(This file was taken off the Web...gives a good list of
available books, etc. on Tesla.)


1. Tesla...Man Out of Time- Margaret Cheney This was
one of the first books I purchased about Tesla.I often loan
it to the non-Tesla person. I think it packs a wealth
of information about him between the pages.
2. Tesla...-Tad Wise This biographical novel, while
about Tesla, is in my opinion too much of what Tad Wise
thinks went on in that time of Tesla.
3. The Complete Patents of Nikola Tesla...-Jim Glenn
The ability to turn to each page of Tesla's patents and SEE
what he did is amazing. I read this one a lot.
4. The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola
Tesla- A thick book with lots insight to many of Tesla's
and inventions.
5. Nikola Tesla...Life Work of a Genius-Tesla
Memorial Society This is a little book I got when I joined
the Tesla
Memorial Society. It is full of personal
recollections from people that knew Tesla. I refer to it a
6. The Tesla Journal...The Tesla Memorial Society
journal. This one is also full of short articles about
Tesla. I wish
The Memorial Society would catch up with a new one.
7. The Problem of Increasing Human Energy...-Nikola
Tesla This is a small format paperback. I read it a lot.
Tesla's intelligence and truly profound ideas about
life, science and society will prove to anyone his Genius!
8. Tesla Coil Secrets...-R.A. Ford An interesting
book of experiments and diagrams to make or improve and
understand the Tesla Coil.
9. Tesla...The Lost Inventions-George Trinkaus A very
small, 33 pages, paperback with interesting ideas
concerning some of Tesla's patents.
10. Tesla...Experiments with Alternating Currents of
High Potential and High Frequencies- Nikola Tesla In Tesla's
own words, a lecture before electrical engineers in
London. Very informative with a few pictures and diagrams.
11. Case Judgment of the US Supreme Court October
Term 1942- Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of the US vs
United States What I thought would be the smoking gun
proving Tesla was in fact the Father of radio. While it
does, a person has to read between the lines of what
the judges were saying. Pretty good.
12. Journals from the International Tesla Society. I
have a couple years of these journals along with the newer
Extraordinary Science magazines. They are all good
and each will have a bit of interesting Tesla reading.

1. Nikola Tesla... The Genius Who Lit The World-
Tesla Memorial Society This is a VERY good documentary style
video I bought from the Tesla Memorial Society. It is
full of Tesla information with some video shot at the Tesla
Museum in Belgrade.
2. The Secret Life of Nikola Tesla A movie with Orson
Wells as J.P. Morgan. It is difficult to follow unless the
viewer knows the story of Tesla before hand. If
that's the case it is pretty good. The problem with it is
that it jumps
around a lot within the timeline. Hard to follow. I
wish someone would make a new movie about him. I think it's
3. Electromagnetic Energy...Neither Wave nor Particle
-Larry Spring Whilst this video isn't about Tesla, I mention
it because I Think Mr. Spring is on to something that
all the physics teachers missed. He proves that EME is
spherical! Very Good.

1. FBI file on Nikola Tesla...My Freedom of
Information request for Nikola Tesla's FBI file. While it
took almost
two years to get these 252 pages from the FBI, I
can't say they are dazzling. There are some really
interesting pages
about some bizarre happenings. I was disappointed at
the overall amount of new information.
2. Summary of Relevant Information from Nikola
Tesla's FBI File- This is a yet unfinished summary that I
made from the Tesla FBI Files.
3. Various newspaper articles, $500 Dinara note with
Tesla on it, US Postage Stamp with Tesla, First Day of Issue
US Post Card with Tesla and Philo T. Farnsworth on
it. And a stack of lesser important stuff!



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