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Exercising Cognition


From: holderlin66
Date: Mon Mar 29, 2004 8:34 pm
Subject: Exercising Cognition

Dr. Steiner;

"The difference between having something that is just abstract and dead, and having something that is alive, will be apparent if you compare this with the abstract moral idealism that is otherwise put forward. This aliveness and this awareness that the world is not just purely and simply there, is going to be needed: the minerals, plants, animals and the human beings are not simply there so that man can dictate the shape of the world by constructing all kinds of ideals which are nothing but abstractions.

No, there is a living chain that reaches up, through mineral, plant, animal, and human being to the Angels, Archangels, and beyond. And as this living connection is re-established, the life that needs to flow into the development of humanity begins to flow again. Until people come to a more complete understanding of this fact through spiritual science they will continue to formulate abstract ideals — just thoughts — as though there could be something creative in thoughts that are not the thoughts of the Angels, Archangels, and so on!

This ability to stand in a living connection with the sense and goal of the world will develop. The truth will become more moral, because one will feel a moral responsibility towards the truth. And morality will take on more the aspect of a wisdom-filled knowledge because one will know which beings are being served as one carries out this or that task.

The correct understanding of the Christ principle for our times is also contained in what I have just been saying. What has been obtained from the Christ principle up to now has not been enough to stem the manifold tide of decline that has swept, and will sweep, over our times. But, as I have often said before, Christ did not come with the message, `Here I am. Quickly write down everything you can say about me so that humanity can believe in it until the last days of the Earth!'

That is what is taught by the short-sighted, narrow-minded theology of today. What it very often teaches implies that the Christ said, `Certain things have I done. Quickly write them down, for that is what is to be taught until the last days of the Earth, and nothing shall be added to it.'

This assertion sits falsely. It is so false that people hesitate to utter it at all. I refer to those who consistently act in accordance with this assumption without ever once stating it. But the assumption on which they act sits falsely, very falsely.

For the Christ said, `I will be with you to the last days of the Earth.' And this implies that it is always possible to receive Christ's revelation! In the early days of Christianity it was the Gospels that came from this source; today it is spiritual science.

Those who wrote down what could be written down in those days did not say, `We have written this down, and there is nothing else in addition to what we have written that can be written.' They said, rather, `And there are also many other things which Jesus did, that which, if they should be written down, every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.'

As regards understanding the Christ, spiritual science lays bare a nerve that nothing else in our time is able to reveal. It is truly essential in our times to draw attention to the attitude mankind needs to achieve toward its own thoughts and — toward the impulses on which it acts. So much is said about this — at any rate, much is written down — but most of it is unfounded, because people want to go in the other direction.

They do not want thinking to be a path that must be traversed for a long, long time before one arrives at the goal and obtains something in which one can believe; they want to get the thinking over with as quickly as possible. But we can only arrive at the goal after we have established a relationship with truth. And even when we have arrived at something that is wholly correct — even though we have considered the matter from all sides to obtain a wholly correct manner of expressing it — we should never cease to look at it anew, considering it from yet other sides. "

On this thread previously:

Surely we can understand the Science of the Christ contrasted against the shuddering show of nuclear blast. Now there stood before the disciples, to touch, and to hold and yet what was really the flowing substance of this gathering of matter before their eyes? Archangel, Exusai and Thrones... Father -Son and Holy Ghost... Father of matter, movement of the soul and planets - language of thought as Archangelic Holy Ghost community of Ideas seen in the thoughts of others and Karma of the Individual Angels in the disciples, feeling the full impact of the New Breath from the height of the Thrones. Creation had new air in its sails, (" Lots of Love in that Room" -) Gee, He can come to my party and blow in all the balloons. Let Him perform mouth to mouth on poor Peter S. Dialectical Materialism would shrivel like a dried moth.

And arrives for us now, in our time, this condensed dose of all the Love that the Michael School could condense into - not a League of Nations allah Woodrow Wilson, but a Thinking Community, a U.N. of the Holy Ghost.


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