A Study of the Secret History of Religions


Translated from the French by Gloria Rasberry
Introduction by Paul M. Allen


Authorized English Translation by permission of the Librairie Académique
Perrin, Paris, France

This book is published in France under the title Les Grands Initiés

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Schuré, Édouard, 1841-1929.
The great initiates.
Translation of Les grands initiés.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
1. Religions.       I. Title.
BL80.S33 1980   291         79-3597
ISBN 0-06-067125-4

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to the Memory of
Margherita Albana Mignaty
by The Author


"The soul is the key to the Universe."


"I am convinced that the day will come when psychologists, poets and philosophers will speak the same language, and will understand one another."

—Claude Bernard


These words were chosen by Édouard Schuré as the motto for the Introduction to the first French edition of this book in 1889.



The Great Initiates