Individual Spirit Beings and the
Undivided Foundation of the World:


From: Tarjei Straume
Date: Thu Mar 3, 2005 4:31 pm
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Individual Spirit Beings 1

Rudolf Steiner:

The consciousness of this demonic spirit that led the lady back to her unlawful lover, this demon is indeed much shrewder in its consciousness than the lady is in her muddle-headedness, that is to say her consciousness.

I remember reading this many years ago, and every since then, I've always referred to the subconscious, not the 'unconscious.'

There have always been endeavors whose aim was to secure power for certain groups over others. This could be achieved by considering a particular kind of knowledge as an esoteric possession but using it in such a way that the power over something quite different was expanded.

There have always been endeavors..... In other words, occult mischief by special groups is nothing new, and the odds are that the activities of the groups Steiner is speaking about in this lecture, will increase and intensify their endeavors during the centuries to come precisely because materialism will be increasing for another 3 centuries or more.

You must be careful, however, to consider coherently all that I say today, which will be of a more historic nature, with what I will add tomorrow.

OK, remember to tune in tomorrow! Individual Spirit Beings 2!

You all know that for a long time attention has been drawn within our anthroposophical stream to the fact that this twentieth century is one that should bring about in the evolution of humanity a special relationship to the Christ. This relationship to Christ will come about in the course of the twentieth century, and already in the first half, as you know, will begin the phenomenon that has been suggested in my first Mystery Drama, in which for a large number of people Christ in the etheric will be an actual, existing being.

This is a great enigma. And the question is, did the Opposing Powers and the occult brotherhoods that serve them succeed in upstaging the etheric Christ Event?

....materialistic thinking is in the process of growing. It will thrive most when people deceive themselves by believing that they are no longer materialists. The materialistic way of thinking is in the process of increasing and will continue to increase for about four or five centuries.

Said RS a century ago. In other words, we're faced with a materialistic way of thinking that will be increasing during the next 3-4 centuries.

Just as in the fourth post-Atlantean cultural epoch the task lay in the struggle with birth and death, so we are now facing a struggle with evil.

This is very, very interesting. Notice that there are many people, not just secular huamists but also 'spiritual' New Agers in plenty who insist that there is no such thing as evil, that evil does not exist.

Whether we absorb spiritual concepts or reject them therefore determines our environment on the other side of the threshold. Many of those souls - and this must be said with compassion - who have rejected or were hindered from absorbing spiritual concepts here in life are still wandering about on earth and, though dead, remain bound to the earthly sphere. The soul of the human being, however, when no longer separated from its environment by the physical body - which can then no longer prevent the human soul from acting destructively - becomes a source of disturbance within the earthly sphere.

Think about the death penalty with this in mind. Really think about it.

These initiates desire that there should be as many souls as possible who here between birth and death absorb only materialistic concepts. Through this, these souls are prepared to remain in the earthly sphere. They become to a certain extent fastened to the earthly sphere. Picture to yourself that brotherhoods are established that clearly know this, that are thoroughly familiar with these circumstances. These brotherhoods prepare certain human souls so that they remain in the realm of the material. If these brotherhoods then arrange - which is quite possible though their infamous power - that these souls come after death into the region of the power-sphere of their brotherhood, then this brotherhood grows to tremendous strength. These materialists therefore, are not materialists because they do not believe in the spirit - these initiate materialists are not so silly; they know full well the spirit's position. They induce souls to remain with matter even after death, however, in order to make use of such souls for their own purposes. From these brotherhoods, a clientele of souls is thus produced who remain within the realm of the earth. These souls of the dead have within them forces that can be guided in the most diverse ways, with which one can bring about a variety of things and by means of which one can come to special manipulations of power in relation to those who have not been initiated in these things.

Now we're really getting somewhere what the topic of these occult lodges of the West is concerned. In our culture we tend to exteriorize such things, materialize it, thinking only of political and economic conspiracies and manipulations. Politics and economics represent only a side-effect so to speak. Far more significant is a movie like Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984), where Spock is brought back from the dead through techniques that convince the viewer that no living spirit can survive independently of a biological body. This is far more significant than all political plots put together. We should also pay attantion to who the people are - celebrities, experts, etc. - whose every word is quoted as Gospel Wisdom, repeatedly, actually molding public opinion. Far more significant than the U.S. president babbling about dishing out freedom like ice cream cones around the world and all the other speeches he makes, was a Newsweek cover story a decade ago where a couple of brain surgeons in San Diego had "discovered" that the human ' I ' is one big illusion. They had identified the very braincells that cause this illusion, the very source of the ' I ' experience.

There is no remedy against this situation other than knowledge of it. When one knows about it, one is already protected.

It's important that we publish and discuss this on the internet. There is nothing else we can do.

Here you have the beginning of what will become more and more intense in the next five centuries. These evil brotherhoods now are limiting themselves, but they are bound to continue their activity if they are not prevented, and they can only be prevented if one overcomes laziness toward the spiritual scientific world conception.

This laziness toward the spiritual scientific world conception was not overcome by our civilization in the 20th century. This gave the occult lodges tremendous leverage to the point of succeeding in upstaging the etheric Christ Event of the 1930's, causing it to pass unnoticed.

These brotherhoods about which I have just spoken, which wish to confine the souls of human beings to the materialistic sphere, strive for the Christ to pass unnoticed through the twentieth century, for His coming as etheric individuality to be unobserved by human beings. This striving evolves under the influence of a quite definite idea, under a definite impulse of will. These brotherhoods have the urge to conquer the sphere of influence that is to come through Christ in the twentieth century and to continue further, to conquer it for another being, about which we shall speak later in more detail. There are brotherhoods of the West who strive to battle the Christ impulse. They wish to place another individuality who has never yet appeared in the flesh but only as an etheric individuality, who is of a strong Ahrimanic nature, in place of Christ.

The soon-to-come incarnation of Ahriman on the Western hemisphere, I presume.

This other being whom the brotherhood wishes to substitute as ruler they will call Christ; they will actually designate him as the Christ.

With GWB as John the Baptist?

A good sheltered place for spiritual life, an exceptionally good sheltered spot, protected against all possible illusions, was Ireland, the Irish island during the first Christian centuries. It was truly protected from all possible illusions, more than any other region on earth. This is also the reason that so many disseminators of Christianity in the early Christian centuries originated in Ireland. These disseminators of Christianity, however, had to work with a naive humanity, because European humanity, among whom they were active, was in those days naive. They had to take this humanity in its naiveté into consideration, but as far as they themselves were concerned, they had to know and understand the great impulses of humanity. In the fourth and fifth cen­turies particularly, Irish initiates were active in Central Europe. They began there, and their activity consisted in preparing what was to take place in the future. To a certain extent they were under the influence of the initiate-knowl­edge that revealed that in the fifteenth century (1413, as you know) the fifth post-Atlantean era was to begin. They were under this influence. They also knew that they had to prepare for a completely new age, that a naive humanity must be protected for this new period. What was it that was done at that time to protect this naive humanity, to build a fence around it, as it were, to keep certain harmful influences from entering? What was done?

Evolution was guided first by well-instructed and then by honest groups in such a way that gradually all ocean journeys were suppressed, journeys that in past times had been made from Northern lands to America. It was thus arranged that whereas in past times boats would cross from Norway to America for certain purposes (I shall say more about this another time), this knowledge of America would be completely forgotten by the European population, so that the connection with America was gradually obliterated. In the fifteenth century nothing was known of America by European humanity. The development was directed particularly from Rome so that for definite reasons the connection with America was gradually lost, because European humanity had to be sheltered from American influences. Especially involved in this process of protecting European humanity from American influences were just these monks from Ireland who as Irish initiates had spread Christianity over the European continent.

This is extraordinary. In a different lecture (reference anyone?) Steiner speaks about the purpose of these excursions from Jæren (on the Norwegian west coast, near Stavanger) to the Western hemisphere. The travellers were actually scientists, researchers, and they were studying geographical medicine: The effects of earth radiation in those parts on native Americans. We're talking 2-3 to 5 centuries AD here! Wow! Leiv Eriksson's discovery of America in the year 1000 - - may not have been quite as coincidental as we think.

What is interesting, though, is that these very early Norwegian-American expeditions were terminated by Irish monks, Irish initiates, through their influence in Rome. I would love to learn more about those connections and exactly how this went down.

In ancient times quite definite influences were brought from America; in the age when the fifth post-Atlantean epoch began, however, matters were arranged so that European humanity was uninfluenced by America, knew absolutely nothing about it, lived in the belief that America did not exist. Only after the fifth post-Atlantean period had begun was America again discovered, as is familiar history.

In the 15 century, European humanity had come of age, and the Christ impulse had grown strong enough to endure the onslaught of ahrimanic influences from the Western hemisphere. This links us to the Mexican Mysteries and related topics.

One of the truths with which you are most likely familiar is that what is learned in schools as history is many times a "fable convenue." That America was discovered for the first time in 1492 is such a convenient fable. It was only redis­covered. It was merely that for a period the connections were cleverly concealed, as had to occur. It is again important, however, to know what the situation was, to know the true history. True history is that Europe was fenced in for a time and was carefully protected against certain influences that were not to come to Europe.

From the looks of it, the time wasn't yet ripe for Southern Baptist TV preachers :)



From: Tarjei Straume
Date: Sat Mar 5, 2005 7:25 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Individual Spirit Beings 2

Rudolf Steiner

It is not a matter of my developing historical laws or ideas for you but of presenting facts that relate to the intentions and purposes of certain personalities who are allied in brotherhoods. They are also allied with other beings who influence such brotherhoods, whose influence is sought by these brotherhoods. These beings are not human beings incarnated in the flesh but are beings that incarnate themselves in the spiritual world.

I think it's important to keep in mind that what Steiner is talking about is secret brotherhoods, secret occult brotherhoods consisting of initiates. This means that these lodges are not known to anyone except the members, who are initiates, and who therefore know how to keep their organizations secret. So we're not dealing with Freemasons, 'Skulls and Bones' or anything that anyone has ever heard of, because these people don't slip up or make mistakes whgat their secrets are concerned.

On the other hand, there are semi-secret organizations consisting of non-initiates, non-initiates who do slip up and make mistakes and cause leaks and may even get defectors who spill all the beans someday. The existence of these organizations may therefore be known to the public; they're more like boys' clubs. It's easy to assume, however, that when such boys' clubs playing with juvenile secrecy have members with political, economic, cultural, and spiritual clout, authority, and influence or high potential for such in the future, the leading members may be allied with initiates on the outside, who are in turn allied with "other beings" as Steiner puts it - beings who are not human, and who are not incarnated on the physical plane.

MEMO FROM TURNER (from the 1972 movie "Performance" with Mick Jagger)
(lyrics and music: Jagger/Richards)

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So remember who you say you are and keep your noses clean.
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Oh Rosie dear, doncha think it's queer, so stop me if you please.
The baby is dead, my lady said, "You gentlemen, why you all work for me?"

Rudolf Steiner:

It is necessary to bear this in mind, especially regarding such information as I gave yesterday, because with these brotherhoods we are dealing to a certain extent with different factions. You could recognize this already in last year's discussion. At that time I drew your attention to the fact that within such brotherhoods we are dealing with a faction that insists on absolute secrecy regarding certain higher truths. Opposed to them, with various shadings in between, are members of other brotherhoods who contend that, particularly since the middle of the nineteenth century, certain truths must be revealed to humanity, carefully and appropriately, even if to begin with only those truths whose revelation is most necessary.

Certain very powerful members of these brotherhoods became strong and determined opponents of Steiner when he began to reveal secrets, and I picked up somewhere that this enmity was initiated with something revealed through the series "Von Jesus zu Christus" in October 1911 (GA 131).

Next, the Doctor is once more corroborating my insistence that the progressive gods are anarchists, not metaphysical dictators - check this out:

These various realms - gnomes, undines, sylphs, salamanders - are in a certain way independent. They do not work only as the rank and file from a single system, but they fight with one another. Their intentions have nothing to do with each other to begin with, but what then arises evolves through the most diverse working together of intentions. If one is familiar with the intentions one can see in what appears before us perhaps a working together of fire spirits and undines. One must never believe, however, that behind these beings stands someone who gives them a certain command. This is not the case. This idea is widespread today, and philosophers such as Wilhelm Wundt (about whom Fritz Mauthner unjustifiably said, "Authority by his publisher's grace," though he was the authority for almost the whole world before the war) aim to gather together as a unity all that lives in the human soul, the life of thinking, life of feeling, and life of willing. They say that the soul is a unity and therefore everything must belong to a unity, to a common system. This is not so, however, and those strong contradictions so full of significance in human life, which analytical psychology has discovered, would not emerge unless our life of thinking beyond the threshold were not to lead us back to quite different regions where other individualities influence our life of thinking, our life of feeling, and our life of willing.


Man is not in the position in this period to be led like a child. There are certain brotherhoods, however, which hold as their ideal to lead human beings like children as they were still being led in the third post-Atlantean period and in the fourth. These brotherhoods are therefore not doing what is right - they are not doing at all what should be done for the evolution of humanity: to direct human beings toward the spiritual world in such a way that acceptance or rejection of the spiritual world is left to the freedom of the human being.

The evil brotherhoods are in other words interested in combatting anarchism, liberalism, self-dependent thinking and freedom, and as a weapon they're using monotheism, primarily consisting of a sour old mean judge who is omnipotent and omniscient. And this old mean judge places a government on earth lead by a Caesar for us to obey and serve. Oh Griselda, you have a mean task ahead.




From: Jennifer
Date: Sat Mar 5, 2005 9:53 am
Subject: Re: Individual Spirit Beings 2

Is it possible that these secret "brotherhoods" (does this imply women aren't involved in them?) plan assassinations that ensure the upset of countries to the point of making them vulnerable to governments who openly want to meddle around there, for their benefit?


Tarjei wrote:

I think it's important to keep in mind that what Steiner is talking about is secret brotherhoods, secret occult brotherhoods consisting of initiates. This means that these lodges are not known to anyone except the members, ....

From: Tarjei Straume
Date: Sat Mar 5, 2005 10:42 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Individual Spirit Beings 2

At 18:53 05.03.2005, Jennifer wrote:

Is it possible that these secret "brotherhoods" (does this imply women aren't involved in them?) plan assassinations that ensure the upset of countries to the point of making them vulnerable to governments who openly want to meddle around there, for their benefit?

I would be reticent to place too much emphasis on the political scene here, especially the high profile, melodramatic aspects of it. There are very many players involved in external power and politics, and assassinations are extremely high profile events entailing thorough investigations and speculations. These groups shun such publicity. For this reason, I doubt that the secret Western lodges initiate actual overthrows of governments. On the other hand, they may be very active in post-revolutionary social experiments [Iraq?], which seems to have been the case in Russia when Steiner was alive. Communism was a social experiment planned by such lodges in London, and it is interesting to note that not only did Karl Marx write "Das Kapital" in London, but also Lenin planned his Bolshevik revolution in a London group.

Political Islam is probably sponsored by secrets groups in the West.

On the basis of the information about these Western lodges given by Steiner in connection with historical events 80-90 years ago, we can only surmise how history, culture, civilization, and especially spiritual life have been manipulated by these groups after that time. All indications suggest, however, that these groups are still very much alive and kicking. This does not mean that we should do anything about it, but that we ought to bring up the subject (by publishing the RS lectures about these things) and make ourselves cognizant of the spiritual truths that these groups desire to suppress.

It looks like "brotherhoods" is a gender-neutral term for more or less organized initiates. I don't know.



From: Frank Thomas Smith
Date: Sat Mar 5, 2005 7:13 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Individual Spirit Beings 2

It looks like "brotherhoods" is a gender-neutral term for more or less organized initiates. I don't know.


I would be more inclined to think that they are all-masculine groups. Otherwise why use that particular word? In fact, most Masonic lodges are still exclusively masculine, as is the Catholic Church clergy.


Date: Sun Mar 6, 2005 1:25 am
Subject: R: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Individual Spirit Beings 2

Hi Tarjei , Jennifer and all on this thread,
The topic could be summarized as follows:
1) There are Spiritual Beings who have the "task" to hindrance Mankind's evolution.
2) There are Secret Brotheroods who are strictly linked with those Beings, namely they are servants of them.. They use rites, ceremonies and so on, in order to work on both sides of the Thresold. Those "secret Brotheroods" are not actually known on the outward scenario and their work was detected thanks only to the gaze of the Highest Initiate of modern Age.
3) There are Brotheroods, kmown also on the outward arena and able to be detected also by Historians. They are the "lower level" of the former and are also the place to engage those who are "good" for the "higher level". Think on some branch of Masonry or SB or GD or HBL. They too work via rites and ceremonies. Some of these group got also an actual "Satanic" flavour, think on "Thekema", or Crowley, Hubbard and Parson's groups heritage. In this sense it's of a good use trying to detect the work of the "known brotheroods"too.
(Running the risk to be called "conspiracy's nuts" or "freaks" by people in need of Scaccabarozzi's treatment, I believe.....)
But what about the aims?
Basically the main aim was and is to spread a worldwide materialistic "common sense" inside cultural development , in order to let the door open to the fulfilment of events like those linked to "Ahriman in the flesh" or "the 3 X 666" topic.
They need also to spread , side by side with the above said materialistic common sense, a psychic atmosphere filled by fear, lies, greed, sexual harrassement, fundie and nationalistic rage, "friend-enemy", "me verssus you" gestures, that s the way they hope to build their kingdom over this planet.
They work via also by scattering out an ocean of subaeterhic, electro-vawes or nuclear infection able to destroy inside the newcomers souls and bodies the chance to grow up in the right way namely to fulfill their Christian - Michaelic.tasks (Here Bradford wrote many important topics).
To accomplish their aims they obviuosly need to get in their hands the financial and political powers and here we are in front of steps and events well known also by mainstream historians.
We can also grasp how the financial elites- acting via their thirst of power- are easily in the hands of those Brotheroods (Historical characters like JP Morgan or H Schacht are bright examples of this fact)..
As a counterbalance here we can see the many tasks for the Michaelic community who needs not only to detect the "face" of the Brotheroods but also to work, both on the inner and outer arenas (Spiritual Training and Work for Threefolding).
Those three different steps ( Knowledge, Inner Training,Social Activity) need to be walked in the same time and in a well-balanced way but here the game is different for each one of the "actors" due also for the many different karmic issues of evry anthropop and goodwill man.


From: Tarjei Straume
Date: Sun Mar 6, 2005 1:07 am
Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Individual Spirit Beings 3

Rudolf Steiner:

Since the Professor, Doctor of Theology, and Doctor of Philosophy represents it, however, one must naturally consider it as something clever. Otherwise one would perceive it as something that is brought falteringly to expression in an unclear tirade, reminding one of the learned gentleman who can no longer continue on the path on which he has traveled and who feels obliged to point to something that is there, something that apparently seems to him not completely hopeless.

This is what I was getting at in my comments on the previous lecture, that we should pay attention to which public figures are quoted like prophets, whose rambling opinings are being swallowed down with the beer of authority and expertise. Academics do have a tendency to obscure things through abstractions, and studies show that the rate of autism is highest among children born to academics, when both parents are civil engineers, for instance.

The welding together of the human nature with the mechanical nature will be a problem of great significance for the remainder of earthly evolution.

Hey, this is whre all the Hollywood sci fi we've been talking about from time to time gets into the picture - artificial body parts, organs, etc. and full-fledged human robots, the world of the late biology professor Isaac Asimov.

God is translated as gold, and one seeks behind the mystery to come to what can be described as the mystery of gold. Gold, representing what is sun-like within the earth's crust, is indeed something within which is imbedded a most significant mystery. In fact, gold stands materially in the same relationship to other substances as within thinking the thought of God stands to other thoughts. It only matters in which way this mystery is understood.

Europeans have traditionally tended to assume that the words "In God We Trust" is written on American money because "the American has a dollar for a heart" as the Norwegian national romantic poet Henrik Wergeland expressed it in the 1840's. Although this is indeed true, not only for many Americans but for people throughout the world, the inscription on American money should probably read "In Gold We Trust," because the dollar, like most other currencies, was linked to the gold standard up until the 1929 Wall Street Crash, which resulted in one currency after another going off the gold standard during the following Depression. With the Doctor's exceptional hostility towards Woodrow Wilson in mind, I have been wondering how Wilson's Treasury Federal Reserve Bill (December 23rd 1913) affected the ensuing evolution of American and world economy. Someone better conversant with these things may enlighten me here. A lot of brain power has been expended on such topics - a lot:

What it boils down to is that "In God (Gold) We Trust" is a lie today. Originally, bank notes/bills were given as receipts for deposited gold. A money bill testified how much gold the owner had in the bank. After the currencies went off the gold standard, money bills or bank notes were reduced to pieces of paper, the value of which are now subject to the whims of inflation, the stock market, and last but not least, how many notes a government sees fit to print, how much money is in circulation. Today, the value of money can probably be hacked just like a presidential election in Ohio; it can all be fixed on a keyboard.

Today one looks at some living being, let us say a chicken. When in this living being a new embryo arises, the biologist examines how, so to speak, out of this chicken the egg grows. He examines the forces that are supposed to allow the egg to grow out of the chicken. This is a piece of nonsense. The egg does not at all grow out of the hen; the hen is only the foundation; the forces work out of the cosmos, forces that produce the egg on the ground that has been prepared within the hen. When the biologist today works with his microscope, he believes that what he sees in the microscopic field also includes the forces on which what he sees depends. What he sees there, however, is subject to the forces of the stars that work together in a certain constellation, and when one discovers the cosmic here, one will discover the truth, the reality: it is the universe that conjures the egg from the hen.

This looks like the old question about the chicken and the egg, from a more serious vantage point. On the frivolous side, however, Christine posted a real screamer 14 months ago about the chicken that crossed the road:

The notion will also spread from this direction that man becomes good not by learning all sorts of ethical principles, through which man can become good, but rather by, let us say, taking copper under a certain constellation of stars or arsenic under another. You can imagine how these things could be exploited for power by groups of egotistically inclined people.

You bet. I'm already visualizing revolutionary new diets in correctional facilities, mental institutions, factory cafeterias. New secret ingredients in Big Macs, which are served all over the world today, even in Moscow.

It is only necessary to withhold this knowledge from others who are then unable to participate, and one has the best method of ruling over great masses of people. One does not need to speak about these things at all; one need only introduce, for example, some new delicacy. Then one can seek a market for this new delicacy, which has been tinged appropriately, and thus bring about what is necessary, if these things are comprehended materialistically.

Hmmmm... A revival of sorts of the technique used in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when cocaine was the secret ingredient in Coca-Cola (Things Go Better With Coke), and some restaurants put a little opium in the food to get the guests hooked. This time, it will be behavior modification and manipulation big scale.

Likewise, the attempt will be made from this direction to bring the problem of immortality into materialistic channels. This problem of immortality can be led into materialistic channels in the same way, by exploitation of cosmic constellations. One does not, of course, attain through this what is often speculated as being immortality, but one attains a different immortality. One prepares oneself - so long as it is impossible to influence the physical body to prolong life artificially - to undergo soul experiences that will enable one to remain in the lodge of a brotherhood even after death, to help there with the forces that one has at one's disposal. Immortality is simply called prolonging life in these circles.

Here we have the youth-craze in a nutshell. With creams and diets and plastic surgery, dirty old men are transformed into sexy senior citizens who look and behave like teenagers. Cryonics. Aging is a disease, and they're looking for a remedy, a cure. Immortality is prolonged physical life and nothing else, because no individuality can exist without a biological body, which is just a machine needing oil changes and replacement of parts.

You can see outer signs of all these things. I do not know whether some of you have noticed the book that for a time provoked a sensation, a book that also came from the West bearing the title, The Disturbance of Dying (Der Unfug des Sterbens). These things all move in this direction. They are only the beginning. What has gone further than the beginning is carefully preserved for the group egotism, is kept very esoteric. These things are actually possible, however, if one brings them into materialistic channels, if one makes the abstract ideas of God, virtue, and immortality into concrete ideas of gold, health, and prolonging life, if one exploits in a group-egotistical sense what I presented to you as the great problems of the fifth post-Atlantean times. What is called in a washed-out way "cosmic feeling" by Professor, Doctor of Theology, Doctor of Philosophy, is presented by many - and unfortunately by many in an egotistical sense - as cosmic knowledge.

Welcome to Technopolis and New Age welded into one. In populist New Age, there is all this obscure, wishy-washy talk about higher forces of nature, of energies, of becoming one with the Misty All, of digging yourself, loving yourself until money comes crawling to you like a puppydog from all directions and everybody loves you because you love yourself. And when you get all this money, you spend it on anti-aging and live the lifestyle of a teen who never grows up.

I called to your attention last time that the impulse of the Mystery of Golgotha was to be eliminated from the world by introducing another impulse from the West, a kind of Antichrist; from the direction of the East, the Christ impulse, as it appears in the twentieth century, is to be paralyzed by directing the attention, the interest, away from Christ appearing in the etheric.

We're back at this enigma again, the appearance of the Etheric Christ in the 1930's, which was upstaged by the emissary of Antichrist, Adolf Hitler, and after him came Ron Hubbard who picked up the seeking souls and put them on his slave ship. Hubbard fancied saying that he was the Antichrist, and he always regarded hims mission to combat Jesus Christ, the evil psychiatrist who used to cannibalize humans in another galaxy eons ago before they escaped to Earth.

Those concerned with introducing the Antichrist instead of the Christ have endeavored to exploit what could work especially through the most materialistic forces, yet working spiritually with these materialistic forces. Above all they strive to exploit electricity and especially the earth's magnetism to have influence over the entire earth. I have shown you how, in what I have called the human double, earthly forces arise. This mystery will be penetrated. It will be an American mystery to make use of the magnetism of the earth in its "doubleness," to make use of the magnetism in North and South to send guiding forces that work spiritually across the earth. Look at the magnetic map of the earth and compare it with what I am now saying. Observe the course of the line where the magnetic needle swings to East and West and where it does not swing at all. (I can only give indications at this time.) From a certain celestial direction, spiritual beings are constantly at work. One need only put these spiritual beings at the service of earthly existence and, because these spiritual beings working in from the cosmos are able to transmit the mystery of the earth's magnetism, one can penetrate the mystery of the earth's magnetism and can bring about something very significant of a group-egotis&SHY;tical nature in relation to the three things, gold, health, and prolonging life. It will simply be a matter of mustering the doubtful courage for these things. This will certainly be done within certain circles!

It should be noted that there is a significant difference in static electricity between North America and Europe. It's a lot stronger in America, or I should say, it used to be a lot stronger. As I understand it, static electricity has been on the rise in Europe, catching up with America.

Man is to a certain extent really a centaur; he contains this lower, bestial, astral nature. His humanity is somehow mounted upon this astral beast.

In another lecture (reference anyone?), Steiner explains how the centaur represents a definite stage in human evolution, before humanity had discarded all the animal forms. The develoipment of the intellect, of human thinking, was only made possible after the horse form was discarded.

Through this cooperation of the twofold nature within the human being there is also a dualism of forces. It is this dualism of forces that will be used more by the egotistical brotherhoods of the Eastern, Indian stream in order also to mislead Eastern Europe, which has the task of preparing the sixth post-Atlantean period. For this, forces from Sagittarius are put to use.

This ought to be explored and explained further by listmates who have expressed a special interest in contemporary Eastern paths.

The dead will actively participate for the remainder of earthly existence. How they will participate is what matters. Here, above all, the great distinction will appear. Through man's conduct on earth, the participation of the dead will be guided from a good direction in such a way that the impulses of the dead to work will be able to originate from themselves, impulses taken from the spiritual world that the dead are experiencing after death.

The word "dead" seems a little odd in this context, because the word tends to conjure up ghosts and spooks and skulls and what have you. "Discarnate human beings" is what is meant.

Opposing this will be many endeavors to lead the dead in an artificial way into human existence. By the circuitous route through Gemini, the dead will be led into human life in such a way that human vibrations will reverberate in a definite way, will continue to vibrate within the mechanical performance of the machine. The cosmos will bring motion to the machines through the circuitous route that I have just indicated.

By manipulating the dead. One of the reasons why it's important to gain some understanding of spiritual science, is that it makes it more difficult for the miscievous lodges to enslave and abuse us after death.

For that reason, it is important that nothing inappropriate be applied when these problems appear; only elementary forces that are part of nature should be applied. One will have to renounce introducing inappropriate forces into mechanical life. From the occult sphere one must refuse to harness human beings themselves into mechanical factory work, a practice through which the Darwinian theory of selection is used for the determination of the work force, as I presented to you as an example last time.

Henry Ford. Did Steiner mention his role in this? Charlie Chaplin pinned him down with "Modern Times" (1930), but was expelled by J. Edgar Hoover for the offence 20 years later.

There are mainly two powers that stand in opposition to each other: the representatives of the principle that was overcome at the end of the eighteenth century and the representatives of the new age. It is quite clear that a large number of people instinctively are representatives of the impulses of the new era. The representatives of the old impulses - still of the eighteenth, seventeenth, sixteenth centuries - must therefore be harnessed to these forces by artificial means, to forces emanating from certain group-egotistical brotherhoods. The most effective principle in the new age to extend power over as many people as one needs is the economic principle, the principle of economic dependency. That is only the tool, however. What is involved here is something entirely different. What is involved is something that you can deduce from all my suggestions. The economic principle is bound up with all that is involved in making a large number of human beings from all over the earth into an army for these principles.

The principle of economic slavery. Free trade. Lay people off in North America and Western Europe and move the factories to Latin America and Eastern Europe to get cheaper labor.

There are all kinds of problems involved with work places, with employment, where your worth and value is determined by higher-ups, your behavior is modified and manipulated, and in many cases, even your lifestyle, your private life, your family life.

These are the things that oppose each other. The one points essentially to what is fighting at present in the world: in the West, a rigid, ironclad principle of the eighteenth, seventeenth, sixteenth centuries, which makes itself noticeable by clothing itself in the phrases of revolution, the phrases of democracy, a principle that assumes a mask and has the urge to gain in this way as much power as possible.

Now ain't that GWB & his cohorts in a nutshell?

Think for a moment upon the problem, "How much would Woodrow Wilson's brain be worth if this brain were not sitting in the Presidential chair of the United States?" Assume that this brain were in a different constellation: there it would show its individual strength! It all depends upon the constellation.

Yep, I've always wondered why anyone's brain is worth so much more than other brains when they sit in a chair like that.




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