Anthroposophy, Nazism, and Scientology

From: Tarjei Straume
Date: Fri Nov 7, 2003 11:37 pm
Subject: Anthroposophy, Nazism, and Scientology

OK folks, I'm going to throw something at you in this post.

Opponents and critics of Anthroposophy have accused the movement of being linked to Nazism in terms of racism and fascism, and of being similar to Scientology in terms of destructive, oppressive cultism. As it turns out, it's a lot easier to publish such allegations and spread them around than it is to refute them, which requires a lot more time and effort. But there is another reason why these particular allegations easily get a life of their own: They are based upon quarter-truths. The critics who use such propaganda tactics are usually not themselves aware of where the quarter-truth may be located; they just grab at it instinctively as it were.

I'll try to explain what I'm getting at by first telling you about a historical view held by a friend of mine in Texas sixteen years ago, when I was a member of the AS for a short time and participated in an anthroposophical study group in Houston, focusing on the PoF. We were talking about the outbreak of WW I in 1914 and how this prevented RS from continuing his spiritual research into certain mysteries of the Gospels. My friend held the view that Steiner's mission on German-speaking soil was so important for the evolution of humanity that not only WW I, but also WW II, were direct results of his activities.

This may be too much to swallow even for anthroposophists. Personally, I'm still chewing on it, although I must admit I'm leaning in my friend's direction here. He also thought that one of the reasons why the Jews were targeted for such unspeakable murderous cruelty under Hitler, was that the archangel Michael was the folk spirit for the Hebrew people in the Old Testament times, and in 1879 he had returned as the archai Michael, the very countenance of Christ leading humanity into the New Age as Time Spirit, Zeitgeist. So to get at Michael, Ahriman went for his children of old, the Jews. And the person who made Christ-Michael such a threat to Ahriman's ambitions to hijack the evolution of humanity through ultra-rationalism was none other than Rudolf Steiner.

Of course there are objections to this scenario, that both world wars were the results of, attacks against, Steiner's mission in German-speaking countries. Well, the man was important, but not THAT important. Impossible. Well, I have no further comment. As I said, I'm just throwing this out at you.

I am not going into Scientology in this post. I have treated this subject extensively on private lists and have texts available if need be. As I understand it, the Scientologists approach initiation, which they call "clear," in such a way that they kill the Doppelgänger or sonehow knock the double out, forcing down this hindrance to crossing the threshold illegitimately. It goes without saying that such an approach will not only result in a long list of suicides and psychoses among their "raw meat," but also insanity.

And here we come to another riddle, not unlike the one I invented for fun earler about the good cop, the bad cop, and the suspect. If the above is true, the following would also make sense - something I picked up from someone on the internet: When Anthroposophy was given to humanity through Rudolf Steiner's works and lectures, it resulted in two reverse counter-images so to speak (one doctor Jekyll and two mister Hydes if you prefer): The first of these was Nazism; the second was Scientology. One of the things the latter two have in common is a strong Jesuit element with regard to their inner structure and discipline. One of the key differences is that Nazism was fascist and Scientology is Communist. In addition to Aleister Crowley, Beria (chief of the secret police under Stalin) also had great influence upon Ron Hubbard's ideas and system.

But I'm not going further with this now, because I am going to present to you this great riddle: If we're dealing with Ahriman, Lucifer, and Christ here (as usual), we should be able to assign an ideology or system to each of them here: Anthroposophy, Scientology, and Nazism. But which is which? Anthroposophy is Christ, but what about the other two, Nazism and Scientlogy? Which of these is Lucifer and which is Ahriman? Any ideas on this folks?




From: golden3000997
Date: Sat Nov 8, 2003 6:21 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Anthroposophy, Nazism, and Scientology

Hello Taz et al,

That's pretty easy, dear ! Nazism is definitely Ahriman. Hitler was a direct "descendant" in reverse of Ahriman (forerunner). He came to test the waters, so to speak and to help those spiritual forces preparing for Ahriman's incarnation to get a "preview of coming attractions" - to see the effects and what might go wrong. There is an American company, which a relative of mine works for, called Decisionquest. They set up mock trials for mega-corporation and probably government interests when they are faced with lawsuits. They select juries from the public and go through the whole procedure, then analyize and evaluate the results and report to the company or entity who hired them, so they can see how to adjust their approach at the real trial in order to win. To me, that is what Hitler (or rather, the entity who occupied his body) was doing - giving world domination a good trial run. I think what they will have learned is to be a bit more subtle - more brutal, but more subtle. They have learned in the interim how effective it is to commit atrocity while sounding "politically correct." The masses today take far more umbrage against someone using the wrong words than against what they actually do. People will hate more someone who works to help "nigger children" in the inner cities than someone who incarcerates "African-Americans."

Lucifer must adore Scientology. It must be one of his pet projects. It is all about the "Me" versus the "I". I have read some of their literature, not a lot, but that combined with information about the group and it's effects leads me to believe that it is the ultimate cult of the "me" generation. It is not about "we" as a whole, just a collection of "me"s getting their kicks in the spiritual world. It is about pole vaulting to the spiritual world and by-passing the path that leads to the spiritual world that has an objective reality. The spiritual world found through Scientology is real, too, but only in a kind of bubble, cut off from everyone else. Of course, reaching it permits the individual to access many spiritual powers, heightened intellect and will, control of emotions, etc. that reside already within each of us. But it specifically cuts off any perception of a spiritual world accessible to all. Remember John Travolta in "Phenomenon"? He is a fervent avowed Scientologist and that movie was such a total revelation. Struck by lightning, his intellectual and psychic powers increased exponentially. Everyone was amazed. He taught and healed. Then he died of a brain tumor, leaving those around him and the movie going wondering, "Were those psychic powers REAL, or just a fluke result of a brain tumor?" "Are ANY psychic powers real or just an anomaly of some physical disease?" "We wish they were real, but they probably aren't." Thus re-inforcing the idea that real spiritual perception is beyond man's capacity if he is healthy.

It's fine that the world identifies "evil" so completely with Adolf Hitler and the image of a ranting, roaring madman standing in front of masses looking rather ridiculous. It will be so much easier to accept the real Ahriman when he appears in Dockers and Reboks and speaks oh so gently and wisely. I just watched a movie called "Blind Spot, Hitler's Secretary." It is nothing but a long interview, spliced from several, of a woman who died shortly after the movie came out in 2002. She was one of Hitler's personal secretaries, selected by him as a young woman in her early 20's. After 50 years, she finally decided to speak for the first time about her experiences. Among many things that affected and impressed me what that when she first met him, he was so different from the impressive figure (shall we say) that she had seen on the newsreels. And even through living with him in the bunker up to the very end, he still remained in that environment only a kind and considerate "normal" man. There were only a few instances that she described seeing him turn cold or hot toward someone, but mostly, those images were kept for the media.

Now, we "know" just what an evil man will look and sound like. And of course, no one in America fits that description, surely! We "know" there are no Hitlers here! Of course, Osama bin Laden and Suddam Hussein "could" be evil, they certainly have a strange and fanatical "look" about them.

Rather successful "dry run", wouldn't you say?

: ) Christine


From: Richard Distasi
Date: Sat Nov 8, 2003 9:32 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Anthroposophy, Nazism, and Scientology

Christine wrote:

Nazism is definitely Ahriman.

I won't specifically argue with the above but from a personal perspective I always looked at Nazism as a confluence of all three opposing streams: Lucifer, Ahriman and Sorat.

In its fanaticism we see the impulse of the luciferic stream at hand. The Nuremberg rallies come to mind for instance.

The ahrimanic impulse finds its way into Nazism in its mechanistic approach in its style of militarism and militaristic aggression; almost machine-like in its deliberation. The concentration camps also display the ahrimanic influence in their medical experiments and in their record keeping of the holocaust victims.

The Sorat/Asuric influence is evident in Nazism in its vicious and malefic disregard for human life.

rick distasi


From: golden3000997
Date: Sat Nov 8, 2003 9:48 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Anthroposophy, Nazism, and Scientology

Yah, but....

Lucifer & Ahriman help each other, remember? Lucifer got all the emotions worked up for Ahriman's mechanizations re: Hitler. Ahriman's got his "perfect world" brand of materialism all over Lucifer's pet project of Scientology. Kind of like Jeb & Dubya, no?


From: Tarjei Straume
Date: Sun Nov 9, 2003 11:04 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Anthroposophy, Nazism, and Scientology

When I suggested that if Christ reveals himself through Anthroposophy, perhaps Lucifer and Ahriman express themselves through Nazism and Scientology. And if so, how can the puzzle be put together with regard to the last part?

At 15:21 08.11.2003, Christine wrote:

That's pretty easy, dear ! Nazism is definitely Ahriman.

I've had some time to ponder about this, and I've concluded that Christine is probably right. Scientology is closer to Communism, which originated in the Luciferic East. Fascism, Nazism, and capitalism are more Western and Ahrimanic. Ahriman is also the World Prince of the NT and the chief of economics and politics. His incarnation is around the corner, probably on the Western hemisphere, perhaps the U.S.

Considering the fact that politics is Ahriman's concern, this adds another dimension to the Faustian bargain involved in all political engagements, diplomacy and so on. In other words, when you take a movement like Anthroposophy into the political arena (via Threefolding), you're at the bargaining table with the World Prince, Ahriman.



From: golden3000997
Date: Sun Nov 9, 2003 12:04 pm
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Anthroposophy, Nazism, and Scientology

Hello Taz et al!

I am wondering - how many people in this group take Steiner's indication of Ahriman's BODILY, PHYSICAL incarnation seriously. I happen to do so, but sometimes I think I have known anthropops who consider it metaphorical. If it IS real - a "walk-in" type taking over of a specially prepared individual, then there can be no talk of putting the Threefold Social Order "on the table" in the political arena. Both Steiner and the Bible are very clear that this is to be HIS time (sorry for the caps - bold & italic don't work on my server). No one can prevent it, no one can stand up to it in any way except in the arena of conciousness. While there is still time (minutes to go in spiritual time) some bold individuals are posting the truth on the Net. I just ordered "The New World Order Exposed" from the link below. I have been paying attention to many other "conspiracy" sites such as - really good video!

Of course, I am always caught in the middle on all of this, otherwise I would already be in some Christian Survivalist group. I really do believe that that chip or bar code or whatever else they are going to use to permit us to "buy and sell" is on its way and I really don't want to take it, but how to live??? Of course, I cannot go into such a group because of the limits on spiritual freedom that they impose. Just as in my article "Religion in the Waldorf School", we are too pagan for the Christians and too Christian for the pagans.

So, dear Uncle, we have to keep writing and speaking the TRUTH for as long as we can. Then we have to archive it and hide it for the time when all sources of communication are cut down (soon). We need to survive, or rather someone does who will bring it back to the light of day after the holocaust and teach the young. That is what we must teach those who are children now - to be teachers in the future. That is why is it such a subversive act. Do you think "Farenheit 451" by Bradbury is just a fairy tale??? It has happened and will happen again.

Have you ever seen the movie "The White Rose" about a group of college students in Munich who, for a time, published a newsletter against Hitler? They were caught and executed. This is the price. We cannot go "to the table" with the Antichrist. It's his table right now and we are not welcome.

Steiner did write and work in order to try to head off the forces at the end of the first world war that would eventually lead to the second world war. Of course, not even he could stop the tide of destiny. But his work stands in the Akashic and at least for now, in the physical world to help us garner the inner spiritual, mental and emotional courage to live in these times and work for the times to come.

With love, not malice,



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Continued in another thread....


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