A Golden Legend


From: holderlin66
Date: Fri Mar 5, 2004 1:58 pm
Subject: A Golden Legend

Bradford writes; Understanding the [Bodies of Christ]

I have on my mind an inner revelation, which, while easy to say, has far deeper conscious reverberations for me. Sometimes we are just ready to understand something that has been percolating for some time. In doing some research on Wartburg Castle, I encountered with new awareness how St. Elizabeth and St. Francis received the Astral Body of the Christ Being. This sunk in. It echoed inside of me as I began to understand the implications. It paved the way for something startling, as good things sometimes arise and amaze. A quiet startling eye wide wonder, as opposed to eye wide shut singular experience arose for me.

It is interesting to hold the understanding that ages ago, and I'm sure you can all help me out here, the Nazara.. as in Nazarene, as ZARA and NAZAR ties to the location of the Zarathustra Jesus. Zarathustra had a history of gifting his higher bodies to his various pupils. Christ later gave Judas, a copy of His Etheric body as the foundation for St. Augustine. We have recently looked at St. Augustine.

This insight remained dormant in me for some time, but suddenly reawoke in connection to the unfolding of my biography and studying the gift of the Astral Body of Christ given to St. Elizabeth and St. Francis. It is an interesting thought, that Zarathustra/Jesus already had an ability to copy and give his highly worked through higher members as gifts to worthy students. A copy of Zarathustra's well wrought etheric and astral bodies were given out to various pupils who later played important roles in Biblical history.

Each person relates to such an intimacy, to such intercourse within their higher members in unique ways. We touch here upon esoteric freedom and the student pupil relationship. This student pupil relationship predominated in past cultural initiation paradigms.

How the ability to read a book, read the stars and think, can also arise as the ability to read and understand the vast inner connections someone makes, say Zarathustra, and review the sources and insights that led to his vast spiritual conclusions, might be gifted as a copy for soneone else to 'see what I saw, understand how I arrived at what I know'. So having as content in your consciousness the encyclopedia of Zarathustra it would mockingly be like having the data in your own mainframe.

You could experience everything about the normal history of you, but you would have the additional reference library of reviewing another's vast experience as a second reference. Childishly and fundamentally speaking we could misinterpret how the soul might digest such a gift. Pathologies of this experience come readily to my mind.

Many was the New York Transvestite or Elvis, Marilyn or Judy Garland imitator (note I AM I in imi-tator) who perhaps caught a copy of the duplicated astral shadow and double that was invested with lower astral beings and made it their own. As our current technology and culture have progressed we are interested in cloning and making copies of individuals without even grasping that perhaps an etheric copy or an astral copy might exist. Or, that pathological magnetic links to distorted astral and cultural icons of shed soul debris might be tried on. Spiritual Drag Queens looking through a distorted psychic mirror.

We sometimes see the strangest examples in life of what in the deepest sense is profound insight but bent or fractured in the fun house hall of mirrors of the psyche. Had these imitators once experienced such things in a more distorted form in previous incarnations? Did they encounter highly potent astral beings prior to incarnation which were incubating and preparing copies of the fallen forces of Elvis, James Dean, Marylyn, and those beings we call 'Stars' who really only represent the demonic Idols on the coffee tables of men?

But we have invested extreme worshiping forces into these our idols and given lower astral entities a life of their own, to overshadow what we think we lack. Because of our idiotic and false media inspired hero worship we invest power to fallen astral entities.

Besides, since Zarthustra/Jesus transferred and gifted his higher members to students way back in history, current demons and ahrimanic beings are also schooling themselves to take up this skill as well. But with the added value of being cheap imitators Jerry Springer and whole hosts of weakened I AM's are forced to hunt in the garbage bin for inspiration. It is amazing what distortions we fall for in life. What is most disturbing is that a well grounded history of the I AM as documented by Steiner and brought through with education, antidotes such abnormaliites.

To continue:; I'm standing imaginatively, lets say, in the 1st Goetheanum and looking up at the cupola painting on the ceiling.

There I see the incredible unfolding pictures of the Christ Being and his vivid astral participation in human history from Alpha to Omega.

There where the great Statue of the Representative of Man would have been standing, on the center of the stage, nearly 30 feet high; framed by a semi-circle of 12 wood carved seats on the stage; with beautiful rhythmic pillars of Trees with various planetary rhythms and tree essences that move the whole spatial and cosmic picture through the great hall; and directly above the Great Statue of the Representative of Humanity, the Astral image of the Christ on Golgotha, with shimmering powers flowing deep into the earth gripping gravity and Ahrimanic death forces; and above the Luciferic sunlight of nature and pagan forces, swept up into the radiant glory of the Incarnate death defeating Logos.

The magnificent cupola of the First Goetheanum depicts in living colors what the Statue reveals below in magnificent wood. Steiner's contribution to the foundation of the I AM was destined for the core of the Germanic thinking capacity as we have recently indicated with Fichte, Wagner, Kaspar Hauser and the Consciousness Soul.


"The tremendous building in Dornach, Switzerland erected in a towering double cupola with its seven pillars arranged symmetrically on each side, has caused many who knew but little about Rudolf Steiner and his success as a person, a speaker, and a writer to be surprised about the extent to which his influence has grown. This remarkable temple, as an educational institution of the humanities in Steiner's sense, claims to put forward in courses of lectures and artistic contributions his concept of the soul."

Bradford continues;

Now I am aware that Thomas Aquinas was one of those who also received a copy of the Astral Body of Christ.

Received the Astral Body of Christ (It stuns one to repeat it because I am not yet even close to grasping it.), which has sunk into me a bit now after all these years, but recently very clearly it sank in deeper. It grows inwardly for me now a little more, the experience of understanding how this unique Astral Body of the Christ would be a stunning gift?

We look back in time and see Thomas working with Haroun al Rachid under the name of Schionaturlander, a diplomat for the Grail, who actually was killed instead of Parsifal. Schionatulander was diplomatic emissary to Haroun al Raschid for all that was the wild Grail and Arthurian Celtic impulse. It was here that the individuality of the future Dr. Steiner tried to reconcile differences with Haroun al Rachid, the future Francis Bacon.

Oh and I cannot forget the whole gamut of this history of with this individual going back through the Greek period and his friendship with a certain character called Plato, his experiences at Ephesus and back into Sumerian culture.

Further still we find that the many-breasted Diana mystery, reveals her bountiful Lunar star breasts feeding all manner of species of beings from the mystery center at Ephesus. Alexander and Aristotle, before they incarnated with their world mission drank at this mystery well. I need not go all the way back to Uruk but he is there as well. So here is the mystery. A most stirring, soul enriching experience and one that I have not heard many souls embrace as they bash Spiritual Science. Because what was Steiner's task, as Tarjei has so warmly outlined? A transition from the Gabriel hereditary development to the I AM core of the Michael Time Spirit or current ZEITGEIST.

The mystery here, is about the wide thinking and Astral faculties of the "Countenance of the Sun" Christ's astral body, that has been methodically served up for a Conciousness Soul meal for those who wish to slowly attain the Wedding Garments of the transformed Astral body and change it to the future Manas condition. Steiner looking inward with those rich deep, jet black eyes, into Light so Bright in the heart of the soul and following this core reality back, back and further back through creation and Time. This comes off the tongue or written page easy, but try to let the magnificent emotional content sink in. Steiner has, as proof in his work, the maturity to reveal the core mysteries of the I AM.

The details continue to unfold. We see on earth a massive building which represents the full Astral Body of the Christ Being. We walk through the mighty lectures delivered, each with their human harmony and human voice. We feel the pulse behind the massive lectures covering a thinking process that enters into the core of creation's deepest mysteries and carries the mighty 7 and 9 fold pattern of the micrologos and unites it with the Macrologos revealing the twelve chairs for the other invited Initiates in the Great Hall. The opportunity to create a building that reflects that Astral Body, and bring into practical reality secrets of what that Astral Body could produce for mankind if we understood it, became Steiner's great pleasure. The Astral Body of Christ, Oh, Oh, Oh...

When we see the structure of the John Gospel and Revelation we also see how the gigantic Astral body of the Christ was unfolded with the layout and chapters of John's work. The inner rhythms of the events... nay the cosmic Alpha Omega biographical sketch, as seen in its cosmic extensions shares and was built into John's works and continues profoundly all the way into the Chymical Wedding and the grand ground plan of Spiritual Science.

But Steiner brings the Christ's Astral body in translated chunks, pieces, full meals, raising thinking to union, to marriage, to absorb into our Astral thinking field, the potential to grasp the immense Astral Body of a God, an Elohim. We get to think and learn to swim in the wonder of such a strange profound gift with page after page of insight, connections, clarity, substance, science, ethics, wonder and above all, Truth.

An Astral body of the nature we are talking about resonates with, Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free. I AM the way, the Truth and the Life (as a cosmic Being the Christ has a cosmic Logos Astral Body of immense dimensions and we all have pieces of that within us. It is to become our Wedding garment). But think how it was about to become a gift, carried through all the developing cultures, Egypt, the Hebrews, Greeks, and was attempting to land like a giant Eagle in the thinking nest of the German thinking capacity to grasp the powerful inner nature of the I AM. That is why we pointed to Fichte.

What does it matter that Christ was in a solidified human form and contained within his walking revelation of human body, The Cosmos?

That is the difference between understanding the solidification of Spiritual faculties and members into an operating system of Man, as opposed to the uncondensed wide spread Etheric Earth, Astral Cosmos and Physical Solar System uncalibrated and spread out in the vast vistas of soul/spirit/ and physical life.

He walked and existed in a Man and as a Man, He can gift the various higher members- Manas, Buddhi and Atma to qualified individuals, and it continues on into the future. This is the Academia of the Brave New World. This is the difference between thinking like shrunken starved rats or awakening and glimpsing the AWE that is Mankind.

Now the Church and the human mind must be confronted with not only the Body of Christ, but the Bodies of Christ and this is a vast mystery that makes the Church obsolete and unable to navigate any longer but rather burdened with its own load of obsolete traditions sputters and fails before the Christ Being is literal Science of the I Am, delivered, not through the united German Soul, but Crushing the very foundations of the weakened German Nation, as this mighty impulse was spoken forth into the German Language. The Logos had landed, but the Folk foundations could not sustain the immense strength, and it fell. It fell hard and it fell brutally, shattered. But the I AM WORD and TEXT lives on...and the mighty edifice grows in each of us.

Now if we change the definition of AS or Anthrosociety, and naturally there has been a great deal spoken about 'Mother and Daughter' aspects of the society but so many head games cloud the real issue. The real issue, and share with me this moment on the threshold if you can; Because indeed we can write it out fully at some point, but the stunning revelation is that here we participate with the Feeding of the Five Thousand in the Fifth epoch and we become the Astral Daughters and prime ourselves to understand and change our Astral bodies and our thinking because Thomas Aquinas went in a different direction than St. Francis.

In St. Francis we see the results of the full in take of the Astral Body of Christ into the most receptive devoted vehicle. We see It's ramifications all the way down through his toes and his physical form. He doesn't, as yet, as far as we know, explore and unfold the enormous wealth of the Astral body and put it in terms we can understand with our minds, as thought, as science; as education. St. Francis becomes that Astral Body in his Higher members and it radiates right down into his body as the stigmata. The Astral Body of Christ.

St. Francis takes the full blow of Initiation and unites with the mighty Buddha away from the Earth. Steiner takes this mighty impulse and categorizes it, breaks bread and fishes in the 5th Post Atlantean epoch and hands out to the needy, piece by piece, answer by answer to the starving masses. Daily Steiner is serving at food line. He hoped with all his being that the German Thinking capacity would have been the beacon of mighty vision and peace, radiating out all over the World. Not Steiner, the not I, but Christ in the whole development of humanity, that is what Steiner wanted so badly to give.

Oh, if we understood this in our hearts... Oh so, so stunningly strange to be able to lift up this veil and say... I am learning and discovering the great Astral Body of Christ that can be learned on earth now and viewed with even more intensity, but only if you encountered it here, experienced it here, will it fully awaken on the other side of the threshold. Nay, better, each win in our thinking becomes something of a profound seed in our higher self. We build our higher selves, our Spirit Selves with this school of Spiritual Science.

But now, here, today, the Christ is not so far away. We turn and examine the way the profound thinking of the Sun Logos would unfold causes and effects and human karma, medicine, education, agriculture we see wisdom and benefits galore because Steiner delivered to humanity what St.Francis took away from humnaity. There is an Initiate equation here somewhere you can bet on it.

It was not merely a religious experience for someone with a personality like Aristotle, oh no! Aristotle's sober thinking walked into the emotional fortress of this new gift, the Astral Body of Christ, and considered deeply how to categorize and departmentalize the wonderful revelations this Astral Body could give to a thinking soul; what it could unveil and reveal within human history and the human community.

Steiner worked out a destiny plan, a way to offer this Astral Body of Christ to the human community and place it firmly in culture as a fact. How intimate could, should such emotions and thinking be when unfolding the content of the Astral Body of Christ? Steiner continued to remain wonderfully human in everything he did and said.. After all who made the human and the best of the wonders of the human being we love anyways? What is this thing that allows us to Love that which is true and great in the deeds and wonders of humanity? If the eye were not sun like and if our astral bodies were not Christ like... Ask John in the beginning of his Gospel. "All things were made by Him and without Him was..."

He offered a building with the full reflection of the great work of outlining the Astral Body of the Christ Being and placing a living image of it on the Earth. Who would let such a thing stand in it's beautiful organic wood and let it radiate and live as the full revelation of the Astral Body of Christ brought down into the physical world?

Darkness would not allow it to live here amongst men, it had to retreat to the fortress of the I AM, but for one bright shining moment. Men would not let it live, it had to be destroyed. Such a remarkable fact on earth would rock the universe off its hinges. Souls would hardly need any convincing of the errors we currently live out in the misguided scientific fields and research that have brought us to such confusion today. Only in the journey to the inner I AM and the mystery of Spiritual Science will you find the tattered and concise fragments that unveil layer upon layer the mystery of the human soul.

Something stunning that we are afraid to take hold of and see that would destroy the precious thing we now cannot recognize, was the reason why Steiner actually wept at the Burning of the First Goetheanum. Who, who would not have wept? Steiner wept only because when it was burned to the ground he knew that we of the future would not be able to see that it was the wonderful revelation on Earth of the Cosmic Astral /Manas Body of Christ in warm integrated and well organized human wisdom.

The Living Building was further backed up by the enormous research and treasures unfolded while Steiner walked through this apartment in his house, the Astral Body of Christ, (Christ was in the House!). There radiating outward, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly the mining and translating of the vast cosmic treasure trove of the Astral Body of a God into current, warmed immortal reason, worked Dr. Steiner daily.

The Church cannot research specific incidents. It has nothing to say about the ability Zarathustra achieved before he became Jesus. The Church has nothing to say about Jesus-Zarathustra-Buddha. It is merely a tattered piece of self-sustaining political correctness, with lots of influence into the slumbering souls of men.

In other words it is an obsolete system that teaches more lies than truth and it promotes and attracts predatorial molesters under the guise of religion. Because it is no longer religion, because religion is the Science of Man and loving the full revelation, of the Astral Body of Christ and the secrets of the Spirit of Man and how Christ enhanced Man from ancient Saturn to our lives today. Certainly the ability of the Church to know any of this is beyond their means at present.

Many unknowns are becoming highly illuminated through the various higher members that a God bore on Earth. There is the Physical and Phantom form to be attained; There is the Astral Body of Christ; The Etheric Body; The Atma, Buddhi and Manas bodies.. and we shall unfold all of them as we arise to become gods and now we look at Spiritual Science and we say.. For Christ's sake! Thank you for giving a little piece of the bread of the Logos, for taking the time and appealing to my shabby little intellect that I too can touch the hem of the garment of the Risen Christ and be thankful.


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