Politically Correct Retards


From: holderlin66
Date: Thu Mar 18, 2004 12:19 am
Subject: Politically Correct Retards;

Bradford comments;

The immaturity of the Politically Incorrect (read CORRECT) attempts to grasp who and what they are makes one want to laugh out loud. The Politically Incorrect seek to understand Races and Racism as if humanity does or does not out grow certain forms and that there is an awful stigma attached to such labels, such as Antisemitism. Peter holds the record of how many antisemites can fit into a Volkswagon. The deep seated ignorance surrounding the staggering amount of work Steiner presented for us to grasp, is so beyond the pedestrian rat scratches of dialectical materialism that the Michael School stands astonished at the conclusions drawn by one Peter Staudenmaier.

A world of Beings against a world of bizarre dead actions of matter, called science, and a failure to grasp that evolution does not mean that all things are equal, that everything is equal to everything else is full blown mechanistic ahrimanizaton of thought.

Politically Correct thinking is exactly like wishing that the fine plate of food from some Italian, French or a Yiddish restaurant should all taste of like the same bland gruel. For the Politically Correct it is not the tongue, taste and language that counts, but how it comes out as shit. Poltically Correct thinking is cowardly and materialistic and based on the idea that dessert should taste the same as sauerkraut. What is your preference? Please no menus, there should be no taste. I'll have what everyone else is having.

Beings, Individuals and cosmic Beings above Humanity are all at different phases, as any classroom teacher realizes. The arguments that say, well Germanic Thinking was and could have contributed something unique as refined Idealism if it only came from Kentucky, or the Italian Renaissance didn't matter that it happened in Italy; That Michael and the French Joan of Arc, could have happened in China; That French wine is as good as grapes from Sweden; That El Greco is just the same as any other artist; That Christ didn't give a shit if he was in Siberia or South America; brings a Political Correct idiocy to human evolution and earns a DARWIN AWARD.

It is time morons begin to realize that things are not all fair, just and equal and that after 1879 humanity got hammered with an intense attack by beings who really disliked the puniness of human will. To call yourself some sort of historian is an insult. To wiggle around, snake around, who got fair treatment from who and when, and how the very evil that we face, forces humanity to awaken our I AM's; or Who is the best race, and "who are you callin white man", Red Man, African American, or Yellow race? Should make you want to begin to grow up, and measure just what individuals bring as great treasure or failure to all humanity. It also means you get over your little punky ass uneducated selves. You ain't in Kansas anymore! It is every I AM for himself in whatever family or race he has encountered, and guess what, we can measure the soul development of the I AM and not by SAT's.

The bomb has been dropped. The Michael School was dropped into the laps of humanity. Entire concepts of History, the Cosmos, brotherhood and Ethnicity have altered forever. The U.N. isn't aware of it; Your university is in denial about it; Your mommy and daddy ain't gonna tell ya. You gripe against Education, like Waldorf, that could give you and your unborn children a head start. You bitch against Steiner who is the cure not the disease and you play your little Politically Correct mind games, as if you imagined you understood anything. Just eat your own jealousy, envy and utter foolishness when real Spiritual Beings are in the house.

Shrunken heads were put on poles and scalps were hung on saddle bows, and if we could mount the heads of all those infected with dialectical materialism and place them on poles along the roadways going to our universities, this would at least give people an understanding of what they are about to experience as the crown of human wisdom when they enter the classrooms. The world was hit, not by an iceberg, but an inner revolution that 98.6% of our fellows have missed. Here, I found your invitation in the trash along with your old girlfriends picture and a credit card. Was she really Jewish?

Now sit in the corner and learn to think or..remain blubbering such utter nonsense that the gruel you feed us becomes your permanent diet. This marks about the 5th loaf of bread that has gone rotten because of your consistent snoring in class. Gilgamesh is a lot further along today than you are.

Contributions to Retardation.


"In Roman culture, on the other hand, Ahriman's aim was to help Luciferic by shaping the Roman Empire and what followed it in such a way that it would have become a great earthly mechanism for ego-less human beings. In this way he would have been of assistance to Lucifer. Whereas Lucifer's desire was to extract the juice of the lemons for himself, as it were, Ahriman, working in the Roman Empire, set out to thoroughly squeeze the lemons and to create an entirely mechanistic state organization.

Thus do Ahriman and Lucifer play into each other's hands. The plan was frustrated by the development in a preeminently egoistic sense in the people of the Roman Empire of the concept of Civis, the citizen. Human egoism, be it remembered, can only develop in physical existence on the earth. Thereby Ahriman's plan to make men into ego-less beings was frustrated. It was precisely the bleakness, the lack of fantasy in Roman culture, the egoism in Roman politics and system of rights that thwarted Ahriman's plan.

The Greek and the Roman epochs were a great disillusionment for Ahriman and Lucifer. Once again they had not attained their goal. The destiny of Ahriman and Lucifer is that they work with their forces in earth evolution and repeatedly make the greatest efforts to hold back the wider progress of evolution; they try to establish a realm for themselves, and have again and again to suffer disillusionment.

As I have said before, to ask why Lucifer and Ahriman are unable to perceive that their strivings will ultimately be of no avail is to judge the spiritual by human standards. Lucifer and Ahriman have a faculty of judgment different from that of man. We cannot judge from the human standpoint what is observed in the spiritual world. If we do so, we should soon be considering ourselves much cleverer than a god, or a being belonging to some higher hierarchical order. As we know, Lucifer and Ahriman, although they are retarded [RETARDED] spirits, belong to a hierarchical order higher than that of man. It is therefore understandable that they are repeatedly disillusioned, but their strivings always begin anew."


"When man appeared on the earth he consisted of the physical, etheric, and astral bodies, all of which he shaped further. Now he was endowed with egohood by certain sublime beings who had their dwellings mainly on the sun and moon. These beings collaborated, so to speak, on the ego. But there were certain other beings who, during the Saturn, Sun, and Moon evolutions, had not raised themselves so far that they could take part in this organizing of the ego. They could do only what they had learned on the moon. They had to limit themselves to working on the astral body, hence there was implanted in man's astral body something that did not belong to his noblest qualities, did not come from the higher sublime beings but from the retarded [ RETARDED ] intruders who had remained behind.

"Had these beings done this on the moon, it would have been something lofty. But through the fact that they did this on earth as stragglers, they worked into the astral body something that placed it lower than it would have been otherwise. It became endowed with instincts and passions, and with egoism. We must heed this fact that man was influenced from two sides, that he received impacts in his astral body through which the latter became debased.


"Now let us go back to the first Saturn condition when the human being was a soul-spiritual being that always had the same body, that knew itself immortal on a lower level and continually changed his body. This condition, too, has been preserved for us in a peculiar being that, when considered as a whole group soul, stands in a certain way higher than man. This is the bee.

"When you study the whole hive, you have something totally different from the single bee. The whole beehive has a spiritual life that in some ways corresponds to life on Saturn on a lower stage, and that will be reached on Venus on a higher level. The body of the bee, however, has stayed on the old Saturn level.

"We must indeed distinguish the soul of the whole beehive as no ordinary group soul but a being in itself, and the single bee as having preserved the form that the human body passed through on Saturn. Because the bee is retarded [ RETARDED ] as outer being, it could win a higher spiritual consciousness. Hence the wonderful social composition of the beehive!

"The bee is the symbol of the spiritual man who does not know mortality. When man was of such spirituality, our planet was in a fiery state. When, as Venus, it will again be quite fiery, man will again be a spiritual being. Thus, in the bee you have the being that is the fire being for the occultist."


"The Asuras are retarded [RETARDED] Beings of the Hierarchy of the Archai (Spirits of Personality). They are Beings who instead of furthering man's progress to independence, lure him into gross egoism. In the negative sense they now bear the name originally pertaining to the entire Hierarchy." C.S.P.


From: dottie zold
Date: Thu Mar 18, 2004 6:52 am
Subject: Re: Politically Correct Retards;

Hey Bradford,

While reading a few posts on retarding and so forth it ocurred to me that I do indeed like the new form of mentally challenged versus retarded. It's funny to find what the meaning of a word was supposed to be in its beginningmost:) form. For me the word retarded is as in backwards and I see this used in some of Dr. Steiners work. Today saying someone or something is retarded is considered an insult where way back when it was the word to explain something left back or held back within the brain: ie missing something that others have in a sense.

Now, it is true that this word today is considered politically incorrect but during Dr. Steiners time it was not. So, when reading these words in his books I understand it to mean mentally challenged and it fits right in with the sentence and my undertanding of it. The same for the word handicapped. What is now used in a more sensitive climate is 'physically challenged. I like that as well.

Just a few 'word' evolutions to meet our more sensitive world today,



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