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From: holderlin66
Date: Thu Mar 25, 2004 1:38 pm
Subject: Re: sex/Repro Technology

Tarjei Straume wrote:

From the way I have understood it, however, this particular regency of Yahve ended around the middle of the 20th century and is becoming hijacked by ahrimanic and asuric Beings. This also has to do with atavistic wisdom ending around the middle of the 20th century,

Bradford on Reproductive Technology;

After 1998 and a scientist by the name of Mr. Seed; the petri dish, and the mapping of the human genome, suddenly brought Science to the goal it had hoped for every since the challenge to Christ in the desert. Would Christ, (knowing the human brain and how simple samples of Diana and Peter S. show what they think, as thinking, is really only Nominal intellectual cunning or complete naivete)... Would Christ be able to curb human thinking so that Man would not be fascinated with turning stones into bread?

This burning question of raising up stones to be prophets of Abraham and humanities attitude in the fullest Goethe Science development, (look over the numbers of the heart beats per minute and do the friggin math, nature and the human being is everywhere riddled with this wisdom) Now, what Tarjei has brought up remains cutting edge. What follows is exactly why it is cutting edge. Problems with understanding these things should be faced squarely, for the Michael School is the best Science on the Planet and everyday we prove exactly the mystery of the divine in the human form and nature.

Steve Talbott:

"Yet a strange thing is happening. Questions rather like the child's impossible ones are now being forced upon us from the side of science. The biotechnologist, faced not with poisonous snakes but with "defective" children, is led to ask: "Where do these defects come from? Can we unmake them?" And further, regarding the child's destiny: "Why do we age and die? Must we submit passively to human limitation?" "

Bradford Adds much Praise;

One of the most cutting edge members of the Extended Michael School is Steve Talbott of Netfuture. Very wisely Frank and JoAnn have highlighted Steve on Southern Cross Review.

Neither Peter Staudenmaier, Diana or the WC have much juice left in their thinking. They present to us constantly the bottom of the well, the dregs of what would be left of overall human thinking if either the Christ event or Spiritual Science had not swept in to rejuvenate and reinvigorate the falling I Am. We are lucky because we have actual concrete guests who reveal sentence by sentence the stale thinking corpses that for them, reflects some sort of MOTH life, flickering light of decayed atomic materialism.


"Such, at least, is the usual distinction, not only between child and scientist, but also between the scientific dialogue and the larger human conversation. But the distinction is muddied when scientists tell us that they are gaining the knowledge to engineer better children. How can you recognize a better child, after all, if you must shun the language of value? And how can we, as scientists or parents, propose to manipulate an individual child's destiny if we cannot ask serious questions about the child's identity and purpose?

"If the scientist is to join in this larger conversation, then nothing less than a second scientific revolution will have occurred. Science will have been reopened to the categories of meaning and value. The genetic engineer and the evolutionary theorist will learn to ask: "Child, for what purpose have you come — and how can we make things better for you?"

"Without such a revolution there will be no true societal conversation. Rather, we will hear two different and dissonant styles of speaking and they will spawn endless confusions between them. Using one style we will converse with the child, and therefore at least partly in the child's terms. With the other we will converse about the child, concerning ourselves with the manipulation of genetic, hormonal, neural, and other mechanisms as if we were engaged in little more than an engineering project."

"The President's Council on Bioethics, with its discussion of "better children," has stepped boldly into the no-man's land between these two ways of speaking. Perhaps wisely, Beyond Therapy has not asked for a revolution in science. Instead it has tried only to delimit the engineering project and to establish the propriety of discussing the ends and purposes of human life.

"The Council begins with the most fundamental question of all: "What, exactly, is a good or a better child?"

"Is it a child who is more able and talented? If so, able in what and talented how? Is it a child with better character? If so, having which traits or virtues? More obedient or more independent? More sensitive or more enduring? More daring or more measured? Better behaved or more assertive? Is it a child with the right attitude and disposition toward the world? If so, should he or she tend more toward reverence or skepticism, high-mindedness or toleration, the love of justice or the love of mercy? As these questions make clear, human goods and good humans come in many forms, and the various goods and virtues are often in tension with one another. Should we therefore aim at balanced and "well-rounded" children, or should we aim also or instead at genuine excellence in some one or a few dimensions?

"Given the difficulties and limitations involved in the various genetic technologies, the Council believes that "prophecies and predictions of a `new (positive) eugenics' seem greatly exaggerated." But this does not relieve it of concern about the changes now afoot. Even prenatal screening for disease, already a common practice, may be "shifting parental and societal attitudes toward prospective children: from simple acceptance to judgment and control, from seeing a child as an unconditionally welcome gift to seeing him as a conditionally acceptable product." "

Bradford concludes;

Read the whole article yourselves. When we see stale 19th century thinking, disguised to confound, fog and confuse us, while the real monsters rise up behind humanity, and as opinion begins to form, that Science and dialectical materialism or sloppy thinking like Diana's will present the opportunity to open the door to these monsters we are now facing, it is the Michael School's job to painfully reveal what sloppy, stale and corrupt thinking will reap. Talbott is doing this daily.

I started off with Tarjei's quote because we have to understand concretely that from 666-1332-1998 the train has been coming down the tracks and has arrived at the station. The Dragon that wishes to attack the Sophia with the child and the 7 Stars of the future Soul and thinking Capacity, AnthroSophic Soul condition, refers to Divorcing the Reincarnation and Karma aspects of the Stars Participation - and the concepts of the Human Heart - in favor of the gods of matter, chemical soup and the utter stupidity of and sloppiness of Diana's naive wanderings.

Christina knows what this means and by reading this article by Talbott, a little tiny voice in the wilderness of Science, his Michael Ethics are sterling and give the footing needed to halt pathologies like Staudenmaier's - Because indeed, nested in his thinking, are terrible, terrible creatures which he is unaware of. Unaware because millions and millions of trained thinkers in all branches of science are as foully infected as Peter is. These deluded human Beings have no grasp over Evolution, the I AM, and the unfolding of history or for that matter, Reincarnation as the immortal signature. It is a terrible sadness to hold in ones heart what a person truly thinks and understand where this going.

On one side, from the 19th century we have these deluded stale thoughts that fog and delude from the past, and from the future we have the awakening of the full asuric seeds of the future. And Talbott is meeting this battle, as does Waldorf. It is our potent job to defend Sophia and the Star Incarnation paradigms and the Reincarnation mandates of the gods from becoming Repro-Technology, devoid of soul and Spirit on Earth.

Let me give you a real concrete example so that you see exactly what is happening. We hardly could have imagined that the Industrial revoltution and mass production concepts would be used to haul off actual human beings, using shipping of goods, efficiently, coldly packing, shipping, loading and incinerating cargo. Human Cargo as if they were deadly nuclear waste.

But now... look ye.. The Asuric seeds from the future have germinally awakened so that the Reproductive Technology, the clinical, sterile, cold handling of the human genome or chemical soup, is manipulated without even a consideration that a Soul may have a destiny or a Karma and that its own internal organs and capacities might need weaknesses.

We take about Sex and Eggs and Sperm, but heredity and race is shifting itself off its hinges. Inserting different genetic coding in sperm and egg, is Mother, is Mary, is Magdalene is unethical nightmare. Spiritual Science is the only Science that puts the biological and the Karmic human being together and does not have to refer to it as religion but as Science of the true aspects of Goethean intelligence and Michael Intelligence.

Even that our very ailments and weaknesses sometimes reflect errors in thinking and social understanding that cause some of these errors, also reveal educational and Incarnational failures in grasping the human being. So with modern lab technique, divorced from the same ethics, that the efficient model of the Nazi Germany did with the outrageous factory model of the final Solution... The Final Solution has come up through the cracks of the back door again. All disguised as sweet, safte, sterile, improvements in the chemical and bodily, physical meat of man.

This that we do for the least of these, we do for Christ as well. Time to take out Sting friends and poke it where it will do some damage. The Michael School requires mature thinking and not failed 19th century delusions.


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