Books of interest from the Mackay Society:


The Freedomseeker, by John Henry Mackay. ". . . a worthy complement to the austerely logical prose of Benjamin Tucker . . . . the pages ring out with a paean to the individual and his free development, and with bitter denunciation fl of the great enemy . . . . the State." - Murray N. Rothbard (quality paperback, 198 pages, $7 .95)

The Manifesto of Peace and Freedom by K. H.Z. Solneman. Updates anarcho-individualist critique of ideology, democracy, capitalism, Marxism. Offers alternatives. 1977 Alternative Peace Prize, Frankfurt. (qpb, 234 pgs., $11.95)

John Henry Mackay - The Unique, by K.H.Z. Solneman. ($1)

Anarchist of Love: The Secret Life of John Henry Mackay, by Hubert Kennedy. His battle for homosexual freedom. ($2)

The Hustler, by John Henry Mackay. Translation by Hubert Kennedy. "The story of a nameless love" in the 1920s Berlin sexual underworld. "I have always loved this book . . . . authentic." - Christopher Isherwood. (qpb, 299 pgs., $7.95)

Chaos: the Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism, by Hakim Bey. ". . . fascinating!" - William S. Burroughs. (qpb, $5)

Alternative Americas by Mildred J. Loomis. An informal history by the "grandmother of the counter-culture" - Mother Earth News. (175 pgs.; qpb. $2; hardcover $3)

What Is Mans Destiny? by Laurance Labadie. Intro. by Mark A. Sullivan. A tour de force by the last of Tucker's circle. ($1)

Slaves to Duty by John Badcock, Jr. Perhaps the best introduction to egoism. Rare 1938 edition by Laurance Labadie (39 pgs., $5)

Liberty: Not the Daughter but the Mother of Order. Original editions of Tucker's famous journal! ($5 each)

The Storm! A Journal for Free Spirits, edited by Jim Kernochan and Mark A. Sullivan. Lively magazine of political, psychological, sexual and economic liberation. (Sample issue: $1)

The purpose of the Mackay Society is to publish and distribute writings by and about John Henry Mackay and other works that explore or advocate individual sovereignty and equal freedom in human life. Membership costs $7 for two years and includes 20 % off all titles. Send SASE for complete catalog to: Mackay Society, Box -131 Ansonia Station, New York, NY 10023.





Liberty 1881 - 1908 A Comprehensive Index by Wendy McElroy. This is the index to Benjamin
R. Tucker's famous newspaper. It gives you the key to finding information in the thousands of articles that were printed during the newspaper's more than quarter century of publishing. This index is available by itself, or together with a complete microfiche edition of Liberty. Alone it sells for $30. The microfiche edition of Liberty sells for $25. As a set, these can be ordered for $51.50 (postage included).


Nationalism and Culture by Rudolf Rocker.

A Voluntary Political Government: Letters from Charles Lane edited by Carl Watner.

No Statist Solutions: Anarchism and the Troubles in Northern Ireland by Michael Ziesing.

Blowing Up Hitler: A Life of Johann Georg Elser, Would-Be Assassin by Gerald Williams

the dandelion - an occasional anarchist journal. Four issues for $4.50.

Little Blue Books - I have an extensive collection of these famous books from Girard, Kansas. Write for a list.

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