WE and Disclosure to Parents


From: Tarjei Straume
Date: Sat Nov 8, 2003 11:42 am
Subject: WE and disclosure to parents

Christine wrote:

Then he brought forward Waldorf Education as a revolutionary act, a subversive act - it has the express intention of making at least a homeopathic element of society ready for the Threefold Social Order. To say otherwise is a lie. Many Waldorf schools, teachers and promoters are liars and I will say that to their faces. The time for politely hiding the truth from the parents and even teachers who come to them and to deny that what they are doing may be very dangerous in the future is a real crime.

And Frank responded:

I taught at a Waldorf school, and still teach a course at the Teachers Training Seminar in Buenos Aires. Maybe I'm not one of your liars, maybe I am. I could judge that if you would tell me what the hell you're talking about. You sound like one of those creeps at Plans.

Well, Frank, the "creeps" you're talking about are the ones I call "hardcore critics" attacking everything anthroposophical with a vengeance and depicting RS as a despicable and revolting kind of person. Christine is apparently a lover of anthroposophy and of Rudolf Steiner. Some of the criticism against Waldorf schools may be legitimate. When I was debating such issues on the WC list, I did concede that parents deserved to be better informed about what anthroposophy is about if they wanted this information. And I agreed that at least in some cases, this responsibility may have been neglected by Waldorf administrations in order to boost enrollments without bothering to discuss existential philosophy with prospective parents who walks in. And to make things easy, some such administrators or registrars or whatever they are (WE is not my bag) may have been - well, not quite upfront and honest in all cases.

So go a little easy on Christine. I kinda like her, because when she talks about Rudolf Steiner the radical revolutionary, she's taking words out of my mouth. She's a child of Anarchosophia, Anthroposophia's radical sister, just like me.

There's a WC file on my site entitled "Steiner/Waldorf/Anthroposophy Disclosure to Parents":




From: golden3000997
Date: Sat Nov 8, 2003 12:05 pm
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] WE and disclosure to parents

Oooh Taz, I feel like like I've got a real knight in shining armor defending me! : ) LOL!

I just posted a bit to Dottie, but addressed Frank trying to clarify my position on Waldorf Educators being upfront.

When I get the piece I told Frank about (It's 56 pages and I either have to type it or scan it at work subversively) I think you will get more insight on RS's political position in 1917. I want to get into it, but I think you (all) need to ready the complete transcript, not just pieces or else you will think I am just taking things out of context. I think the manuscript that I have a copy of is not one in general circulation, but I may be wrong. This is what I have:

The Founding of the First Waldorf School In Stuttgart

Transcript of Lectures by Dr. Johannes Tautz Spring Valley, NY Easter 1982

Published by the Council of the Pedagogical Section in North America

If this is already readily available, please let me know. If it is online, great! Please tell me where and I won't have to do all that typing. If you already have it - please look at it again and then tell me that Rudolf Steiner wasn't political and that the Waldorf Schools weren't politically motivated!

: ) Christine


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