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From: Gisele
Date: Fri Mar 12, 2004 12:58 pm
Subject: Rudolf Steiner

In the midst of the current attempts at surgical dissection work on Rudolf Steiner, let's have the whole individuality flow through the words of who cared for him in his last months on this earth.

from drafts by Ita Wegman, 1931

"...In his biography you have read how his youth and the time of his later work transpired, and how Rudolf Steiner's development culminated in his seeing into the supersensible world. He called this seeing the seeing consciousness. With this seeing into the supersensible world, he proclaimed a spiritual science which had as its content the teaching of the gods, the teaching of the true human being and his relationship to the earth and the heavens, and the teaching of the cosmos.

Here I would like to mention something of tremendous importance for the appraisal of Rudolf Steiner's personality. With this way of seeing, something entirely new had arrived, something which had never existed before in any human being. In earlier times receiving such knowledge had indeed been possible, but it had always happened semi-consciously or through mediums.

The consciousness with which Rudolf Steiner obtained knowledge from the spiritual world was a phenomenon which occupied all occultists of the present time, because according to them it wasn't possible to acquire a consciousness that differed from the one with which the moon sphere could be reached. It was their opinion that it was not possible to know anything beyond the moon mysteries, and so those in occult circles who knew anything at all, were puzzled by how Rudolf Steiner could speak as he did about sun mysteries, planetary mysteries, or the evolution of the earth in relation to the entire cosmos.
The Christ Being was clearly revealed as a cosmic being, and thus the relationship of the Christ to the sun and the earth was made known. Shattering mysteries about the relationship of the Christ to the human soul were told not only to a group of people who had gathered about him and who later constituted the Anthroposophical Society, but were revealed also to all who wanted to hear.

Opposition was thereby created, resistance to Rudolf Steiner, which originated in people who, as Rudolf Steiner expressed it, had antiquated views of the relationships between worlds of the sensible and the supersensible. Thus opposition arose from among the leading figures within the Theosophical Society who did not want to accept Rudolf Steiner's wisdom, his 'sun wisdom', and who were not inclined to try to come to terms with Rudolf Steiner's consciuos seeing. A different form of opposition arose among occult societies which everywhere had their pawns appear as opponents to battle with the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.

And Rudolf Steiner states the exact time when opposition against him became public, namely after the conclusion of his lecture cycle, 'From Jesus to Christ' (1911, GA 131.)

In spite of all the attacks, Rudolf Steiner calmly continued along his path. He explored the spiritual world as precisely as the geologist explores the earth, and brought his experiences down in such a way that contemporary thinking could grasp it. That is what was so extraordinarily interesting about Rudolf Steiner, that unbeknown to people opposing him, he transformed scientific thinking into imaginative thinking, which was then grasped anew by day consciousness, thus changing what was imagined into concepts and ideas. So there was a continual transformation of day consciousness into seeing consciousness and vice versa.

I often heard him say of himself that the imaginations were actually always present, and that day consciousness had to penetrate them to regulate and order them. "Yes" he once said, " I am on the earth and in the heavens at the same time, and while I am looking at you, I experience you, and your supersensible being tells me significant things. I know what is around you." Anf what often happened was that suddenly, when I had been together with Rudolf Steiner, he would take paper and pencil and draw a picture, be it of a face, a landscape, a pillar form, or of scenes, stemming from ancient times and having a relationship to him or me or some other person. Often when I asked this or that question the answer would come in a wonderful lecture. Many people had this experience, that the answer to their questions would be given in the lectures....

.....Many Members carry the burning question: is Rudolf Steiner still connected with us, now that he has died. If we did not understand him during his life, is it possible to understand him now and will he continue to be a leader of those on earth who recognize him, even though he is no longer incarnated in a physical body? My dear friends,: after death only reality rules. If such feelings, expressing reverence and true love, rise up to him, and a new connection with him develops in freedom, then he will in reality remain with us and will continue to be our leader beyond death and life.

The peculiar conception that Rudolf Steiner cannot be perceived as being truly active amongst us since his death, can only be had by someone who has no feeling of connectedness with Rudolf Steiner.

If the feeling of connectedness is there, as it is with a loving person, Then Rudolf Steiner's presence can be felt everywhere and no force on earth will be able to sever it. Then one feels his help, his love in all that one does, even though there may be many mistakes in the doing.

What now must be understood, are the courageous deeds which, in the Michaelic era, were laid upon those, to help in the refashioning of earthly relationships. Michael is not to be found in contemplativeness, but in the battle against obsolete concepts and ideas which no longer fit into our contemporary civilization.

(From "Who was Ita Wegman" by J. E. Zeylmans van Emmichoven - Mercury Press - NY- 1990)


From: Tarjei Straume
Date: Fri Mar 12, 2004 1:52 pm
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Rudolf Steiner

Thanks a million for posting this, Gisele. I'll consider publishing it on my site. It will be a neat supplement to the material I already have by van Emmichoven at

I've also considered featuring his fascinating little book, "America and Americanism", where he tells of his travels through the United States in the 1930's.


At 21:58 12.03.2004, Gisele wrote:

In the midst of the current attempts at surgical dissection work on Rudolf Steiner, let's have the whole individuality flow through the words of who cared for him in his last months on this earth.

from drafts by Ita Wegman, 1931


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