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The Venus Fly Trap

From: Mike Helsher
Date: Tue Mar 9, 2004 11:22 am
Subject: The Venus fly trap

Bradford writes:

I measured the difficulty with Michael Jackson having received female hormone shoots as he passed this delicate puberty threshold. Now, if we really were able to stand up and take notice, the resuling distortiaon in Michael Jackson, having falsely taken part in that Soul region that hovers now around humanity, he is the picture of this attracted to un-fallen Venus fly trap pre fall innocence. People should jump out of their chairs for this, but we are as dull as a sack of rocks.

Lets not be dull as a sack of rocks shall we.

Check this out and forward it to your friends.



From: holderlin66
Date: Tue Mar 9, 2004 1:50 pm
Subject: The Venus fly trap/The Miracle

Mike Helsher wrote:

Lets not be dull as a sack of rocks shall we.

Check this out and forward it to your friends.


Dear Mike, this is my Dear Mike letter;
(why did it always have to be John, john this, john that)

Dear Mike;

Thanks to that glint in your eye and thanks to Diana and Peter and particualarly Paulina, Dottie, Tarjei and Danny, we have just landed the White Whale. Oh Mike, oh Mickey Mouse, Oh Michael.

Firstly, we now can observe a soul that got tangled, crippled and had entered stumbled into the portal of the Sophia Soul that is the New Adam AnthroSophia Soul without a passport, unconsciously and lay transfigured at what he was unprepared to see. This fatal meeting without passing into the I AM and cognitive Consciousness became a physical effect that we see before us in the distortion of MJ.

Here is a fish, MJ, that tangled with the unfallen siren song of the new AnthroSophia Soul. Let me say to you friends, you are looking at a very strange fish. What it takes to absorb the AnthroSophia New Adam, held back Soul condition is a gift and a karmic readiness. Tarjei was closer to the truth, it is a gift. One must embrace her in the arms of thinking or she comes not.

Thinking, allows you to raise your soul slowly toward the New Adam Soul of AnthroSophia. You must build new organs to see her with. Secondly, Diana was right, it is the model that the future model of souls will be made from and it has arrived.

Thirdly, Tarjei is right, it is Race informing. Peter has forced us to arrive at a place, that we have all shared in the building of, that can now share in a stream of intimate connections that directly impact the Cognitive Thinking faculty of the Germanic Soul and we who are in the Michael School, the Approach of the I AM and the slow encoutering, the draping over the soul, the new garments of thinking, is right here staring back at you from this page. We have stumbled upon the treasure. Eureka.. Holy Shit!


Take it physically. Take it without thinking and see where it gets you? See what a tangled catastrophe in a single example of MJ or Jerry Lee Lewis, and in lighter, more threshold thinking examples, the WC..all of, anyone of these people, are hearing and longing for the descent of the AnthroSophia-New Adamic Soul that I'm afraid Danny has been onto for some time. He opend the window and I see it and we did it and building a picture of it is hardly difficult. Just sit tight for a second.

Well now we, as a group, have come to an understanding of the most immense significance. It is not hard for me to show Novalis, Goethe and Kuhn connected with "The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily" and the seed thoughts in the soul of Novalis that were kernels of mighty acorns that Steiner grew into Spiritual Science, that is still in the making in every soul. Anthroposophy comes directly out of the Sophia, New Adam condition. It is clear that AnthroSophia is a new and reserved soul condition that Steiner and Novalis and every human being must build in order to attain it. It cannot be done unconsciously. It is clear that on the foundations of Thinking and Cognition, Steiner was given the task of preparing for this new descent of the AnthroSophia soul into the hearts of men.

Watch now, the distortions in culture. Watch MJ. Watch the transvestites; what is gay and straight marriage? what is molestation and cutting in deeper and deeper grooves into the purchasing power of sub-teenagers, corrupting the pre-fallen nature? Why slither back to the prefallen? Because Sincereity and everything we have talked about on this list with Peter are the tools of the soul that bring the new conditon, AnthroSophia-Unfallen Adam condition to our ripening I AM. The Attack on Waldorf education which holds the sanctity of childhood as a fact is the anger, resentment and rage that the core of Waldorf does come from Steiner's mission. The Anger and the attacks are that humanity craves this but refuses to work for it.

Ladies and gentlemen, with just a little bit of help here. With just a we tweak here and there, with the foundation of the I AM in Germany, that failed in the 1880's...and how the Nazi's rejected Steiner has having no Racists taints- The enormous attacks against the bountiful, the beautiful the great Mothering Soul and Hovering forces of AnthroSophia that hovered over the world, ready to embrace humanity and the counter blow, coming from every crack in the center of the earth, the Hitlerian catastrophe. The scope. Do you see how we can now trace the full scope of exactly what Steiner offered us? Why Diana was right and Tarjei hit it?

Oh I see it cognitively. NO sack of rocks can see this cognitively. This is no dream kids. This is the real deal. There it is. It is shimmering cognitively in front of us, along with the mighty I AM foundation Stone that Steiner laid, as he traced that and held that I AM door open and as demons forced it shut on millions, upon millions so they would not see this cohesive, of one cloth lifting, of cohesive thought that Steiner laid before us. The Gateway. (no cows please)

You see now how we lift and it was not the Rapture. Oh how silly, we are not lifted, we must lift ourselves and in this we slowly do by courting, Romantically, nurturing, vertically, horizontally, in nature and in spirit, but from the core of the I AM and thinking only can this union take place. We are changed, and not in a twinkling. Do you not see it? What sown confusion, what sad harpies. What beastly horror. We have her, AnthroSophia by the skirts. She is no Rapture, she holds back the highest gifts of the human soul that must meet her in the I AM.

This is why Instinct, heredity, racism screams to come back into the world of brotherhood. Because we can achieve this and cripple the demons in their tracks.

I can tell you of Holderlin and his madness and when as Danny will tell you Novalis in 1801 and Sophia left and Holderlin's mind left with Sophia and Novalis...the next wave brought the cognitive clarity into concrete experience and classic Michael Battle ready wisdom. Germany turned like a worm, a snake, a scorpian and finally a Cosmic bottomless pit of Fear with a "Church of the Unrisen Light" holding mass for Earth. "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (just for a second Imagine Steiner and the Statue of Man in that park in Washington D.C. Only the Statue of Man was the Living Light of the Cosmic Christ) Kaspar was betrayed..Wagner with his visions of Magna Carta and the Consciouness Soul coming in the form of Knighthood, which he had experienced first handed, first souled, ripped from mankind and we can only collect the fragments. We stare into his masterwork and into "Lord of the Rings" and we remained, up till now, rocks!

Now we are in the fragments. The Bread and Fishes scattered for our 5th epoch learning experince... But look, dear friends, thank you so much, can you not still see her there? We have conjured, all of us together a witnessed vision of what is happening and why were given the freedom to Think, because it gives us the freedom to Love and and to discern and choose our bride consciously and she is the Soul of the soul of the New World we have before us.

Blocked, battered, murdered, crucified, buckled, bent, crushed, hemmed by lie upon lie...isn't she the brazen golden light, as heroic as Magdalene Herself, because She had fallen and we have seen as she saw the hidden splendor of the coming virgin Soul condition that would be attained, I, by I, so that love was seen and Wisdom was her garment..

Now, getting over that! She needs to be outlined draw in in exact historical lectures, historical outlines and rich understanding as to what trails we must use now to trace her, from where we are, to the very corners of the soul where she hides.


The Rapture Theory


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