The Aryan Cycle

Zoroaster asked Ormuzd, the Great Creator,
"Who is the first man with whom you conversed?"

Ormuzd answered, "Noble Yima, the one who was in command of the Courageous. I told him to watch over the worlds which belong to me, and I gave him a saber of gold and a sword of victory."
And Yima moved forward on the way of the sun and assembled the courageous men in the famous Airyana-Vaeja, created pure.
—Zend Avesta (Vendidad-Sadé 2nd Fargard)

O Agni, Holy Fire! Purifying fire! You who sleep in the wood, and ascend in shining flames on the altar, you are the heart of sacrifice, the fearless wings of prayer, the divine spark hidden in everything, and the glorious soul of the sun!
—Vedic Hymn


1. The Races of Mankind and the Origins of Religion

The Great Initiates