The Mission of Israel

"There was nothing that was veiled for him, and he covered with a veil the essence of everything he had seen."
—Inscription beneath the Statue of Phtahmer, high priest of Memphis, in the Louvre.

"The most difficult and most obscure of the sacred books, Genesis, contains as many secrets as words, and each word conceals several others."
—Saint Jerome

"Child of the past and bearer of the future, this book (the first ten chapters of Genesis), heir of all the knowledge of the Egyptians, bears seeds of the future sciences. It possesses what nature possesses that is deepest and most mysterious, what the mind can conceive of miracles, and what the spirit contains that is most sublime."
—Fabre d'Olivet, The Hebraic Tongue Restored.


19. Monotheistic Tradition. The Desert Patriarchs

The Great Initiates