The Good Cop, the Bad Cop, and the Suspect

From: Tarjei Straume
Date: Wed Nov 5, 2003 2:26 pm
Subject: The good cop, the bad cop, and the suspect

Dear subscribers,

I once subscribed to a list where a dispute arose about what was on-topic and what wasn't. During the turmoil, a fellow subscriber asked me if we should play "the good cop, bad cop" routine from his favorite TV shows. I declined after the following consideration:

The good cop offers the suspect a cup of coffee and says he'll talk the bad cop out of beating him up if he 'cooperates' by turning traitor on his trusting friends. He even offers him reduced charges and maybe to give back to him some of the dope. So the good cop must be Ahriman with the Faustian bargain and the bad cop Lucifer with a hot temper, right?

If you're with me so far in identifying the bad cop as Lucifer and the good cop as Ahriman, I would like to present to you an anarchosophical riddle:

Who is the suspect?



From: Dag Horntvedt
Date: Thu Nov 6, 2003 4:26 am
Subject: Re: The good cop, the bad cop, and the suspect

--- Tarjei Straume wrote:

Who is the suspect?

Each one of us. Living here on earth is - in a way being a suspect. I have to prove I am doing "the right thing". IMHO the right thing is do do what I- for myself - see that I should do. The Good Book says something like: the only sin there is no forgivness for is the sin against the Holy Spirit. The HS being what I percieve as being the right thing to do. In not doing this I take upon me somthing I must carry - forever? The good and the bad cop is there to teach me that there is only one way in life and that is to find out for you self.

Dag Horntvedt


From: Tarjei Straume
Date: Thu Nov 6, 2003 11:15 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: The good cop, the bad cop, and the suspect

At 13:26 06.11.2003, Dag wrote:

--- Tarjei Straume <[email protected]> wrote:

Who is the suspect?

Each one of us.

Not bad at all. Each one of us, however, carries the good cop and the bad cop as well. So they're in all each one of us in a sense. The answer I had in mind for the anarchosophical riddle is: Christ. There are three of them in the interrogation chamber, right? One (the good cop) is Ahriman, the other (the bad cop) is Lucifer, so the third one (the suspect) has to be Christ. And if we remind ourselves of the scene where Christ stands before Pilate in the very role of the suspect, and that he was actually given the option of getting off the hook by defending himself against the charges, the analogy becomes a little clearer.

This is something to be kept in mind by anyone involved in a judicial process like jury duty. There is an excellent article by Michael E. Coughlin about this, entitled The Jury: Defender Or Oppressor.




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