been raised now, regarding Root Races, Atlantis and Lemuria..and yet, to take a current snapshot, I thought Tarjei, when he indicated the problems that arose in cognition amongst the various cultural streams is highly potent. Each one is really a distortion. So now look ye to it. What is the nature of this distortion? And what is the Angels Work in the Astral body and how is this manifesting itself? Tarjei has a clear line of thinking here.

"It's totally ridiculous and ignorant to make Hitler and the Holocaust into an ethical-ideological football.. What has to be understood in this context is that Adolf Hitler developed a very special reading technique when he was in prison - a method of study which in his case proved remarkably effective. He ensured his readers in "Mein Kampf" that it was his habit to resort to books if he wanted to solve a problem. He insisted that his method of reading, better than any other, consisted of "remembering the essential and forgetting the unessential completely". In practice, this meant defining what is essential, which in the case of Adolf Hitler did not entail logical analysis, but an intuitive and emotional process of comprehension, which he skillfully united with whatever appealed to his own prejudices.

From Schopenhauer he took fatalism and the idea of the will, but he forgot the Buddhism and the pessimism. From Nietzsche he took the concept of evolution, the will to power, and the Übermensch, but he forgot that this Übermensch should not conquer his fellow man, but himself. He took from Wagner the racism, heroism, and paganism, but he forgot the Arianized Christianity. Further, he took from Helena Blavatsky (the pioneer of spiritual evolution) and other occultists what he wanted and conveniently forgot everything that did not harmonize with his own world view."


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