In no 2/2000, the editors of the Norwegian human-ethicist magazine ga redaksjonen i det human-etiske tidsskriftet "Humanist" provided a lot of space for the infamous article by Peter Staudenmaier and Peter Zegers entitled "Anthroposophy and Eco-Fascism". The layout showed among other things a huge Swastika Eagle above the Goetheanum in Switzerland and a photo of the Waldorf School at Hovseter in Oslo vis-á-vis a photo of the Nazi death camp Dachau.

Supreme Court attorney Cato Schiøtz, himself a member of the Anthroposophical Society, came to the defense of Rudolf Steiner and the anthroposophists with an excellent strategy. Schiøtz turns the table around completely. With crystal clear facts and unassailable documentation, he demonstrates that Norwegian anthroposophists not only have a spotless record throughout the entire twentieth century with regard to racism, Nazism, and Fascism, but in fact a heroic record. Moreover, Schiøtz documents that the human-ethicists' past is, on the contrary, very brown indeed, with racial hygiene, xenophobia, hatred of Jews, aggenda to eliminate so-called "minus-individuals," and a sickening contempt for foreign peoples, making every conceivable effort to keep them outside the borders of Norway.


The Relationship of Anthroposophy to Nazism, Racism, and Eco-Fascism


Human-ethicism in theory og praxis

(being translated, coming up soon)

Norsk original


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