I have again to thank Paul Marshall Allen for having carefully reviewed the entire manuscript of this biography, as a result of which he made numerous suggestions, almost all of which I have followed. I owe a special debt to Joan DeRis Allen for her suggestions and corrections, without which I should have made several important errors in my account in Chapter 8 of the building of the First Goetheanum. Joan Allen is one of the consulting architects for the Camphill Movement, and a lifelong student of both Goetheanums. I wish to thank also Susan Stern and Hilary Williams for much help in the translation of documents available only in German used for Chapter 5. Dr. Gilbert Church, managing director of the Anthroposophic Press, also made a number of important suggestions following his first reading of the manuscript, as well as seeing the finished book through to publication. Lastly, Benedict Wood proposed some changes in my sections on eurythmy and education in the course of his reading of the entire manuscript, and these have been incorporated into the text to its great improvement.

Stewart C. Easton






Chapter 1


Rudolf Steiner: Herald of a New Epoch