Introduction: Édouard Schuré and The Great Initiates

RAMA: The Aryan Cycle
1.            The Races of Mankind and the Origins of Religion
2.            Mission of Rama             
3.            Exodus and Conquest  
4.            Last Will of the Great Ancestor                
5.            The Vedic Religion

KRISHNA: India and Brahmanic Initiation
6.            Heroic India
7.            King of Madura
8.            The Virgin Devaki
9.            Krishna's Youth
10.          Initiation
11.          Teaching of the Initiates
12.          Triumph and Death
13.          Radiance of the Solar World

HERMES: The Mysteries of Egypt
14.          The Sphinx
15.          Hermes
16.          Isis and Initiation
17.          Osiris: Death and Resurrection
18.          The Vision of Hermes

MOSES: The Mission of Israel
19.          Monotheistic Tradition. The Desert Patriarchs
20.          Initiation of Moses
21.          The Sephir Bereshith
22.          Vision of Sinai
23.          Exodus: Magic and Theurgy
24.          The Death of Moses

ORPHEUS: The Mysteries of Dionysus
25.          Prehistoric Greece
26.          The Temple of Jupiter
27.          A Dionysan Festival
28.          Evocation
29.          The Death of Orpheus

PYTHAGORAS:  The Mysteries of Delphi
30.          Greece in the Sixth Century
31.          Years of Travel
32.          Temple of Delphi
33a.        The Order and the Teaching Part 1
33b.        The Order and the Teaching Part 2
33c.        The Order and the Teaching Part 3
34.          The School and its Destiny

PLATO: The Mysteries of Eleusis
35.          The Youth of Plato
36.          Initiation of Plato
37.          The Mysteries of Eleusis

JESUS:  The Mission of Christ
38.          The World at the Birth of Jesus
39.          Jesus' Early Development
40.          The Essenes, John Baptist, The Temptation
41.          Jesus' Public Life and Esoteric Teaching
42.          The Transfiguration
43.          Last Supper, Death and Resurrection



Édouard Schuré and The Great Initiates (by Paul M. Allen)

The Great Initiates