"The libertarian strain in American radicalism represented by Benjamin Tucker sadly has been neglected by most historians and that makes this collection of essays especially welcome."
Herbert G. Gutman

"We should welcome this volume of essays on one of the most provocative and most neglected of American thinkers."
Howard Zinn

"I am pleased to hear of the forthcoming collection of essays on Benjamin R. Tucker and other 'individualist anarchists' of the 19th century. It is testimony to Tucker's continuing influence that you have found so many able contributors. I hope the book gets the wide attention it deserves.
Lewis Perry

"Benjamin R. Tucker, the leader of the individualist-anarchist movement in America during the. late 19th century, was one of the most rigorous and most lucid libertarian thinkers of all time . . . . Liberty is perhaps the best and certainly the longest-running periodical in the history of libertarian thought."
Murray N. Rothbard


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