Rest Incarnations

From: Richard Distasi
Date: Sun Nov 9, 2003 11:17 pm
Subject: Rest Incarnations

Tarjei wrote:

Someone once mentioned on an e-list that Rudolf Steiner speaks about "rest incarnations" and the frequent occurrence of a life with disabilities shortly before a life of great accomplishment. (Can someone enlighten us here?) "Rest incarnation" seems to me an odd description of brain damage or mental handicap.

With the above in mind, a mentally handicapped condition would not be an incarnation of rest, but of exercise, of hard work."

I think that RSteiner meant by a rest incarnation is that strong and advanced individuals will have their incarnations in which they are powerful and significant forces in the world or in their communities but often times they will have an incarnation in which they lack the talents and capacities which they would normally hold or that in a "rest incarnation" they are in a preparatory incarnation in which they develop the base for what they are to accomplish in their next incarnation.

As far as a "genius incarnation" being preceded by a mentally challenged incarnation is concerned I have read this from Steiner also. As I understand it this is a fundamental belief behind the Camphill Movement.

I also remember that Steiner had once said that people with severe psychiatric conditions are often in a preparatory incarnation in which they are developing the capacities for clairvoyance in their next incarnation. Again it is the struggle the sows the seeds.

rick distasi


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