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Subj: [native_american_storytellers] Unity
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Unity... Many, many years ago turtle was the designated "keeper of the waters." You could see him as he swam about his duties. His shell was made up of solid plates of red, black, white, or yellow color. He was very distinctive and visible. All the animals respected and honored the turtle... all except one, 'ole coyote.' One day turtle was out sunning himself and coyote came along and ate turtle up. Of course all the waters, ponds, streams, and rivers started to dry up and become stale and unclean. The animals hurriedly gathered from all four directions to coyote and pleaded, "Please, please bring back turtle... surely we will all perish... the waters... the cool clear water... please, please..." So coyote finally conceded and "threw-up" turtle. The animals immediately began to piece turtle back together the best they could. It worked. The shell came together to become a beautiful mosaic blend of many, many colors... extremely shiny and beautiful. Each plate shined with the remains and debris of all the colors. And sure enough turtle came back to life. And when he did, the water came back, too. The waters flowed again... tumbling down from the mountains and rippling out clear, clean, and pure.

From the Archives of Blue Panther


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Christine, I hope you didn't forward this to the critics list as you know how Dugan hates anything positive. And I can't take one more moderator warning. But,then again, well, maybe all the red black white and yellow cats here will have him wondering if this has anything to do with Anthroposophy. I am sure he could possibly find some way as you taught at a Waldorf school before. You know the THOUGHT POLICE

Thanks for the poem:)


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Not Steiner, but what the heck? Christine

Subj: [Dreamkeeper] "The Living Language of Light" Another Transmission from The Reconnections.....
Date: 3/12/2004 12:58:25 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: --Shiva--
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To: [email protected], [email protected]

Another Transmission from The Reconnections....... "The Living Language of Light"

Hello, My Dear Friends,

"In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

Nearly everyone has heard this phrase, throughout many generations of the world. And it is wondrous and activating, giving folks the vision that they have truly made contact with the Core of All Being. It makes a person want to take shoes from off his feet, wiggle his toes, and shout for joy......that he finally stands upon holy ground!

Your history books are filled with wondrous tales about "The Word of God," as it flowed from the prophets' pen, spread rapidly through word and deed, and was taught in every church, synagogue, or temple in the land. Wars have been fought over it, congregations have been divided over it, and millions of lives have been healed and reborn through even the slightest contact with it. And this, my friends, is only the beginning.

What has previously been considered "The Word of God," in the lives of many simply a "Forward"........a "Frontispiece" to a vast storehouse of knowledge that is about to be made available to the mind of man. The library of which we speak is not just new and unusual "data" that has been waiting to be revealed. Instead, it consists of a whole new way of seeing and experiencing the world---a way of gathering, collating, processing, and sharing knowledge---crossing language barriers and spreading rapidly through all cultures. We will call this "The Living Language of Light." It is a "Meta-Language" that will eventually take the place of words and phrases, in all the ways you have come to know them.

It is for this reason that we are recording these words to you today! We are The Reconnections. We represent all those parts of your expanded self that you had to forget about in order to become human. We've never been very far from you, just far enough. Within our ranks are contained all the necessary "bridge concepts" that will connect you with what is called The Multiverse. Once you are connected there, you will have merged with a complete storehouse of knowledge--an archive of all being, or variations of being--regarding what you have been, or will be, across the ages.


In the higher vibrational dimensions, words and thoughts are replaced by clear unbroken tones. If one picture is worth a thousand words, one tone is worth a million pictures. Truly words and thoughts are simply tones, living in separation. So are each of you. They who can hear these tones, high above all other sounds, will never be deceived. Words can be misleading, ideas can be obscured, but in UNBROKEN TONES, there is no place to hide.

As we have said in days past, the word "tone" is really a contraction. It joins the words: "to one." When communication goes "tonal," it begins to reunite people, and gather them together in a place of Oneness and Collective Cooperation and Design.

The usage of the word TONE (to one)......has many applications. A tone can be a sound, a color, or it can even refer to the emotional atmosphere that exists in a room or a conversation. Musical tones have their own sign language, thanks to the system which was constructed by composer
Zoltan Kodaly. There are those who believe that music, itself, is a universal language. Others believe that mathematics forms the bridge that will one day connect you all. This field of study has learned to express its many tones and concepts through the visual construction of fractals. And this is just the beginning.

Today, it is as though humankind is moving, once again, to the Tower of Babel--that place where everyone and everything is united, according to a single purpose and self-concept. This time, however, there will be a great unscrambling of language that occurs. Having
come down to visit and identify with their People, the Gods of All Religion and Creation are beginning to chip off parts of themselves to participate in this Wondrous Merge to Oneness, which is happening here, within The Reconnection Universe.

In other universes, there will still be rage, division, corruption of purpose, and anything else that is required to form "All That Is." This will continue for all eternity. Each person gets to choose his destination, choose his or her way. But in this universe, there will be The Oneness of All That Is............a specified focus for all beings who wish to communicate, join together, and learn to love.


In the first Temple of the God of Abraham (one of the familiar religious contexts of this physiological channel), the sanctuary or holy place was maintained in a tent. We will speak about that here, though we could just as easily speak within contexts of other religious traditions as well. Perhaps some of you reading here would call to us, and ask that we translate some Oneness Concept through your traditions at this time. We will do it. These are just words, though they carry within them some valuable analogies and bridge concepts that will be useful later.

This TENT we speak about was called The Tabernacle, and it had several divisions within it, dedicated to various phases of the sacred ceremony and activities that were conducted there. When the Spirit of God was present within the Tabernacle, it had a luminance to it, which was called The Shekinah Glory of God.

We call your attention, therefore, to the miracle of inspiration and power that came when God was in the tabernacle--when He was "in the tent," so to speak. It is from this picture that you might gather a unique root meaning for your application of the word INTENT. We ask you: "Is your God Self in residence in what you're doing or saying today?"

At the heart of every action, every communication, and every situation that arises, the God Creator of that universe has a plan, an idea, an initiative that he or she is trying to make. That plan (or will of that creator) dwells in the center of each reality context in the form of INTENT. It is a root desire that is being sought after, an "outcome" that is sought. In fact, we have mentioned before that the word "desire" literally means "of the Father." It is a genesis from which all other actions, ideas, or initiatives are born.

Just as the Jewish Tabernacle had many "levels" within it--an outer court, as well as a Holy of Holies--so also could it be said that every word or action has many levels to it as well. At the center of them is what we call the ROOT INTENTION that brought about the communication in the first place. This is also the Gateway into the TONE that connects that particular word or action to every other word or action like it, throughout all time and eternity.

Your education and legal systems of today have, in many ways, departed from the original sanctity and purity of honor that characterized their establishment so long ago. As a result, your usage of words has become a dance of ambiguity and manipulation of the senses. We do not condemn this, as every movement in your history has its purpose. But we do point out that the proliferation of "relativity" and "ambiguity" in your intent has destabilized your contact with one another, thereby requiring a newer, more universal means of communication. This will make way for the formation of TONAL COMMUNICATION, with the resulting establishment of the Living Language of Light.


Let us speak now about your generation's diminishing need for physical detail. The 3D world is currently built upon a conceptual template that is founded upon the words "I AM." To have an identity here, you must ascribe to yourself certain characteristics and attributes which form an identity, a signature of sorts, that can exist within the parameters of an established reality base. The energy signature for the Multiverse is lighter and more porous than that. It is built upon the words "Suppose I were..........," and deals more with potentialities than with actuality. It is the INDEX PAGE for All That Is, while each discrete universe embodies a "chapter" in the Grand Book of Life.

The more you concentrate upon where you have been, what you now are, or what you earnestly desire to be, the more you are operating within the spiritual frequency of "I AM." The more details you ascribe to yourself, and require---the denser your conception of yourself will be. There is no problem in this, if self actualization is what you have left on your itinerary of evolution. However, if freely traversing the Portals is now the object of your desire, some ballast has to be dropped from your boat, so that you can attain the speed required to make the journey.

To abbreviate a word, a person removes as many unnecessary letters as he can while still retaining a sense of what that word is. Abbreviance is the conscious ability to look ahead and "fill in the blanks," rather than to rely upon explicit detailed descriptions of what is happening. Do you currently finish other people's sentences before they complete their communications with you? Do you have a growing impatience with waiting in lines, stopping in traffic, and speaking in explicit ways and formats? If your answer is yes, you may now be in the process of installing Abbreviance Software onto your inner computer.

Even as your physical world is virtually awash with the availability of physical details, people are overlooking them more and more. Jumping to conclusions is becoming a worldwide sport! Have you noticed how your computer software will actually finish familiar words for you, once you begin to type them? Your own minds are also doing that. Little by little, the planet is developing a UNIVERSAL TONAL VOCABULARY---consisting of physical symbols, sounds, colors, words, and phrases that immediately invoke virtually the same inner experiences, wherever they appear.


We have spoken to you in days past about the difference between being "self-centered" and being "centered in self." The former mindset still believes in separation, and rejects the idea that everyone and everything are aspects of the same Oneself. Insisting on having its own way, it denies the rest of humanity as a viable source of concern, or an additional reflection of what is going on within him or her. The soul wants what it wants, and it does whatever is necessary to "win."

The latter mindset has effectively integrated the concept
"It's all you." It knows that every person is the creator of his or her universe, and everything in each universe mirrors an aspect of who and what that creator is. Life gets very PERSONAL when you view it this way. There is no longer a need to ask the questions "Who is speaking?" and "Who is being spoken to?" Oneness solves all that. Once that is recognized, the only question remaining will be: "Do you really want to listen?"

A good deal of the superfluity in life could be eliminated if people were genuinely honest with themselves about what they actually want, at any point in their day. Immediate feedback, honest and sincere, creates instant evolution in society. This is why the Internet is having such a powerful effect on your collective consciousness in daily life. Believing without question, the internal information one receives (his or her intuitive assessment of a situation), is a turbo booster pack to speed humanity on its way to personal and collective expansion.

Before the Living Language of Light can truly manifest, there must be an appropriate environment within which it can function. We spoke about this a bit in our transmission concerning
"Time/No-Time." There must be time to feel, time to align your body energy with what is going on around you. Personal authenticity (congruence between the inner you and the outer you) must carry a far greater importance than it currently does.

Do not wait for society to change before you begin making some of these necessary shifts in priority. Creating your personal "flow" and setting your own "groove" is the beginning of personal wisdom. No amount of possessions or stature in society can even come close to replacing it. It's simple, direct, and it becomes its own filter--blocking out unnecessary involvements and superfluous concerns.

Your personal universe is all you, and it's all about you. Believe that, and go forward. As you process images, deal with situations, or have encounters with various individuals, keep asking yourself the question: "What do I want all of this to mean? What interpretation will make my heart sing?" When all is said and done, it is a singing heart that forms the foundation for your Living Language of Light.

In days to come, we will be speaking more about the actual translation of tones from one context of reality to another. We will talk about certain symbols, colors, sounds, and movements that can assist you to form real and fundamental bonds between yourself and the rest of your universe.

To begin preparing for your shift to these new modes of communication, it may help you to set aside some time in your week, or your month, where you deliberately de-emphasize the importance of WORDS in daily life. As we said earlier, words are powerful. We cannot deny that. But words are only part of the picture.

Try going for a week or a month without speaking. Pretend you are mute, and see how creative you can be as you find new ways to make your messages known. Begin looking for all of the non-verbal ways that communication flows in and through your life: body language, physical arrangement of environment and circumstances, facial expressions, internal "knowing" about things, hand gestures, and so forth. You will be amazed how multi-track and extensive your communication already is.

Now is truly your time! Infinity is opening, right before your very eyes. With an endless sea of choices, you will find it very hard to function if you don't know your signature vibration, and learn to stay within it. We are available to help you personally if you so desire. Just call to us and we will be there. But remember, we listen closely to the heart, not just the words. It will help you considerably if you begin to do that as well.

As the writer once said so beautifully: "What you are speaks so loudly, we cannot always hear what you say."

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob. All Rights Reserved. May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research. All reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.


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Subj: [TIME WAVE ZERO 2012] FW: [AtlanteanForum] Olmecs and Ancient India
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Subject: [AtlanteanForum] Olmecs and Ancient India

In the 1900s, Mexican scholars noted that the Nahuatl language is derived from Sanskrit. Even the word Nahua derives from the Sanskrit word for "sailor:" Nava or Navaja. Like their brother Allemans in Germany, the Olmecs could pronounce "V" only as "W... Thanks to the increasing cultural compression of the world, archeologists and linguists are concluding that men like Edward Pococke, William Jones, and Godfrey Higgins were right after all. The historical linguists and non-diffusionist archeologists are beginning to retire or change professions.


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Christine, please: if you are going to post aphorisms and folk tales, please explain why.

Many of us lead quite busy and productive lives outside of our membership on this list, and we prefer to optimize our time here with relevant discussion. If you cannot make these posts relevant, well, than they seem unworthy of our time and attention.

In a few words: please stop being so obtuse. We want to hear what you have to say. So just say it.


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Subj: [native_american_storytellers] Unity
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Unity... Many, many years ago turtle was the designated "keeper of the waters." You could see him as he swam about his duties. His shell was made up of solid plates of red, black, white, or yellow color. He was very distinctive and visible. All the animals respected and honored the turtle... all except one, 'ole coyote.' One day turtle was out sunning himself and coyote came along and ate turtle up. Of course all the waters, ponds, streams, and rivers started to dry up and become stale and unclean. The animals hurriedly gathered from all four directions to coyote and pleaded, "Please, please bring back turtle... surely we will all perish... the waters... the cool clear water... please, please..." So coyote finally conceded and "threw-up" turtle. The animals immediately began to piece turtle back together the best they could. It worked. The shell came together to become a beautiful mosaic blend of many, many colors... extremely shiny and beautiful. Each plate shined with the remains and debris of all the colors. And sure enough turtle came back to life. And when he did, the water came back, too. The waters flowed again... tumbling down from the mountains and rippling out clear, clean, and pure.

From the Archives of Blue Panther


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From: Christine Natale
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To: [email protected]

Hi Lisa,

You have a really hard time with the right-brain stuff, don't you?

: ) Christine


From: dottie zold
Date: Mon Mar 15, 2004 8:27 pm
Subject: Re: Fwd: Forwarded by Christine


In a few words: please stop being so obtuse. We want to hear what you have to say. So just say it.

Hey Lisa, no need to be so nasty. I realize you got caught red handed with handing a 'fixed PLANS list' for the 'anthros are cults' but that's no reason to take it out on Christine. Be accountable for your actions.



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Subject: Forwarded by Christine - Not a Fairy Tale

Subj: [Dreamkeeper] No nap time for 4 year olds?
Date: 3/16/2004 10:20:04 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Deborah Harmes, Ph.D.
Reply-to: [email protected]
To: [email protected] Education

Time May Be Up for Naps in Pre-K Class

By Nancy Trejos
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, March 15, 2004; Page A01

After lunch and snacks, alphabet and story times, the lights go off. Sixteen tiny bodies sprawl on a sea of red foam mats, the sounds of classical piano coaxing them to sleep.

And there they stay, tucked under Spider-Man and Powerpuff Girls blankets, until teacher Chantay Wynn switches on the lights 45 minutes later. "Come on, get up," Wynn chides 4-year-old Steven Dieu, lifting him from his mat. "Open your eyes."

It's a daily ritual for the pre-kindergarten students at Hoffman-Boston Elementary School in Arlington, as it is at countless schools across the country. But in the increasingly urgent world of public education, is it a luxury that 4-year-olds no longer can afford?

By asking that question, a few leaders of Washington area school systems have begun to challenge one of the pillars of the early school experience: afternoon naps.

"Nap time needs to go away," Prince George's County schools chief André J. Hornsby said during a recent meeting with Maryland legislators. "We need to get rid of all the baby school stuff they used to do."

Hornsby wants to convert his pre-kindergarten classes into a full-day program. If he secures the funding to begin that next fall, there will be no mats or cots allowed, he said. In Anne Arundel County, where full-day pre-kindergarten is in place, Superintendent Eric J. Smith also has opted not to build nap time into the schedule.

Educators including Hornsby and Smith find themselves under growing pressure to make school more rigorous -- even in the earliest grades -- in the belief that children who are behind academically by age 6 or 7 have a difficult time catching up. "The time is very precious," Smith said. "When they come into first grade or kindergarten for the first time, they learn within a few weeks of the school experience that they're not as capable, and that's a burden that is extremely damaging."

Critics of eliminating school naps say the reality is that many 4-year-olds don't get enough sleep at home. There are piano lessons, soccer practices and other scheduled activities during the day, and many kids stay up past their bedtime because their parents come home late from work and want to talk or play.

"Kids are often kind of overscheduled even as toddlers, even as preschoolers," said Kenneth A. Haller, assistant professor of pediatrics at Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

"We are a sleep-deprived society," agreed Stephen H. Sheldon, director of the Sleep Medicine Center at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Typical 4- and 5-year-olds need 10 to 12 hours of sleep, and if they don't get that at night they will likely fall asleep during the day, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. The amount of sleep a school-age child needs decreases each year, and the need for naps diminishes after age 3, pediatricians say.

Most evenings, Adrian Moreno tries to get his son, David, to fall asleep by 9 p.m. The goal is to wake David at 7 a.m. to get him ready for pre-kindergarten at Hoffman-Boston, where administrators continue to support naps. But David, who recently turned 5, has a 3-year-old sister, and the two often keep each other awake playing games until 10 p.m. or so, Moreno said.

It's no wonder that on a recent rainy day, David was fast asleep soon after Wynn switched off the classroom lights.

"I think they need to sleep a bit," Moreno said. "They're small. They have to rest their minds."

Nia Baker, 4, wakes up around 6:30 every morning to get ready for day care and later spends almost three hours in pre-kindergarten at Seabrook Elementary School in Prince George's, said her mother, Aisha Baker. Then she goes back to day care until 6 p.m., when Baker, a single mother and a cashier at a D.C. restaurant, picks her up.

The rest of Nia's evening usually goes like this: She eats dinner, reviews what she learned in school for about 20 minutes, plays a little, then watches TV for 10 minutes. Bedtime is 7:30 p.m.

"You get tired," Nia said, reflecting on her schedule.

Nia gets a 30-minute nap at day care, which her mother appreciates. "They need a break to take a nap and get rejuvenated," Baker said.

But support of naps is hardly unanimous.

"Do all 4-year-olds need nap time? The answer is certainly no," said Ari Brown, a pediatrician in Texas and author of the book "Baby 411."

Smith, who came to Anne Arundel County in July 2002 from Charlotte, is a firm believer that pre-kindergarten students don't need naps. His teachers and principals urge parents to make sure the children get enough sleep at home. In place of nap time is "quiet learning time," during which students look at books or play with puzzles, said Barbara Griffith, coordinator of the county's early childhood programs.

If they do fall asleep, the teacher doesn't wake them. But the message is clear: "This is not a child-care program. It's an educational program," Griffith said.

In effect, kindergarten is becoming more like first grade, teachers say, which makes preschool more like the kindergarten of yesteryear. "When I was in preschool, I remember learning socialization skills,"

Wynn said. "By the time they get to kindergarten, they have to hit the ground running."

Wynn followed a recent "quiet time" -- what many schools now call any break in the school day -- with a rhyming drill. By the end of pre-kindergarten, Wynn's students have to master seven skills, from writing their names to memorizing words in a sentence to matching words that rhyme. She tests them each fall and spring to track their progress.

Zahava Johnson teaches two pre-kindergarten classes at Seabrook Elementary, each almost three hours long, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Johnson said her students stop paying attention to her lessons after 15 minutes. So she offers an occasional respite with fun activities, like singing a song about trains.

If she teaches a full-day class next year, she said, she wants the students to take a nap. Or at least take a break from the learning. "This is an introduction to school, and to have them work like a 6-year-old, I don't think that's going to work," she said.

Seabrook Principal Marvel Smith is more supportive of Hornsby's move to eliminate naps. "They can't be babied," she said. "These are young minds. We have to take advantage of this early stage when they grasp everything."

© 2004 The Washington Post Company


From: Dan Dugan
Date: Tue Mar 16, 2004 5:29 pm
Subject: Re: Forwarded by Christine - Not a Fairy Tale

Christine, you posted the article, Education

Time May Be Up for Naps in Pre-K Class

By Nancy Trejos
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, March 15, 2004; Page A01

You didn't make any comment, so I'm not sure what your intended message was. I'm sure most educators, public and private, would agree that nap time is important in pre-K, so I don't see this as having much to do with Waldorf. It's an extreme, like the story of the Japanese child who was killed by teachers slamming the school gate a couple of years ago. What do you think?

-Dan Dugan


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Subject: Forwarded by Christine

Subj: [earthchanges] The Unmentionable Source of Terrorism by John Pilger
Date: 3/21/2004 10:46:13 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: luckypig
Reply-to: [email protected]
To: [email protected] (@ A2C)

The Unmentionable Source of Terrorism

by John Pilger

The current threat of attacks in countries whose governments have close alliances with Washington is the latest stage in a long struggle against the empires of the west, their rapacious crusades and domination. The motivation of those who plant bombs in railway carriages derives directly from this truth. What is different today is that the weak have learned how to attack the strong, and the western crusaders' most recent colonial terrorism (as many as 55,000 Iraqis killed) exposes "us" to retaliation.

The source of much of this danger is Israel. A creation, then guardian of the west's empire in the Middle East, the Zionist state remains the cause of more regional grievance and sheer terror than all the Muslim states combined. Read the melancholy Palestinian Monitor on the Internet; it chronicles the equivalent of Madrid's horror week after week, month after month, in occupied Palestine. No front pages in the West acknowledge this enduring bloodbath, let alone mourn its victims. Moreover, the Israeli army, a terrorist organisation by any reasonable measure, is protected and rewarded in the west.

In its current human rights report, the Foreign Office criticises Israel for its "worrying disregard for human rights" and "the impact that the continuing Israeli occupation and the associated military occupations have had on the lives of ordinary Palestinians."

Yet the Blair government has secretly authorised the sale of vast quantities of arms and terror equipment to Israel. These include leg-irons, electric shock belts and chemical and biological agents. No matter that Israel has defied more United Nations resolutions than any other state since the founding of the world body. Last October, the UN General Assembly voted by 144 to four to condemn the wall that Israel has cut through the heart of the West Bank, annexing the best agricultural land, including the aquifer system that provides most of the Palestinians' water. Israel, as usual, ignored the world.

Israel is the guard dog of America's plans for the Middle East. The former CIA analysts Kathleen and Bill Christison have described how "two strains of Jewish and Christian fundamentalism have dovetailed into an agenda for a vast imperial project to restructure the Middle East, all further reinforced by the happy coincidence of great oil resources up for grabs and a president and vice-president heavily invested in oil."

The "neoconservatives" who run the Bush regime all have close ties with the Likud government in Tel Aviv and the Zionist lobby groups in

Washington. In 1997, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (Jinsa) declared: "Jinsa has been working closely with Iraqi National Council leader Dr Ahmad Chalabi to promote Saddam Hussein's removal from office..." Chalabi is the CIA-backed stooge and convicted embezzler at present organising the next "democratic" government in Baghdad.

Until recently, a group of Zionists ran their own intelligence service inside the Pentagon. This was known as the Office of Special Plans, and was overseen by Douglas Feith, an under-secretary of defence, extreme Zionist and opponent of any negotiated peace with the Palestinians. It was the Office of Special Plans that supplied Downing Street with much of its scuttlebutt about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction; more often than not, the original source was Israel.

Israel can also claim responsibility for the law passed by Congress that imposes sanctions on Syria and in effect threatens it with the same fate as Iraq unless it agrees to the demands of Tel Aviv. Israel is the guiding hand behind Bush's bellicose campaign against the "nuclear threat" posed by Iran. Today, in occupied Iraq, Israeli special forces are teaching the Americans how to "wall in" a hostile population, in the same way that Israel has walled in the Palestinians in pursuit of the Zionist dream of an apartheid state. The author David Hirst describes the "Israelisation of US foreign policy" as being "now operational as well as ideological."

In understanding Israel's enduring colonial role in the Middle East, it is too simple to see the outrages of Ariel Sharon as an aberrant version of a democracy that lost its way. The myths that abound in middle-class Jewish homes in Britain about Israel's heroic, noble birth have long been reinforced by a "liberal" or "left-wing" Zionism as virulent and essentially destructive as the Likud strain.

In recent years, the truth has come from Israel's own "new historians," who have revealed that the Zionist "idealists" of 1948 had no intention of treating justly or even humanely the Palestinians, who instead were systematically and often murderously driven from their homes. The most courageous of these historians is Ilan Pappe, an Israeli-born professor at Haifa University, who, with the publication of each of his ground-breaking books, has been both acclaimed and smeared. The latest is A History of Modern Palestine, in which he documents the expulsion of Palestinians as an orchestrated crime of ethnic cleansing that tore apart Jews and Arabs coexisting peacefully. As for the modern "peace process," he describes the Oslo Accords of 1993 as a plan by liberal Zionists in the Israeli Labour Party to corral Palestinians in South African-style bantustans. That they were aided by a desperate Palestinian leadership made the "peace" and its "failure" (blamed on the Palestinians) no less counterfeit. During the years of negotiation and raised hopes, governments in Tel Aviv secretly doubled the number of illegal Jewish settlements on Palestinian land, intensified the military occupation and completed the fragmentation of the 22 per cent of historic Palestine that the Palestine Liberation Organisation had agreed to accept in return for recognising the state of Israel.

Along with the late Edward Said, Ilan Pappe is the most eloquent writer of Palestinian history. He is also one of the most scholarly. This combination has brought him many admirers, but also enemies among Israel's academic liberal mythologists in Britain, one of whom, Stephen Howe, was given the Pappe book to review in the New Statesman of 8 March. Howe often appears in these pages; his style is to damn with faint praise and to set carefully the limits of debate about empire, be it Irish history, the Middle East or the "war on terror." In Pappe's case, what the reader doesn't know is Howe's personal link to the Israeli establishment; and what Howe does not say in his review is that here for the first time is a textbook on Palestine that narrates the real story as it happened: a non-Zionist version of Zionism.

He accuses Pappe of "factual mistakes," but gives no evidence, then denigrates the book by dismissing it as a footnote to another book by the Israeli historian Benny Morris, who has long atoned for his own revisionist work. To its credit, Cambridge University Press has published Pappe's pioneering and highly accessible work as an authoritative history. This means that the "debate" over Israel's origins is ending, regardless of what the empire's apologists say.


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There are no words.

Radiation in Iraq Equals 250,000 Nagasaki Bombs

by Bob Nichols

(Oklahoma City) - Last summer (2003) one of my neighbors had just returned from Iraq. I wanted to ask him about the summer conditions in Iraq. The brutal summer in Iraq is coming up again, the same way it has since the last Ice Age.

The neighbor said it routinely got to 142 Degrees F. in Baghdad and the rest of Iraq during the summer months.

As a writer I do not have a set of words to describe what 142 Degrees in the shade is like. I've seen 120 D. in Phoenix and 110 D in the spa's sauna I use. One hundred forty-two degrees leaves me speechless. Try to imagine 142 D temperature while wearing a helmet, long sleeve shirt, long pants, a bullet proof vest, boots, and carrying a 70 pound pack.

By contrast the Inuit of Alaska and Canada have thirty-seven words to precisely talk about different kinds of snow.

So, since the temperature is heating up in Iraq it seemed like a good time to float this story to different Internet sites and news publications. There was one story in 2003 of one 19 year old British soldier whose military job was to work in a British tank. In Iraq. In the summer. Word is, from London, that he forgot to drink enough water and he literally cooked in his tank.

But, this story is not about the temperature in Iraq. You can bet, though, the weather will be really important for those Americans unfortunate enough to still be in Iraq this summer.

This story is about American weapons built with Uranium components for the business end of things. Just about all American bullets, 120 mm tank shells, missiles, dumb bombs, smart bombs, 500 and 2,000 pound bombs, cruise missiles, and anything else engineered to help our side in the war of us against them has Uranium in it. Lots of Uranium.

In the case of a cruise missile, as much as 800 pounds of the stuff. This article is about how much radioactive uranium our guys, representing us, the citizens of the United States, let fly in Iraq. Turns out they used about 4,000,000 pounds of the stuff, give or take. That is a bunch.

Now, most people have no idea how much Four Million Pounds of anything is, much less of Uranium Dust (UD), which this stuff turns into when it is shot or exploded. Suffice it to say it is about equal to 1,333 cars that weigh three thousand pounds per car. That is a lot of cars; but, we can imagine what a parking lot with one thousand three hundred and thirty three cars is like. The point is: this was and is an industrial strength operation. It is still going on, too.

No sir-ee, putting Four Million Pounds of Radioactive Uranium Dust (RUD) on the ground in Iraq was a definitely "on-purpose" kind of thing. It was not "just an accident." We, the citizens of the United States, through our kids in the Army, did this on purpose.

When the uranium bullets, missiles, or bombs hit something or explode most of the radioactive uranium turns instantly to very, very small dust particles, too fine to even see. When US Troopers or Iraqis breathe even a tiny amount into their lungs, as little as One Gram, it is the same as getting an X-Ray every hour for the rest of their shortened life.

The uranium cannot be removed, there is no treatment, there is no cure. The uranium will long outlast the Veterans' and the Iraqis' bodies though; for, you see, it lasts virtually forever.

But, it gets worse. Seems an Admiral who is the former Chief of the Naval Staff of India wanted to know how much radiation this represented. He also wanted to express the amount in a figure that the world, especially the non American world, could easily understand.

The Admiral decided to figure out how many Nagasaki Atom Bombs it would take to deliver the equivalent of the total amount of radiation deployed in Iraq in 2003 in Four Million Pounds of uranium.

The Admiral also wanted to figure out how much radiation the United States Military Forces have deployed in the last Five American Wars, the so-called Five

Nuclear Wars.

That is a simple enough task for somebody like the Naval Chief of Staff for a country that is a member of the Nuclear Club. Using the Nagasaki bomb for the measuring stick is a particularly gruesome twist, though. For those of you in the States who do not know it, the United States Military Forces dropped two nuclear Bombs on Japan at the close of World War II. The whole world remembers that.

One Atom Bomb was dropped by Americans on the city of Hiroshima, the other on the city of Nagasaki three days later. About 170,000 people were incinerated immediately. It was a really big deal.

It is a measuring stick that plays very well in the rest of the world; but, not very well on Fox News (Fair & Balanced)(c) or the rest of the Fox-like American media. The Department of Energy still lists the Hiroshima and Nagasaki detonations as "tests." The admiral released the data months ago at a scientific conference in India. This article is the first report of the data in the United States. It will first be released on the Internet.

The admiral in India calculated the number of radioactive atoms in the Nagasaki bomb and compared it with the number in the 4,000,000 pounds of uranium left in Iraq from the 2003 war. Now, believe me, it is a lot more complex than that; but, that is essentially what the experts in India did.

How many Nagasaki Nuclear Bombs equal the Radiation loosed in the 2003 Iraq war? Answer: About 250,000 Nuclear Bombs.

How many Nagasaki Nuclear Bombs equal the Radiation loosed in the last Five American Nuclear Wars? Answer: About 400,000 Nuclear Bombs.

Who would do something like this? We would. The only people in the history of the world to engage in Nuclear Wars are Americans, citizens of the United States. Allegedly, the Germans and Japanese of WWII also wanted to engage in nuclear wars, except the American Military beat them to the draw, so to speak.

Respected academic scholars could debate forever whether or not Herr Hitler, Fuhrer of Germany, would have deployed uranium munitions in the Sudetenland if the weapons had been available. Certainly the Germans knew just as much about uranium wars as we did at the time. It seems doubtful that Adolph Hitler would have ordered the use of uranium munitions there because the Sudetenland was so close to the Fatherland, Nazi Germany.

An American General named Leslie Groves was in charge of the bomb making operation called The Manhattan Project. In 1943 The War Department knew exactly what uranium bullets and bombs were good for.

If the nuclear weapons did not detonate in Japan, the use of uranium bullets and bombs were the fall back position. It was not till Ronald Reagan was President in 1980 did the re-named Defense Department resurrect the deadly radioactive uranium bullets, bombs, and missiles. No wonder his popular nick-name was Ronnie Ray-Guns.

The American Military knew the symptoms of radiation poisoning in 1943 too; starting with the irritated sore throat through to an agonizing death from being cooked from the inside out.

President Bush promised to invade twelve countries in the 2003 State of the Union speech. I believe the man. For some reason, some misguided Americans do not believe him, or think he was "exaggerating." The rest of the world has every reason to believe him, though.

Not to worry, the President has plenty of raw material for radioactive uranium munitions left. There are more than 77,000 Tons stored at the 103 nuclear waste plants and the several Nuclear Weapons Labs in the US. Each one makes another 250 pounds of radioactive material a day for radioactive bullets, bombs, and missiles. Not to put too fine a point on it; but, that is enough for 40.5 more gloriously successful campaigns like the 2003 Nuclear War in Iraq.

Every year about this time the Southern winds leave a fine desert sand on the windshields of cars parked outside in Continental Europe and Britain. Soon this sand dust will carry a surprise. Thanks to the Americans. Thanks to us. We did this to the world. And, we wonder why they hate and despise us so.

These uranium weapons' indiscriminate killing effect gives a whole new meaning to the age old term: cannon fodder. In Iraq, what goes around, comes around. If not the uranium munitions themselves, the uranium dust will be in the bodies of our returning armed forces, time bombs slowly ticking away the lives of the gullible and the ignorant with their very own internal radiation source, the cannon fodder of the 21st Century American Nuclear Wars.

Put your ending to this article next. A lot of people have done everything we can think of to stop these nuclear wars. Even more specifically to stop the use of uranium as a munition and shut down the nuclear power plants. We have tried and failed for years. Why don't you give it a try? Can't hurt anything! Write what steps you would take to turn this situation around.

Copyright 2004, Bob Nichols. All rights reserved. Permission for reposting is allowed provided the complete text and attribution are kept intact. Bob Nichols writes in Oklahoma City and is the Editorial writer for Bob Nichols is a contributing writer for LiberalSlant, Democratic Underground, OnlineJournal, AmericaHeldHostage, and other online dot com publications. Mr. Nichols is a frequent contributor The Oklahoma Observer and other print publications, and an editorial writer for He lives and works in Oklahoma. He is a member of CASE - Citizens' Action for Safe Energy, and President of the Carrie Dickerson Foundation. CASE has successfully killed two serious, well funded attempts to build Nuclear Power Plants in Oklahoma and several attempts to site what is now known as the "Yucca Mountain Reactor Dump" in Oklahoma. All these efforts to build nuclear facilities have failed.


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